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There’s a Big Debate Online Over Who Is at Fault for Car Accident Caught on Camera

Who is in the wrong here?

A head-on collision caught on video is sparking some controversy online. Folks can't seem to decide which driver is at fault, though with basic knowledge about driving and road safety, it should be clear.

TikTok user @church_and_page posted a response to this video (originally uploaded by @itsandresitooxo) explaining which driver is to blame and why. It should give you a clear perspective on the collision.

While driving down a narrow street shared with parked cars, two drivers approached from opposite sides and collided. The silver car took the brunt of the hit, so much so that it was knocked onto its side.

@church_and_page explained that, in this situation, the silver car is at fault. The first reason is that the red car had the right of way because it occupied the space first. The silver car should have waited for the red car to pass before proceeding. The second reason is that, before the collisions, viewers can clearly see the red car slowing down in an attempt to stop, while the silver car approaches at its regular speed.

Folks in the comments section of this video are, for the most part, in agreement. "That silver car was flying and didn't even try to stop," @xxmoon_princessxx said. "If y'all say the red [is] at fault, y'all don't know how to drive," @independent.zee said. "It's the truck's fault for not parking somewhere else," @teti1111 joked.

We hope both drivers are safe and well, and that their cars took the brunt of the hit.