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Wild Video Shows Brakeless Truck Zooming Down Mountain Highway and Saves Itself By Doing This

Will it be forced to take the runaway ramp?

A brakeless huge semitruck barreling down a hill on a highway in the mountains is captured on video by a car full of incredulous passengers.

Watch the video footage of this rare event, posted by TikTok user @chelleinaz, to see what happens. (Please excuse the language. The men in the car get a bit excited.)


I’ve seen them in the mountains by my hometown," a commenter says. "I’ve never seen them used. That was an awesome truck driver!!"

Another exclaims, "Amen for those ramps!"

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"First time I have seen one used!" adds another viewer of the video.

Anyone who has driven over mountain passes or up to ski areas has seen these before. But it's the rare car passenger that is lucky enough to film one being used. And thankfully it seems, in this case, it all worked according to plan.

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