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Car Spots the Most Bizarre Motorbike on the Road

Is this a cartoon or…?

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One of the things that makes the wide world of motorized vehicles so enthralling is the sheer variety of them out there. From cars to motorhomes to motorbikes and everything in between, there's pretty much a vehicle for everyone. Depending on who you are, and what you want out of your vehicle, you'll be looking for different things. For some it's speed, others it's a stylish ride, and sometimes safety is your number one priority. Some cars, like Volvo's, for instance are, known for their safety features, while motorcycles or ATVs are known for being fast or more fun, require different types of helmets for you to ride them safely. 

Then there's vehicles out there that just have you questioning what the purpose of them even is at all. Obviously, to get someone from point A to point B, but aside from that (was it safety, style, speed etc..?) you just scratch your head and and ask yourself, "Who decided to make that, and what were they going for?" 

TikTok user @tbz.tok posted a video showing exactly that kind of head scratching automotive creation out on the road and well, the footage speaks for itself...

We aren't exactly sure what that's supposed to be (it does move and has wheels), but is that a car or a motorbike? (And who said it was OK for it to be that color?) Here's what the internet had to say. 

User @ja>>>>> wrote, "Imagine getting picked up in this?" (Is there actually room for more than one person in that thing?) While user @EmilianoCavazos commented, "Bro's driving a hot wheels car." User @Amariah_Rawlings (in what we think was a pretty good guess) added,  "Cat in the hat???? Thing 1 & Thing 2????" 

What do you think? Would you drive that thing? 

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