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Man Gives Genius Hack for People Who Love to Listen to Music In Idle Cars

Take all the time you need.

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Do you like listening to music in your car? Of course you do, it's relaxing. Who doesn't like feel relaxed behind the wheel of a car? (Really, you don't want to feel stressed out behind the wheel.) Just let your car idle and blast your favorite tunes. It's an easy way to have a good time. There's only one problem, cars with a start button don't idle for very long (idling burns more fuel and these cars are designed to be more fuel efficient after all.) 

Thankfully someone discovered a brilliant hack to get around this. Watch below to see how TikTok user @joshensing tricks his car into idling. 

Isn't it just grand to live in a universe where TikTok users can show us brilliant hacks like this? Here's how the internet reacted.  

TikTok user @Zack asked, "Have you figured out how to stop it from cutting off after idling for about 30 minutes?" With @joshensing replying, "Yes crack the ECM and I believe mine might stay on after I installed the Pulsar LT." However, @Zack was unclear about what that meant, "Have no clue what that means...Look bud, I can change tires, breaks and oil. That's it...LOL," referring to the ECM. And @joshensing was kind enough to elaborate on what an ECM is, and what "cracking" it open entails when he replied, "ECM is the computer in the vehicle. It can be pulled out and sent in to a company. They unlock it and then features of the vehicle can be changed."        

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