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Seattle, Washington Trucker Was Warned That There Is a “Diesel Shortage” Coming

It could be time to start stocking up on diesel fuel for those who need it.

As if the past few years haven't presented us with enough problems, there have been reports of diesel shortages, which can lead to higher prices in the coming months.

A Seattle truck driver @iamkaylachavez posted a TikTok of her partner explaining his conversation with a gas station clerk. What he learned was a shocking revelation that would put anyone at unease.

The clerk told Chavez's partner that they should prepare because the diesel supply will run out in less than a month. This information seemed to come from the clerk's higher-ups.

This new information has a lot of truckers on edge. "I own a trucking company and this has me nervous," @mama_munster said. "As if the past few years haven't been hard enough." "I've been to a few gas stations that have had bags on diesel pumps," @mandy.210 said. 

Some people think this is just a fear-mongering tactic to get people to accept higher prices on diesel. "No diesel shortage, it's a fear factor," @viralqlifics said. "If that's the case, they'll create something far worse and employers/shippers are going to be mad they have to pay." 

Earlier this week, Forbes reported that the Energy Information Administration declared that distillate inventories, which account for diesel, jet fuel and heating oil, were at their lowest levels since 2008. This is due to four reasons: Demands spike at this time of year, many refineries are undergoing maintenance, refinery capacity has fallen and Russian imports have been cut off.

So even if you are skeptical, it is best to be prepared.