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Shocking Car Crash Video At 'Nightmare' Intersection Has Internet Viewers Wondering Who Is At Fault

Watchers of the recorded event are debating which car is to blame for the accident.

A dashcam in a car records a very unfortunate crash. Driving on what seems like a routine day on the road turns into documentary evidence when a car making a left turn in front of a fast-moving vehicle meets an unanticipated calamity. Viewers of the video are debating which car is at fault. See what you think when you watch the incident below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @fredh365, the video has generated some reaction from viewers in the comments and most are addressing the question of which driver committed an indiscretion.

"Both, probably," writes commenter @isisgloveeer. "The black car for speeding and the silver car for trying to make it before everyone reached and it should have just waited."

"The silver car," says @rednick629. "Speed or not, they failed to yield."

"I have no idea," writes @codythegoat069. "But I'd guess the dark car is liable for going 20 miles per hour or more over the speed limit."

"I'd say the black car," surmises @user28216794558604. "Not even because of how fast he was going but it seemed like he had a lot of time to slow down, but tried at the last second."

One viewer sums it up with a singular comment. "This intersection looks like a nightmare," writes @bigchonkin42069.

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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