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People Are Praising Cop For How He Handled Concerned Passenger

This is how they should treat citizens.

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We have all had experiences with police officers that have gone well and others that haven't. Unfortunately, some people may look to discredit the police for their actions in a particular situation based on their own bias. However, it is important to remember that each officer is different and has a different set of criteria when pulling someone over. 

For example, one officer might pull over a driver because they were speeding while another officer might pull over the same driver because they were swerving across lanes or cutting off other drivers without signaling first. 

In this situation, the passenger (legally) refused to provide his ID to the first officer who pulled over the driver.

The passenger had a valid reason for refusing to hand over his ID. He did not have to provide it, and the officer could have asked for the passenger's name instead. This is why people praise the second cop for how he handled the situation and kept calm while explaining what happened.

Some folks were already aware of their rights and shared their wisdom in the comments.

"You’re allowed to refuse. Good job on both parts. Most people don’t know their rights just hand it over." @user3607833044981

Others showed appreciation for the officer without the attitude, who even went to so far as to explain the issue in the first place.

"The second officer kinda helped stop things from escalating with the first officer. He helped her keep her job that day." @JustAguy

Getting pulled over doesn't have to be an ordeal. Figure out what your rights are and calmly stand by them. We don't all get lucky to have help deescalating a situation.

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