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Here's What To Do When Your Car Key Battery Dies

Try this before you panic.

If the battery of your car keys dies, don't panic. Your car isn't completely unusable. A simple solution can help you out while you wait for a new key fob to arrive.

@lexusoflasvegas on TikTok posted a video sharing where you can find a spare key in case your regular key fob dies on you. You'll have to access your car the old-fashioned way, but it's better than being a sitting duck.

Apparently, there is a spare key hiding inside your key fob. This is probably specific, to the kind of car you have, but it wouldn't hurt to check. To unlock your car, you need to insert the get manually. To start your car, you can place your key fob next to the start/stop button and turn it on like normal. It's that simple!

"My [For You Page] knows my battery is going to be dead and it'll take me a month to get a new one," @kthee.queen said in the comments section. "My key batter been dead for months," @joeyyy_000 said. "Hopefully, that signal doesn’t die out because it’s $400 for a new one at my dealership."

The perk of buying newer cars is that there are always easier solutions being developed for common problems. And if the problem seems unsolvable, you can always call up customer support to get to the bottom of it.