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Dog Absolutely Not One Bit Sorry He Locked Mom Outside the Car While Her Keys Were Tucked Inside

That’s a “you” problem, mama.

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This story concerns a woman, her dog, and her locked car. The woman wants to leave the car and go somewhere, but the keys are still in it! She's been trying to get them out for quite some time now. 

She unlocks her door and tries again, but without any luck. It's probably safe to assume that she has tried calling someone for help, but no one can help this poor woman! Her dog has decided it will be an absolute riot if he keeps locking her out every time she gets in the car.

This is a dog - who is perfectly happy to lock his owner inside the car, knowing that she doesn't have access to her keys and cannot open the doors. He had it all figured out and was taking full advantage of his ability to outwit humans, who are not as smart as dogs.

The dog knew that if he stayed put in front of the door long enough, he'd be able to get some food from his owner once she finally gave up trying to get him away from it. He was right!

The creator shared even more details in the comments. "I was running back and forth from driver to passenger side trying to get her to open it again." @Baby $quish

She continued, "After a couple minutes she rolled down a back window and I was able to unlock the car and get in that way."

The best part about this story is that the dog wasn't even sorry for locking his owner out of her car. He just sat there, tail wagging and panting like it was no big deal. Dogs are the best!

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