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Man Encourages Everyone to Throw Away Their Bissel for Car Cleaning

And do this instead.

One of the most satisfying parts of cleaning out your car is sucking the gunk out of the seats and rugs. The portable carpet cleaner from Bissel is a fan favorite, and usually gets the job done well, but there may be a new vacuum in town that may be the better option. 

Cleaning supply company @ripclean posted a TikTok showcasing their very own water-suction vacuum that may just put Bissel to shame. Watch and decide for yourself.

This video is so satisfying to watch!

Ripclean put their BetterExtractor Hose Kit to the test against a standard Bissel water-suction vacuum. The video showed that even with the pressure of two hands and some of the user's body weight, the Bissel still needed multiple passes over the carpet and the carpet is still wet afterward. The video also showed that the BetterExtractor pulled up much more water and didn't need as many passes or as much pressure.

"As a Bissell owner, thank you for this! need to invest in an actual better extractor," @tiit.a said.

If you're interested in this product, you can find it on Ripclean's website starting at $215, similar to many Bissel vacuums. It's especially great for people who own detailing businesses and want a quicker tool for cleaning car seats and carpets.