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Drivers Rate Each Other’s Cars at the Meet Up and They’re Brutally Honest

The car community is the best.

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Everyone loves to belong. It's one of the reasons why people take up certain hobbies that have built in communities. It's just easier to relate to others when you share a common interest. Like cars, for example. And what better place to bond with fellow car enthusitas than a car meet up? They're great events to exchange knowledge about all things car, from old cars, to refurbishing classics, to even showing off your own vechiel.    

Well, things at this particular car meet up got (brutally) honest (which means very funny for us) when the drivers were asked to give their thoughts about their own cars, as well as others. TikTok user @nikolaiiaksenov's video shows it below...

Brutal honesty can a tough road to go down, but in this case, everyone was pretty down for it. It's nice when something is both funny for the people watching it and alright with the people it's actually happening to. Here's some of the reactions from TikTok. 

As TikTok user @laayytthh remarked, "Every Miata driver I've met absolutely despises their life and their car simultaneously." (Ouch. Though to be fair, the Miata owner in the video definitely seemed to despise his car.) With user @AngelMonterrosoCar adding his thoughts on the Miata driver's honesty, "Miata driver jumped the fourth wall and became self aware." And user @TommyBoy jokingly adding, "Miata bought his own car, the rest are using their parent's." 

Now if you happen to be a Miata lover (or owner) don't worry, you're not alone. As user @Tony exclaimed, "1??? For a Miata??? Bruh u clearly don't know how good it is." With @kworpe adding, "Miatas are cute."   

Well what do you think? Are these car ratings fair?    

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