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Video: Car Crashes Into Mountain Rocks In California, Local Says It's Known Road Is Deadly

"This is one of the deadliest roads in our county," writes a viewer of the video.

A car is seen driving along a winding road by the Kern River near Bakersfield, California. A dash cam is recording in the car behind it as it seems to be driving with far too little respect for the rocks on the steep cliff to its right. The driver of the car with the dash cam says he could pretty much anticipate what would happen next. Check it out in the video below, and watch how the driver of the ill-fated car reacts after the crash.


This video was posted to TikTok by user @dashcampi and elicits some responses from readers.

"This is one of the deadliest roads in our county," writes @3luckypennies.

"I know that driver turned the radio down and drove the rest of the way in silence after that," surmises @cardozaashley.

"I was raised up there and learned to drive that canyon," recalls @mtaylor911. "It’s no joke. You don’t respect that road for one second and you’re done."

It's instructive to see an event like this thanks to the camera in the trailing vehicle. Dash cams benefit drivers in a number of other ways as well, giving them confidence and peace of mind as they continuously monitor and record the road.

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"By collecting video evidence from your vehicle, they can prove what happened in an accident, help you contest speeding tickets, and even reduce your insurance premiums," writes TechRadar.

So readers might be wondering what the best dash cam is for them.

"We’ve put in the miles to answer that question," the article continues. The review of products is here. "Our team of expert testers has spent hundreds of hours trialing the latest dash cams. Our reviewers install these cameras in their cars, before driving in various weather and lighting conditions, to assess their usability, features, and video quality in the real world."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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