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Dad Gets Daughter Who Is Obsessed With His Car a Mini Version For Her

And she’s beyond excited.

A little girl obsessed with her dad's Ford Bronco cannot contain her squeals of joy when he reveals a miniature version that she can drive herself. 

Jordan Flom (jordanflomofficial) posted a TikTok of his daughter, Emmerson, forming a core memory when she realized she gets to twin with her dad. Content warning: excessive amounts of cuteness.

It takes a little while for her to get her little body out of her dad's Bronco - she just didn't want to leave! Her curiosity eventually got the best of her and she hopped off to see what all the commotion was about. Her parents hype her up for the big reveal. Once she's saddled up in the driver's seat, it seems to hit her that she can be just like Daddy. Our hearts explode as she bursts into a fit of giggles and squeals.

Our inner children are so jealous! So many of us remember asking for these mini cars as kids. It's amazing to see this dream come true for Emmerson.

"Who says money can't buy happiness," TikTok user @extremeintrovertpersona wrote in the comments section. "Great job, dad. She's the happiest girl in the world," @tammylewis937 said. "Priceless! To see her face light up like that is truly a blessing," @rosemariehampton said.

You have to admire these parents' dedication to giving their daughter the entire world. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you made the life of someone you love that much better. We can't wait to see Emmerson hit the road with her cool new ride.