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Watch World's Worst Driver Wildly Crash Minivan 3 Times In 57 Seconds With No One Else On Road

"Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive," writes the poster of the video.

We see a security camera video that captures someone with no driving skills at all on a quiet neighborhood road. The minivan driver is traveling very slowly, but somehow manages to wreak havoc with no one else on the street. Check out how it all goes down in the video below.


Posted to TikTok by @wysfam_, the clip understandably elicits responses from commenters.

"Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive," writes video uploader @wysfam_.

"She tried to drive away as well," notes @rishykkesh03.

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"I'm dying!" laughs @nazimuddin1746.

"This is how my uncle drives," shares @ranabkk22.

User @jackcolman2005 poses a very good question. "How do they have a license and I don't?" he wonders.

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