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Woman Draws All Over the Interior of Her 2002 Honda Accord and TBH It Looks So Cool

We love the traditional tattoo style she chose.

There's no limit to what humans can do with a little bit of creativity and a lot of time. It's incredible to witness.

Drawing on your car's interior with a permanent marker, for example, shows confidence in your abilities and commitment to your work. TikTok user @thresh3ll shared her journey to completely covering the interior of her 2002 Honda Accord with tattoo-like designs. The results are mesmerizing!

With just a Sharpie and her mind, @thresh3ll sets out to cover the entirety of her car's interior cool designs. She starts with the visors, drawing on a spiderweb, a realistic spider, some flowers and a bat friend. Her drawings are extremely detailed and nearly three-dimensional. The talent! Our favorite part is the bat friend.

Some of the commenters were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. "I'm not gonna lie, at the start of this video, I thought, 'Oh please, no,'" @cozmic_350 said. "But your art is SO GOOD. I love this." "I would genuinely pay you to do my car interior," @addy.swa said. "I love when people customize their stuff instead of living in beige worries about if there will be less [monetary value]," @missmvicious said.

Many pointed out that this is a genius idea for older cars that you know you're not going to sell. Since you'll be the last owner, there's no harm in giving your car a unique personality.

"I have a 2002 Honda accord that I'm painting the inside of," @tzogg69420 said. "I think we have to be besties. It's our destiny!" Great minds think alike!

@thresh3ll is now on day five of her journey and her car looks great!