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Brother Shows Baby Sister Where She Broke Mama’s Car and She Has a Classic Response

That’s one way to handle it.

An adorable little girl has the best response when her brother shows her how she made a scratch in their mom's car. 

TikTok user @cassiemichelle88 posted a video of this hilarious exchange. Once the girl is made aware that she is the prime suspect in this case, she knows exactly what to do to prove her innocence, even if it may seem suspicious. Trust she's got this handled.

She's a runner, she's a track star, and she clearly knows her rights as she is pleading the Fifth. Smart girl. Admittedly, we know running away from the crime scene when questioned is not a good look. We also know she has the right to a fair trial and is innocent until proven guilty. You do the math.

The comments section of this video is also full of other TikTok users coming to this little criminal - I mean angel's - defense. "My client was framed," said. 'Tis but a scratch, Your Honor!

Others found this situation to be entirely too funny. "The way he says, 'where you going?!?' has me 🤣🤣," @jenn77764 said. "She's like, 'Nope, not me, I wasn't even there,'" @kellypalmer946 said. "She's running for backup. You better hide buddy," @digvijaysingh20212021 said.

This is where all criminal activity starts, but at least she's learning fast and learning young. If there is ever any reason to run, the family can count on her getting out all by herself.