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Woman’s Lays Down Black and Holographic Car Wrap to Create 3D Effect and It Looks Stunning

We are obsessed

Changing up your car's style doesn't have to be intimidating. This TikToker gave her car's exterior a stunning 3-D effect with minimal effort, and her car looks great!

TikTok user Christina Roki (@christinaroki) took viewers through her DIY car livery process step-by-step and even uploaded a full video on YouTube.

Roki makes it look so easy! Prior to laying down the vinyl, she roughly sketches where she wants the design to go and how she wants it to look. She then smooths down a layer of black vinyl for the 3-D effect, using an exacto knife to cut the shape she wants, before going in with a multi-chrome vinyl on top.

Other TikTok users were absolutely mesmerized. "That's actually mad dope 👑," said @dominicchesney. "Never been a fan of reflective wrap but this works so well. I love it. Well done 👏," said @jackhaase6. "IDK why it's giving me 90's paper cup vibes in the best way," wrote @localpublicarea.

It really does. And you know what? We're not mad!

Wrapping your car can be an overwhelming process. What you like now may not be what you prefer in the future, and the process can be hard to reverse. Car livery allows you to add a design element to your car's exterior without covering the full body.

Try out this hack if you want to change up the exterior of your car without committing to a full-body wrap. With a little bit of planning and some scraps of vinyl, you can completely transform your car's exterior.