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Video For a Laugh: Large Man Hilariously Tries To Fit Into Small Car As Viewers Crack Up At the Result

"Some say he is still in that car," writes a commenter.

A large man is seen in a driveway attempting to climb into the front seat of a very small car as onlookers laugh and are clearly enjoying the spectacle. The owner of the car is on the scene and is heard joking with the man, although perhaps pleading a bit not to break his car. The large man is a good sport about the whole episode, and appears to be hamming it up a tad. Check out the video below for a good laugh.


Uploaded by @tech, the clip encourages many comments from viewers.

"Some say he is still in that car," writes commenter @tjhoeker.

"He should just get a hot wheels track builder launcher play set," says @kerberospanzer.

"He's gonna break it, LOL," fears @itsthepositivepotato. "He won't be able to get out and it'll end up being a Fred Flintsone moment."

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"There are trucks," suggests @lilcabn. "Just saying."

"Compared to him it looks like a children's car," observes @emiliaholmberg0.

"Pull that little boy seat out and you are good to go," offers @markfraser979.

"You need a sun roof so he can see," writes @curious425.

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