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Video: Partiers Fill Monster Truck Top Deck, Drive Into Deep Mud and It All Takes Turn For the Worse

"I was holding my breath for the driver," writes a viewer of the video.

A monster truck is fitted with a top deck that is crammed full of revelers near a swampy, muddy area. The goal of this exercise immediately becomes clear. The passengers on the deck are trusting the driver to get the truck from one end of the muddy (and as we find out, pretty deep) water to the other side without tipping the truck. The result is predictable, but entertaining to watch. See the video below.


Posted to TikTok by user @tech, the clip elicits a number of comments from viewers.

"I was holding my breath for the driver," writes video viewer @dorkderstrange.

"Yes, exactly what I hoped for," says @mertoktheowl. "People getting dunked, but not violently so no one (seems to) get hurt."

"Yeah, getting trapped under water by that thing would suck," agrees @spiritsodditiesmysteries.

"Everyone appears so happy although the engine and a few mobiles were lost," observes @bestmuzic.

The poster of the video says the event "took an unexpected turn."

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"Very expected, actually," writes

"Really?" asks @natnjosh1. "That's exactly what I expected to happen."

"Was this before or after the NASCAR race they just got done watching?" asks @jtill0624.

"LOL," writes @lucretiawhite0. "At some point someone had to say this may not be safe. The guys on truck? Nahhh."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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