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If You Want Your Car Interior to Shine, Grab Some Coconut Oil

It makes a big difference.

Our cars are our babies, and sometimes like our babies, they need to be lathered in coconut oil in order to shine.

Okay, so clearly, I don't have a child (perhaps it's for the best), but I do know that coconut oil works wonders. It's great for your skin and your hair and is healthy and delicious to cook with. And according to TikTok user @browsbyveronical (Veronica), it's a great tool for detailing your car.

She posted a TikTok sharing how and why she uses coconut oil to spruce up her car's interior. It looks strange but enticing.

Veronica dabs a bit of coconut oil onto a towel and wiped down the entirety of her car's interior with it. When she was done, she showed a before and after, and we have to admit, the coconut oil does leave a nice shine.

Veronica claims that the coconut oil "cleans, conditions and protects your vehicle," and makes it smell like a tropical getaway.

Other TikTok users were not impressed. "It’ll look oily and cheap," @jbi1999 wrote in the comments. "Coconut oil is a cooking oil so it’ll fry your interior, and doesn’t actually smell very much. Terrible idea."

"I'm a car detailer. You do not want to do this it will only collect dust," @daviswayne3 said. "If you want your leather to be clean it needs to be matte not shiny." Veronica responded saying this hasn't been the case for her.

If you want to give this a try, maybe start with a small part of your car and see if it works for you.