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Everyday Car Tips You Need to Follow for Smooth Driving

Say 'em louder for the people in the back!

Buying a car is all fun and games until you realize you actually have to take care of it. Routine maintenance is required more often than you'd think, but don't worry. You don't need to be a skilled mechanic to stay on top of your car's health and well-being. 

TikTok user @s_sixx14 (Sofiya) posted a video sharing what you need to pay attention to so you can keep up with everyday maintenance. These are simple things that may not cross your mind but are easy to keep up with and fix.

Sofiya aggressively but lovingly recommends making sure your tires are always pumped up. This can help you avoid serious accidents on the road. She also advises keeping your gas tank filled up and not wait until it's almost empty. She said waiting until the last moment to fill up on gas can potentially ruin your fuel pump and cause other internal issues. She also gives us a firm but gentle reminder to get our engines checked if our check engine lights are on. And check your oil while you're at it.

"This reminded me to refill my coolant. Thanks," @big.ouchie wrote in the comments section. "And remember kids, as long as it's leaking oil, it means there's still oil, worry when the leakage stops!" @tillmar said. "If it runs out of oil just refill it, like, duh," @stufiiiiii143 said.

All jokes aside, it's important to stay on top of your car's maintenance. Not paying attention can lead to a heavy bill from the mechanic or a useless car.