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Someone Imagined What a Driveable “Bed Car” Might Look Like and We Want One

We want them to be real so bad!

Let’s unlock a core childhood memory: car beds. If you had one of these, you were probably the coolest kid on the block. And if your car was Lightning McQueen? Forget it!

Just thinking of car beds brings back the warm nostalgia that so many of us crave. So many of our days are filled with long commutes and even longer hours sitting at a desk. All we yearn for at the end of the day is to return to our comfy beds.

So what if we didn't have to wait until we got home to curl into bed? What if we got to drive our beds home? Ridiculous questions, we know. But TikTok user @supremekarak showed us that this could be our new reality.

Okay, so obviously, they don't exist. Yet. But what a concept! Imagine being weary on your family road trip and just lying down to go to sleep without having to stop at a hotel. 

The TikTok commentors had fun with this one. But they were, for the most part, in agreement about how cool bed cars would be. "Bro, this changed the game," @sole_snd said. "I NEED one of those," @phoenixxed said. "If this was real, I would buy," @acti0no said.

Us too! Just looking at this bed car makes us sleepy in the best possible way. Seriously, let us know whose would we have to sacrifice to make these vehicles come to life.