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Watch in Horror as Woman Scratches Car on Tight Turn Through Entrance Gate

Oof, you could practically feel that one.

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Have you ever watched a video and thought, "Oh my god, I could never do that!"? Well, you're not alone. Many of us have found ourselves in situations where we were terrified to move forward with something—and it's usually because we know that our decision will lead to disaster. 

The woman in this video (shared on social media) is an example of someone who should not be driving. 

She's trying to turn through an entrance gate at a very tight angle, but she doesn't realize how low her SUV is compared to the gate! You can hear her scraping against the gate as she attempts this maneuver—what did she think when you try something like this?! 

If only she'd taken some time out from her busy schedule before taking off on this errand; maybe then she would have realized her error sooner? In any case: please don't do what this woman does. Save your car the body damage.

The comments said it best:

"People don't understand how to operate cars and it's scary." @Matthew Duncheskie

You can say that again. What's more, "That was so painful to watch." @Johanna Diaz

Truly, it was. And other commenters had no problem stating facts.

"I knew she was going to turn the wheel wrong when she got back in." @Italian Stalion

"Went from $120 fix to $12,000." @1ofWon Ouch. Sounds expensive.

This is not the best way to deal with a tight turn. If you are in this situation, take your time and be careful. You don't want your car to suffer any unnecessary damage!

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