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What Style Chopper Is Right for Me?

Puppascott writes about choppers and about building chopper kits.

Do you like this custom chopper?

Do you like this custom chopper?

Custom Chopper Styles

When it comes to custom chopper styles there are four basic classes. Each chopper-style has its own beauty and appeal. When choosing which style to build, you have to consider what kind of riding you'll be doing the most.

How Do You Choose a Chopper Style?

Check out these statements that might reflect your personal riding style. There are no wrong answers. The idea is to get a better understanding of the type of chopper kit or chopper style you may want to build. Grab a pencil and play along.

I am going to ride this motorcycle...

  1. As fast as I can. My insurance rates are way too low.
  2. Every weekend, weather permitting. I just love those rides to the cottage.
  3. Every day. Nothing is going to keep me off the streets.
  4. As far as I can. There is a lot of country to see!

I want a custom chopper that ...

  1. Turns heads as fast as it turns the quarter-mile.
  2. Has the same wheelbase as my pickup.
  3. Rides almost as nice as it looks.
  4. Allows me to take that week-long ride I’ve always dreamed of.

When it comes to my motorcycle's ride...

  1. I couldn’t care less. Back pain and vibration are just part of the experience.
  2. I want to feel the road and the wind in my face once in a while.
  3. I want a bit of feel for the road without losing my other kidney.
  4. I want it soft. I’ve always thought cowboys walk funny.

I like a riding position that…

  1. Keeps my chiropractor in diamonds and German cars.
  2. Makes people ask, “How can you sit like that for two hundred miles?”
  3. Makes me glad to get back in the saddle.
  4. Reminds of the recliner I left behind.

I think passengers...

  1. Should buy a helmet, a license, and a motorcycle of their own.
  2. Should hold on, shut up, and enjoy the ride.
  3. Make good company once in a while.
  4. Are welcome additions to any ride.

Calculating Your Test Result

Once you have chosen your statements, find the sentence below that best reflects the choices made, and you'll get a recommended custom chopper-style based on those responses. Remember, these are just recommendations. This is not hard science. Explanations and illustrations of the choices will follow.

If 1 and 2 were the primary choices, then a Classic Bobber or Pro-Street may be the right choice.

If 2 and 3 were the primary choices, then a Pro-Street or Fat Bob may be the right way to go.

If 3 and 4 were the primary choices, then the Fat Bob or Bagger may be the chopper of choice.

A classic bobber custom

A classic bobber custom

Classic Bobbers

Classic bobbers were the original go-fast bikes. They were stripped down to the bare necessities they needed to get down the road. Stripping them down reduced weight and increased performance. Bobbers embody the true spirit of the American chopper and are often referred to as having "old-school" styling and appeal. If the romance of the days of classic motorcycles is calling, this may be the style for you.

A Pro-Street custom

A Pro-Street custom


Pro-Street kits have become very popular. They incorporate great looks, radical styling, and usually high horsepower. Pro-Street choppers blend the look and feel of a classic bobber with a fresher look and newer technology.

A Fat Bob custom

A Fat Bob custom

Fat Bob

Fat Bob’s recall their heritage to earlier Harley Davidson Dyna conversions. Based on soft-tail frames, their beefier front and rear tires, fatter tank, softer ride, and bigger saddle appeal to those road warriors that prefer the feel of a bigger bike and softer ride.

A bagger custom

A bagger custom


Baggers are for those that heed the call of the open road. They're basically a Fat Bob with luggage, windscreen, and passenger seat. This custom motorcycle is all about hitting the road in comfort.

Building a Chopper

Hopefully, this little quiz and brief explanation were helpful. If building a chopper is something worth considering, start with the right information. Find a reputable shop, some friends in the know, or a local dealer and ask questions. Building a chopper should be a great experience, not a mistake.

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