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Apparently, the Dawn Powerwash Dish Soap Hack Might Actually Ruin Your Tires

Though some folks are convinced it was a “user error.”

Not all viral hacks are made the same. While some are legit and can make your life easier, others are made up just for the sake of going viral, and can leave you with more work than when you started. In some cases, viral hacks for your cars can ruin parts of your vehicle.

TikTok user Shelly Gwash (shellygwash1) experienced the latter when she tried the viral Dawn Powerwash hack on her car tires. The results were less than desirable.

That does not look right, though it started out promising. Gwash sprayed her tires with the Powerwash and all seemed to be going well. It looked like the dirt and grime were coming right off. After 30 seconds, Gwash rinsed off the soap and was left with streaks of rubber torn out of her tire. It got worse after she drove it. 

Luckily, she was able to get some tire spray to cover up the damage, but she was still left wishing she had never tried the hack.

Despite the damage, some TikTok users in the comments pointed out that this might have been due to user error. "I did this on my wheel and tires and scrubbed and rinsed and it was better than any rim spray," @jonkelly7 said. Gwash replied saying that she did try again on a second tired, scrubbing this time while the tire was still wet, and got the same results.

Others shared that they had similar issues with this hack. "Thank you for posting that not everything on TikTok works for everybody," @angelcakes619 said.

Before you try any hack, make sure you research thoroughly so you don't end up regretting your decision.