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Tow Truck Running Late So Cop Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Ain’t nobody got time to wait!

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Waiting for road side assistance is not most people's idea of a good time, and you often have to spend a long time waiting for it. If you're lucky, all your car needs is a jump and there's another motorist nearby who can assist you.

But what if your car needs to be towed? It can take a while for a tow truck to get to you. Which is not great considering how dangerous waiting on the side of a busy road can be, especially if you've been in an accident and can't drive your car fully onto the shoulder. Luckily for one motorist, whose car needed to be moved out of the road after an accident, a very strong cop had a solution. 

TikTok user @ballin_law's video shows the feat here... 

 Well we were certainly impressed! (Have you ever seen your tax dollars put to better, or more impressive, use?) Here's what the internet had to say.

TikTok user @Mickey was impressed, commenting, "Dispatch cancel the tow truck. I am a tow truck." With TikTok user @BourgeoisBrandon joking, "Good thing he brought his truck lifting towel that day." (Yeah, who knows if he could've lifted that car without it?)

While TikTok user @Realsteelbullyz1 had a funny take, remarking, "When your shift ends in 10 minutes and the boss says leave when the roads are clear." And TikTok user @fazefear writing, "My man hasn't skipped a leg day in his life." With TikTok user @Eugene also commenting on the officer's leg strength when they exclaimed, "Who hurt him that bad he has the strength to do that?" 

Well what do you think? Are you impressed with the Officer's human tow truck abilities? 

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