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Dodge Challenger Goes Glam With This Insanely Sparkly Glitter Wrap

For when your car needs a little pizzaz.

Glitter isn't for everybody, but it is certainly a favorite for the owner of this Dodge Challenger. Because if you're going to change the look of your car's exterior, you might as well go all out. After all, the average car wrap job will, at minimum, cost you a couple thousand dollars. These owners knew what they wanted and didn't hold back!

AstroWrapsTx (@astrowrapstx), a car wrap shop in Houston, shared a TikTok showcasing one of their latest wrap jobs. Using a flat card, an exacto knife and (most likely) years of practice and discipline, they laid down a silver glittery vinyl over this Challenger. The results remind us of a prom dress in the best way possible.

This video is so satisfying to watch. The attention to detail alone has us shook. The professionals did a great job of shaping the wrap to fit every nook and cranny of this Challenger. They make it look so easy and effortless, but we're sure it takes years of practice and hours of hard work to make the job look seamless.

Other TikTok users were swooning in the comments section of this video, and we don't blame them. "I want that done to my Volkswagen TAOS," @karibloc0 said. "What is this wrap? I need it 😍😍," @almaa_22_ said. 

This car will definitely be turning heads as it drives down Houston roads. If you're thinking of changing up your car's exterior design and are a lover of all things glam, consider adding this to your vision board.