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Watch As Thieves Steal Mercedes In 30 Seconds And Learn How To Prevent This From Happening To You

The video suggests a smart method to prevent car theft.

Thieves surround a Mercedes and using this tried and true method, they manage to easily steal the car in less than 30 seconds. Check out how they do it and get a tip on protecting yourself from this type of crime in the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @crimestopshop, the video has generated some reaction from viewers in the comments.

"That's why you should wrap your wireless keys in tin foil when not using it because then the connection will fail and they won't steal your car," suggests @aaronaugust10.

"Buy a key pouch which blocks the signal," writes @niceguy602.

"That's why you should get a ghost alarm," says @bugatti687. "It stops them from stealing."

"I just sent this to someone who owns the exact same car," remarks @editz_sool.

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