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Here’s What the $45k Benz Gets You

This will definitely turn heads.

If you're someone who tends to dismiss a car because of it's name, you might want to think twice before you overlook a C-class Mercedes Benz. With all the features and the brand name associated with it, it may be worth the price.

@bmwenthusiastic (Alex) posted a TikTok featuring a $45,000 C300 Mercedes Benz and all that comes with it. And honestly, we kind of dig it.

This C-class Benz comes with a keyless entry for easy access. Even though it's a smaller car, there is plenty of trunk space and additional storage for all of your road trip needs. The memory seats and speakers add to the luxury. The moonroof and 360-degree cameras make the price worth it.

"People love to hate on the C300, but for 45K, it is one HELL of a steal," @cheebo_14 said. "Not to mention it is very luxurious. It's pretty quick and handles well." "If this isn't my first car I don't want it," @zqriax said.

Other commenters were not as convinced. "A C-class Mercedes is basically an expensive Camry," @gayaneex3 said. "U would rather buy a BMW 330i," @this_is_gury said.

This car can reach speeds up to 132 MPH and 225 horsepower. Some folks in the comments said it's comparable to a Camry, but let's be real, we'd rather drive a Benz for the same money. You're unlikely to find a steal like this elsewhere.