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5 Accessories Every Woman Needs in Her Car

These could really come in handy

Women are magical because we carry everything anyone might need for any situation within arm's length at all times. Need a tissue? You got it. Hungry? Here are some snacks. Your sandals broke? We've got five extra pairs in the trunk. Take your pick. Truly, the world would be lost without us. And we are always leveling up our game.

Lifestyle Influencer Raina Monet (rainamonet_) posted a TikTok sharing some of her favorite car essentials. These are some great items to add to the artillery.  

Monet showcased a first aid kit for inevitable emergencies, disinfecting wipes because we do not need another pandemic, moisturizing hand cream to keep your hands pretty while behind wheel, a bag containing all of your travel needs and a mini razor for when you realize you didn't shave your toes.

Some of these may seem unnecessary, but your future self will end up thanking you.

"I should definitely so that," @vanessa_c07 wrote in the comments section. "I only have a first aid kit, wipes, plastic utensils, hand sanitizer and a small tissue box."

Some commenters added their own suggestions. "You need a little notebook and pen never know when you need to write down something," @richassoul said. She also suggested installing a dash cam. "Girl, I got an empty Plan B box and some chapstick," @kennyluvsy0953 said. Girl, then you better stock up!

Having your car well equipt with essentials will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Better to be overstocked than underprepared.