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The Before and After of This Trashed Car Will Make You Do a Double Take

This car was a MESS.

Maintaining a clean car requires diligence that many people simply do not have the time for. That's why car detailers exist, to take that burden off of us common folk. But even they are sometimes faced with challenges that seem too large to overcome. 

TikToker @autocleandetainling faced his biggest challenge when a client brought in a Hyundai they used as a construction car. The interior of the car was caked in layers of stubborn dirt and debris that looked like they would never come off. Nevertheless, this detailer got straight to work, and by the time he was done, the car looked brand new.

@autocleandetainling took viewers through the step-by-step process of detailing this car, and it is so satisfying to watch. The detailer vacuums debris from every nook and cranny, lathers up the interior with soap and scrubs it to perfection and suctions the gunk out of the grimy seats. It's hard to look away as you watch the car transform before your eyes. The results are truly beautiful.

Other TikTok users didn't hold back on their praises. "A great detailer is a magician," marveled @rolew333. "Not gonna lie bro, I'd give you a $200 tip minimum for a job like this," said @shrimpboynoah. "I'm convinced he can clean any car in any condition," said @church_the_goat.

Detailers are truly underrated. How many of us would want to spend time and effort cleaning every inch of a dirty car? So the next time your car needs a good deep cleaning, remember to show some extra appreciation to your detailer.