Fastest Bikes in the World: Top 5

Bikes traditionally scored over their four wheeled counterparts for having a phenomenal power to weight ratio. This allowed them to out accelerate the super cars although they lacked the punch in the top speed. Over the last decade though the cars have pulled back and now in many cases even accelerate faster than the super bikes. Nonetheless, an experience on a super bike or in a super car is different and has a charm of its own. If we doubt that we should ask Tom Cruise, the owner of many a super cars and bikes.

Before going on to rank the bikes, it is worthwhile to mention that just like the super cars the bikes too keep exchanging their positions for top speed and acceleration. So this list is valid as of now since I keep updating it.

Dodge Tomahawk
Dodge Tomahawk | Source

1. Dodge Tomahawk

The current number one position is held by a concept bike coming from the Dodge stable. Its enormous engine and power will put a road car to shame. The Tomahawk is a concept and the buyers, whoever they are, cannot ride it, strictly. Dodge can sell the bike only and they have no permission to sell the transmission for the bike. It is a bike which has close resemblance to Batman’s mobike and owners would be happy that it does not need a stand nor do they have to balance it on their limbs when in standstill. To do that even Batman would have wished he was Superman. Have a look.

  • Top Speed: 298.14 mph (480 km/hr) [Estimated]
  • Engine: 1275 cc
  • HP: 500 hp
  • Torque: 712 N-m
  • Price: US $ 550,000
  • Acceleration: Not Available

MTT Streetfighter
MTT Streetfighter | Source

2. MTT Streetfighter

This super bike comes in at number two and is actually the fastest commercial bike. The Streetfighter is a version of the MTT Turbine Super Bike, from the Rolls Royce stable.

  • Top Speed: 248.45 mph (400 km/hr)
  • Engine: 249 cc, Gas Turbine
  • HP: 420 hp
  • Torque: 678 N-m
  • Price: US $ 175,000
  • Acceleration: Not Available

MTT Turbine Superbike
MTT Turbine Superbike

3. MTT Turbine Superbike

The original version from the Rolls Royce stable, the MTT Turbine sports an engine which was earlier powering jets.

  • Top Speed: 230 mph (370.3 km/hr)
  • Engine: 249 cc, Gas Turbine
  • HP: 320 hp
  • Torque: 578 N-m
  • Price: US $ 200,000
  • Acceleration: Not Available

BMW S1000RR | Source

4. BMW S1000RR

The BMW S1000RR, earlier, had toppled the Suzuki Hayabusa to take the top spot. At the moment, though, it is the third fastest commercial bike and fourth overall.

  • Top Speed: 201.86 mph (325 km/hr)
  • Engine: 999 cc, in-line 4, 4 stroke engine
  • HP: 193 hp
  • Torque: 112 N-m
  • Price: US $ 14,000
  • Acceleration: 0-60 in 2.4 sec

Taking reference of one of our earlier points of super cars being as fast as super bikes. We see that the 0-60 acceleration of the BMW S1000RR is as good as Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport’s acceleration, which both achieve in 2.4 seconds.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa | Source

5. Suzuki Hayabusa

The erstwhile number one bike is now been pushed to the second spot. Hayabusa means “Falcon” in Japanese, which preyed on the black birds. This naming was also a pot shot at the Honda’s black bird series which were the fastest bike till then.

  • Top Speed: 198.76 mph (320 km/hr)
  • Engine: 1340 cc, in-line 4, 4 stroke engine
  • HP: 162 hp
  • Torque: 135 N-m
  • Price: US $ 13,500
  • Acceleration: 0-60 in 2.6 seconds

Hayabusa vs. BMW S1000RR

While we can expect the positions to change, we can safely place our bet on these bikes being in the top 10 for some time. If we own one then it hardly matters where they stand!

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  • BMW S1000RR
  • Suzuki Hayabusa
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Comments 13 comments

carolina muscle profile image

carolina muscle 3 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

interesting !

Savio Dawson profile image

Savio Dawson 3 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

Thanks Carolina! Glad you enjoyed.

ClarkSteveB profile image

ClarkSteveB 3 years ago from Northern, VA

Motorcycle manufacturers made a 'Gentleman's Agreement' to limit production motorcycles to stay under 200MPH, as they didn't want to face restrictions and tariffs. Thus, no turbos and super widgets, and this is my non-production motorcycles top your list. Also, there are electric bikes that smoke the production BMW & Hayabusa, which should have knocked them off your list. Just sayin...

Savio Dawson profile image

Savio Dawson 3 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

Hi Clark,

I am quite with you on the difference between production and non-production bikes. In fact when the European countries were weary of the Hayabusa's top speed and wanted to restrict the import to their countries, the Japanese with no choice had to ensure speed limiters. That is what makes it a viable proposition to sell, and the same reason makes the Dodge Tomahawk and others totally non viable.. The intention of the post was to include the more spoken about non-commercial bikes along with the more known Hayabusa and BMW S1000RR. Had I made a ten bike list it could have covered many others like the Honda, Kawasaki, et all.. Anyway thanks for your observations!

CarNoobz profile image

CarNoobz 3 years ago from USA

Woah, that Tomahawk looks something out of an anime flick.

Voted up

Savio Dawson profile image

Savio Dawson 3 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

Yeah, doesn't it CarNoobz.. Sad we won't see one on the road... Glad you enjoyed!

John MacNab profile image

John MacNab 3 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

An interesting article, Savio. When I was a crazy teenager I had a Triumph Tiger 110. I could never get it past 114 mph.

Savio Dawson profile image

Savio Dawson 3 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

I think nothing much has changed John! Even with these babies I suspect if you could legally go beyond 100 mph, leave alone 114 mph.. .Of course, there are always drag races and open stretches without cops... Glad you enjoyed the article!

Aishwarya thakur 2 years ago

Amazing! the bikes and the article both. A very detailed list with proper description.Thanks for this !

Savio Dawson profile image

Savio Dawson 2 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

Hi Aishwarya,

Glad you enjoyed the article! Thanks for stopping by!

andrew 23 months ago

ducati 1199 s 202.9mph (326kmh)

Savio Dawson profile image

Savio Dawson 23 months ago from Mumbai, India Author

Yes Andrew. The newest entrant to the top speed group.

K.D 23 months ago

Sir what about honda?..

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