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People Are Just Discovering the Famous Dollar Store Multipurpose Car Cleaner

Better late than never!

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Cars are expensive. From filling it up with the right gas, to keeping up with your vehicle's overall maintenance, they're a lot of responsibility. With one of the prime responsibilities being keeping your car clean. It may even just be a point of pride. It feels good, after all, to see, and smell, a clean automobile. "Don't you just love that new car smell?" is an expression for a reason. But retaining that new car look and smell can be a lot of work. It can also be very expensive. Getting a professional detail cleaning can take hours and cost hundreds of dollars.   

Luckily for us TikTok user @DeDe_Babyy found a readily available cleaning product that's both cheap and easy to use. 

 And people were loving it! (I'm definitely getting a bottle of this to use on my car.)

As TikTok user @fatboy exclaimed, "Awesome is awesome LOL." With TikTok user @Leena remarking, "I love that spray! I use it all the time." To which @DeDe_Babyy replied, "Yesss. Just as good as the pricy products." 

While TikTok user @AndreaZindi expanded on this product's versatility, saying that "Love it. I use it on everything." With @DeDe_Babyy adding, "I didn't know you can use it on clothes." Adding to the love for this product was TikTok user @freddo2022, who simply wrote, "It's the best." Which prompted @DeDe_Babyy to share how she discovered this wonderful cleaning product in the first place, "I remember this man saw me trying to remove a scratch with finger nail polish remover, he was like 'uh uh baby go right to dollar tree' been using it ever since." 

 Well this certainly sounds like a winner to me. What about you? Will you be trying this product?  

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