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Dashcam Captures Rollover Crash As Jeep Attempts Ill-Fated Lane Change At Busy Intersection

"And that's why it's illegal to cross a solid white line," writes a viewer of the video.

A jeep is seen stopped at a traffic light through the lens of a dashcam on the car behind it. It attempts to change lanes at the last minute, and this turns out to be a big mistake. Barreling up the road behind the jeep is a car traveling at too great of speed to manage the situation. Check out what happens in the video below.


Uploaded by TikTok user @rainbeau_dan, the clip has understandably generated some comments.

"And that's why it's illegal to cross a solid white line," writes @hellcuda.

"Definitely the jeep's fault, but that minivan must have not been paying attention, too," says @goku_is_the_best_stfu. "Could have been avoided."

"The other person wasn't paying attention or was texting," suggests @therealjohnny.bravo.

"Hope someone got hold of them about their car's extended warranty!" jokes @gablercreations.

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"Nice camera work," admires @overlander79er. "You were able to keep it on the money."

"I'll drive really slow and hope they see me so they can avoid me," mocks @vincebeknown1.

"You gotta be quick with a move like that," proclaims @sfmission.

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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