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Man Shares Nifty Hack For How to Tell Exactly Whats Wrong If the “Check Engine” Light Is On

That way the trip to the mechanic is simplified!

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Ever been frustrated by the "check engine" light in your car going off? It's certainly helpful in so far as letting you know something needs attention, but there's so many components in modern cars it can seem overwhelming to figure out. How do you even know where to start? Even if you take it to a mechanic, they usually can't tell you why the check engine light is on without running a diagnostic on your car. That can take awhile. 

If only there was an easy hack that you could use to know why the check engine light is on before you go your mechanic...

Luckily for us - there is! (Praise be to the internet) As TikTok user @ceithgriffith has posted a video where he explains exactly how to tell why the check engine light is on.

How nifty! 

And the internet even liked it too, with @sleepyrainyday writing, "Wow! Thank you!" and @Bortiz simply posting, "Thanks!" While @VenegasVenegas288 commented, "I am going to try it." 

However, some TikTok users brought up a good point, what if you have a push start button, your car uses a fob key or you have an older car? As @mnr012001 wrote, "My 93 explorer doesn't have ACC mode" referring to the key position in the ignition lock cylinder that activates your car's electrical system. 

So while this hack might not work on every car, if the ignition lock cylinder in your car has the ACC position it's definitely worth giving a shot.    

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