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Jarret Hendrickson


Jarret Hendrickson is a trending News Writer for TurboFuture. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he isn't working on story ideas for books or screenplays, he can be found at the closest movie theater, nearest hiking trail or local rock climbing gym. 


Jarret's first automotive romance began at age 15, when he test drove the 1994 Volvo SE that would accompany him for the next decade of his life. He's currently browsing the web for all things car in search of his next long term automotive companion.    


San Francisco State University, 2011 - 2013 

Bachelor of Arts, Cinema Production

He produced the short film "Red Run" (2013), a zombie film done in the style of "The Office", the French American co-production "The Hours Between Minutes" (2013) and "2050: A Room of His Own" (2015), an official selection of the shorts section in the 2015 CAAM Film Festival. He served on San Francisco State University's Film Finals committee his senior year.   

San Francisco State University, 2018 - 2021 

Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing

His short plays "The Captain" (2019) & "Fight Night" (2020) were preformed at San Francisco State University's annual Fringe Festival. His feature-length play "Bill & Jenna" (2021) was selected for the 2020 Greenhouse Advanced Play Development Workshop at Z Space in San Francisco. 


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