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Boyfriend Epically Pranks Girlfriend by Rolling Down Windows During Car Wash

She was less than thrilled.

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Everybody loves a good prank, as long as the joke's not at their expense. Other people may still find it funny though (especially people on the internet.) And what makes a prank (anything really) funnier, than water? Just think of any number of "America's Funniest Home Videos" clips or ChiveTV clips where someone gets unexpectedly splashed or drenched. Hilarity always ensues. (It's practically a law of physics, like gravity.)    

On some level, conscious or not, TikTok user @dreandktv is aware of just how funny it is when someone, in this case his Girlfriend, gets unexpectedly drenched. And being the good friend of the internet that @dreandktv is, he posted a video of this prank on his TikTok account for our viewing pleasure. So go on, watch the video below. Your laughter awaits...

If the reactions were any indication, the internet loved it, and wanted more. 

As @randiceee wrote, "I'm rooting for her to come back harder!" With @user262096147803 chiming in, "Now why you made my friend cry she gonna get you back lol." Seems to me that these TikTok users feel that a good old fashioned revenge prank is order (And why not? I'd watch it), with TikTok user @katrinaoliver100 humorously taking it a step further when she joked, "I'm go get u for making her cry." While user @DaraLa'Nay posted, what a lot of us were thinking after seeing this guy laugh at his Girlfriend getting soaked, "We need that same laugh when she get revenge." (My sentiments exactly.) 

What do you think? Do you want to see her pull a good revenge prank on her Boyfriend?     

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