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People Have a Lot of Feelings About “Controversial” Way Woman De-Ices Car Windows

It apparently could cause a lot of damage...

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Extreme weather can make for some incredibly dangerous driving conditions. You need to be extra careful during the cold, harsh winter months in particular. Keeping up with your car's maintenance is an important part of making sure it's ready to drive in these conditions. You want to make sure that things like your car's heating, and defrosters are fully working, especially in the aforementioned winter months. 

Normally, during winter, drivers will give their cars extra time to warm up. Ten to 15 minutes usually does the trick to get both your engine warmed up and your windows properly defrosted. However, some people don't want to wait ten to fifteen minutes for their windows to defrost/de-ice. And TikTok user @kiyaah.b posted a video showing one method she uses for getting her cars windows defrosted/de-iced quicker...

 Well her method is certainly much quicker than just letting the car warm up, people were pretty divided on it...

With TikTok user @JaimeYasmin not being for it, writing, "Even cold water will crack your windscreen. It's still a massive change in temp for the glass and it will just weaken it over time." (A good point as massive temperature fluctuations will damage things.) With user @DabebeAxxxx recommending a more traditional de-icing method, "Starting your engine early would be a lot better, in this weather cars need to be running a good 10 to 15 minutes before starting your journey." While user @kev noted they've seen this method actually make things worse, commenting, "My next-door neighbor has done this, he couldn't couldn't open the door due to the seal freezing from him watering the windows."  

Some TikTok users had a more positive response though. User @ysm.nb exclaimed, "Any method other than this is invalid. I can't believe people that break a sweat with a scraper." While user @kerryn simply remarked, "This is exactly what I do." 

Well what do you think? Would you use this method to de-ice your car windows? 

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