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Tips on How to Increase Bike Mileage

Updated on January 05, 2016

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Saving on Fuel and Increasing Bike Mileage

We love driving motorcycles, bikes, and sports bikes in the streets and on the outskirts of the city. We probably also love driving them fast — however, one concern that often prevents us from reaching the max speed is the mileage. Many will check out the mileage specs before buying a motorbike and then worry later on about their bike giving less mileage than specified.

So, in this article, here are some tips on how to increase mileage and save on bike fuel, so that you can go back to your open air drive on your bike.


  • For 4 stroke engines, switch on the bikes with the chokes and self start. Then, leave it without acceleration for 10-15 secs so that the oil has time to flow through the engine and has enough circulation to run it.
  • Don't put the choke on for a too long, as it may fill the engine with fuel.
  • Don't over accelerate as soon as you start your bike.
  • Switch off your bikes during a long wait or a traffic signal.
  • Remove the parts that are not useful, such as the saree guard, the bike box, and any other extra fittings.
  • Change and check the oil regularly as recommended by your service technician.
  • Check your tire's air pressure monthly. A low pressure can be a strain on the mileage while a super high pressure would increase the mileage but also yield instability. An optimum pressure will yield the best results.
  • Don't make sudden drops from a higher gear to a lower one. This may lead to a much higher RPM and decrease the fuel efficiency.
  • Shift your gears to the correct RPM. Also avoid overriding on any particular gear.
  • In general, riding in higher gears gives off a better mileage.
  • Don't change the gears and brake as often if you ride in cities. It may wear down and tire the engine.
  • Service your bike regularly as stated in your manual.
  • Use the brakes, clutch, and the throttle judiciously for optimum mileage.
  • Don't use the clutch when accelerating.
  • Check the batteries, chain slackness, the petrol amount, and the brakes
  • Finally, check the tire grips and change the tire even before it seems to be worn out.

Please comment to share your experiences, your own tricks, and if these tips worked for you!


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    • Jitender kumar verma 6 years ago

      I have purchase new hero honda CBZ XTREME ATFT bike on date 14/03/10 and i got the 52 km/ltr. Mileage after 1st service and before 1st service i got 50 km/ltr mileage in delhi road.If any question u ask me in my

    • GIRI 6 years ago

      I have new cbz xtreme. i follow these steps to increase mileage. today i got above 67 km/ltr in city.

    • Tush 5 years ago

      Im using pulsar model 2002( gol head light wala) im getting milage 37/lit buT I WANT MILAGE BETWEEN 40- 45. Plz help me

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @ Tush change the oil regularly,shift the gears at proper speed ratios and keep your tyre pressure at the recommended level..

    • Samson  5 years ago

      I have a cb unicorn

      and it gives me mileage of around 42-44 :( :(

      shud i ride at low rpm on high gears

      for eg : below 3 rpm on 5th gear rather than 3.5 rpm on 4th gear

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      No probs,if you are at high rpm in high gears,just maintain the proper speed to gear ratio and maintain an even raise of speed,and sudden raise of throttle in the midrange rpm can reduce your mileage considerable...Happy riding...

    • anurag chaudhary 5 years ago

      i use platina 100cc sometimes it gave 90 somtime 70 after service this thing always happen and many others gave even 100

    • vishal 5 years ago

      i have a Hero honda glamour purchase in feb 2011, it is giving approx 30 km/l , how to increase the milege,will this milage conttinue ,,(one servicing has been done)

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @ Anurag a mileage of 90km/l is great for platina..and mileage mainly depends on your riding style and braking sequence..It you go at speed of 45-50km/hr you get 100km/l,but its rare..If you're doing it right and still get problems then check your air filter or carburetor for any dirt particles inside...

      @Vishal May be you have some problems with air filter or carburetor,which may have some block with the air flow or due to dust particles..Another point,i usually hear that after first service the mileage increases gradually and during second service,you will find your glamour producing normal mileage of 55-60km/l...

    • Mohsim Khan 5 years ago

      @ Arjuncool_I have passion pro. After 2nd service,mileage is reduced to 45 km/l. I ride it with 40-55 km/h normally. please suggest solution.

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @Mohsim khan hey,give it to the service men and ask them to tune your carburettor,they might have changed it and its getting a leaner mixture of petrol to air...

    • sibashish86 5 years ago

      I have a discover 100 and I am getting around 75kms/l. should I be satisfied or I can extract more out of every litre??

    • Rinku 5 years ago

      I have pulsar 180 ug4 its millage is 40 km/l is it a perfect millage or i should get more pls help me out.

    • web hosting reviews 5 years ago

      i have a Hero honda shine purchase in sep 2010, it is giving approx 50 km/

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @sibashish hey,im also having discover,yeah 75km/l is a decent mileage.Mileage mainly depends upon your ride style and maintanance.Im getting about 80km/l..

      @Rinku Pulsar 180 average mileage is 40-45km/l.So you can be quite happy about ur mileage.If your want to increase it:1.Change gears at proper speed2.Maintain ur bike properly3.No sudden accleration often..

      @Web hosting reviews its pretty low for a 125cc bike..May be after your 1st service you can find an increase in mileage..

    • Prem 5 years ago

      Sir i have an cbz xtreme , my bike gives of 38 km/lit , plz tell me how i improve mileage of my bike, till date 4200 km run is done.

    • debabrata 5 years ago

      my cbz xtreme mileage is very low 34-37 kmpl in city , long as 43-45

      how to improve my mileage

      my bike run as 15000 kmpl

      changed my e.oil reguraly

      plz help me


      thank u

    • gautam 5 years ago

      i have a hunk .it used to give me mileage of 45-50 kmpl.but after second service its mileage has dropped to 38 kmpl.please suggest.

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @Prem shift at proper speed maintain proper air pressure and do regular servicing

      @debabrata Follow the above said points it's sure to help you and change gears at proper rpm..

      @gautam may be your service men has changed the carburettor settings to allow maximum intake of fuel than air...SO get it over serviced by him again and tell him what i said

    • Kirthi 5 years ago

      Hi ,

      i purchased new suzuki GS150R , i am getting 48KMPL now still first service is not done , i trust my bike will give min 50 KMPL after service , but i want to know in which RPM i can shift the gear, now i am changing gear in 3600 to 4000 rpm is it correct or not, because bike is little heavy when i shifting the gear in 3500 rpm , i noticed that stress is falling on the engine , so kindly tell me GS150R users and others which is the correct rpm to change the gear for this bike ,

      Thanks and regards


    • vignesh 5 years ago

      hi i have original hayabusa and it gives only 7 per liter i want atleast 15 help me if u no

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @Kirthi 48 is a decent mileage for a 150cc bike..Changing gear at 3 to 4 rpm is good for mileage...bikes heaviness doesn't mean that the stress is on engine..As the bike is normally heavy,it would be engineered to handle more stress due to weight..if you like to go with a feel of adrenaline rush,shift at 6-7 rpm..

      @vignesh Hi,congrats for owning,the monster busa..If you want more mileage,then remove some of the extra parts that make for the weight in the bike..As it's a humongous 1300cc performance bike,you can't expect more mileage from it..

    • hasan 5 years ago

      i had a bike cbz xtreme before iyear i got a mileage near 50 nowa days i got 1ly 35 kms

    • Mirzan Xenon 5 years ago

      i have apache rtr 180... i feel its not acceleration good. and i want to improve the engines power.. then any racing kids available for apache 180?

    • abhinav 5 years ago

      how much can i get on rxg 97 model ....i get 25 nw????

    • pankajsekhri 5 years ago

      Sir i have a hero honda ambition , my bike gives of 35 to 40 km/litre , plz tell me how i improve mileage of my bike.pls sir help me.......

    • sanjay kumar 5 years ago

      i have honda stunner and i dnt no wats the exact mileage of my bike pls tell the mileage of honda stunner,,,,

    • Binga k 5 years ago

      Please anyone tell,"How to get more mileage of bajaj xcd125 bike" ?

    • Harsh 5 years ago

      i have a 2003 pulsar(1st dtsi model, without alloy wheels). it gives me a mileage of around 25kmpl. I have tried riding in all types of conditions and speed. please help

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @hasan check the tires for proper air pressure and give the bike to service as specified in the manual

      @mirzan hey,you can go for K & N air filters+ big bore exhausts+ iridium spark plug which would increase the performance of your RTR,but mileage reduces..

      @abhinav i don't know which bike u'r referring,pls give the like for any pic for the bike..

      @Pankaj go by the above said points and check the carburetor for proper air+fuel mix..

      @Sanjay for stunner,you may get mileage of 55 to 60 at mixed conditions

      @Binga Please follow the above said points for optimum mileage for your bike

      @Harsh check ur carburetor for proper air+fuel mix by taking it to your nearest mechanic and maintain proper air pressure and do servicing regularly

    • vinay 5 years ago

      i buy a new unicorn dazller.. but i get only 16 milege...why..?

    • Hridoy 5 years ago

      I have a Yamaha Fazer i ride it in 75 km speed in top gear and it give me 60km per litre

    • adil khan 5 years ago

      i have honda shine model 2008, what is exact mil. for it.

      i got only 48

    • Abhijit 5 years ago


      Is K & N Air filter is good for Bike(like Average)? Is it work to get increase bike avg?

      I have purchased HERO Achiver and thinking for K&N Air filter....

      So tell me should i go for K&N Air filter ? ? ?

      will it good for my bike life?

      K&N are saying there air filters gives good performance and good milage...

    • g. hari krishna 5 years ago

      thanks for u suggestions

    • JITENDER KUMAR VERMA 5 years ago

      I have purchase new hero honda CBZ XTREME ATFT bike on date 14/03/10 and i got the 52 km/ltr. Mileage after 1st service and before 1st service i got 50 km/ltr mileage in delhi road.

      now on dated 22.10.2011, i fil the HP petrol for Rs.200 i.e. 2.99 litre. because 1 lit. petrol price in delhi is Rs/-66.85.My bike techo metre reading is start from Zero and when the reserve is start in my bike then the reading is 184.70 km. then u can calculate the mileage is 61.77 i got. this is my best mileage in delhi local dream is i got a best mileage in india or in world in 150cc bike. this is average is not a fake its a real.If any question u ask me in my

    • harsh 5 years ago

      My cbz-extreme(2009 ATFT model) gives me mileage of 28km/lit in city.....what should i have to do ....?? plz give me suggesstions.... i drove my bike 40-45 upto first 500 km frm 500-100 i drove it upto 45-60..... and after 1000 km i drove it up to 80 and sometimes (it 's very few tym) upto

      still why extreme gives me less mileage......?? reply

    • srinivasa ro 5 years ago

      i am working in courier company. daily i have to move 100ks daily. i have discover 125cc 2004 model. now that is giving the starting problems. so many coils changes but no us. now i am getting the starting problems. and some engine spare parts are not available. now i want to change total engine and bore pistes. is it possible. if i changes the engine, engine nos changes then RC will effect what is the solution.

    • Lancer 5 years ago

      After reading this post, i am following these tips getting good results. Thanks for the post.

    • Aravind 5 years ago

      i have an fz s model bike. . now i am suffering from low mileage.. of 20 kmp/l....

      plz help me.........

    • Ansaari 5 years ago

      I have a glamour 2011 model. Before 1st service i get only 5 km/l. plese help me

    • Hamza 5 years ago

      Thanx for these tips.....:)

    • gabrusatish 5 years ago

      i have tvs star city 2008 model 110 cc my bike is giving me 70kmpl average. can you tell me how i can increase my fuel efficiency plz tell me

    • Sandesh 5 years ago

      Sir i ve bought r15 v2 its giving mileage of 22 before 1 st servicing

      Will the mileage increase after 1 st service

      And should i complaint the dealer about it

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @Vinay Don't ride it beyond 4K RPM and maintain the run in period properly and after 1st service it would increase

      @Hridoy IT would be cool,but ur claim is unbelievable to the perspective of fazer..

      @Adil khan You are getting a pretty low mileage for the Shine..55 to 60 would be a gud FE for Shine

      @Abhijit K&N increases the performance only if you do some upjetting in the exhaust otherwise it only boosts up ur exhaust sound

      @g.hari krishna My pleasure..:)

      @Jitendar Fantastic mileage on ur CBZ..Congrats..

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @harsh may be check out the carburetor settings and tune it for more air flow by a mechanic

      @Chaitanya Pls follow the above said tips to get gud mileage..

      @Ora Yeah the future would be filled with electric bikes..

      @Srinivasa Rao give ur bike to a trusted mechanic and change the entire engine setup (or) go for a new bike

      @Lancer :)

      @Aravind and all Always drive ur bike in economy mode of 40 to 60 and b/w RPM of 3-5 to get gud mileage(ProveN)

      @Ansaari You may be driving rashly..Pls follow the run in period tips..

      @hamza :)

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @gabrusatish You're getting a gud mileage from the 110cc bike,if u want to increase it further,then drive it in 40-50 km/h range

      @Sandesh No need,it would increase after the 1st service a 40km/l mileage for a v2 is the normal mileage for that bike and important:FOllow the Run-in Tips..

    • Raj 5 years ago

      Hai sir, i hav purchase pulsar 135 cc bike on date 28 11 2011. Stil am not check my mileage. tel me tis bike gud or not? And how much of mileage it can give?

    • Abhijeet 5 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • ranjith 5 years ago

      sir i have suziki samurai 1999 model i am getting only 40 mileage per liter is this correct mileage or it will give more than this pls help me. send the tip to my e-mail id

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 5 years ago from India

      @Raj Hi Raj,Pulsar 135 can give a maximum of 55 to 60 when driven in economy mode,and check ur mileage sooner to know whether your bike is in proper condition..

      @Ranjith Its low mileage considering that its a 100cc bike.Pls check and clean ur carburetor and change oil regularly and tune the carburetor for giving more mileage,by a mechanic

    • Amaan 5 years ago

      hey..i have cbz xtreme with me. it was giving me 57km/lit before servicing..after servicing mileage came down to riding my bike the same way before. no changes in my driving that may affect the mileage. maybe the oil used wasn't good. could u plz tell me which oil is the best for mileage? i need good mileage..i had passion plus before. it used to give me 60km/lit. so this is huge thing for me. 10km less.thanks....

    • raj 5 years ago

      thank u so much sir, mileage manual tuning is safe or not?

    • deepak 5 years ago

      hello I have bajaj avenger 220cc bike it gives me only 25kmpl how to increase mileage to at least 33kmpl pls give your suggestion to improve mileage


    • sandeep 5 years ago


      i hv buy honda stunner cbf 2011(december) model,but it give me the milage of 31kmpl after 1st service,what should i do,please suggest email id

    • Cleo 5 years ago

      what about R15 v2? any tips on increasing its mileage?

    • subendranath gupta 5 years ago

      i have got a pulsar 150cc.its ia an awsome rubbish bike. poor perfomane .wear and tear.not good for rough use

    • DHINU 5 years ago

      How can I down shift gears one by one or all at once to stop,please reply to my mail

    • gvk51 5 years ago

      Hi Iam having Yahma-FZ16 iam not clear with the topic "proper gear shift in proper rpm" will you please elaborate this topic and tips how we can achieve this.

    • Venkat 5 years ago

      @Arjuncool: sir, i have booked a glamour and will be delivered next week. everyone is telling that its mileage is very low only around 40. but i need to improve my bike's mileage. as this doesn't have a tachometer i Don know how to control the rpm.. please help me.... Thanking yo in advance....

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Amaan Please use Motul semi synthetic oil or Motul fully synthetic oil,it increases the smoothness and also the mileage.

      @Raj its safe to try,but get proper guidance from a mechanic.Test by trial and error method

      @Deepak,Sandeep and Cleo Pls manitain ur oil level,brake pads and tyre pressure regularly and don't accelerate ur bike suddenly in city traffic.Follow these and ur mileage will automatically increase.

      @Cleo IF you have a new bike,pls follow the bike run in period speeds go below 4 rpm for first 1000km

      @Subendranath Pulsar needs gud maintenance for proper long term life.Please maintain ur bike properly..

      @Dhinu Shift gears one by one,ONLY..!!

      @gvk51 Shift 1st to 2nd at 20-25km/hr and 2nd to 3rd at 35 and from 3rd to 4th at 45 and from 4th to 5th at 52 to 55 and this gives me best mileage..

      @Venkat Glamour gives atleast 60km/hr..40 is too low..Please follow proper engine run in period and don't go above 50 during first 1000KM

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @all Please visit this link for proper run-in period tips and get good mileage from your new bike..Link-

    • Venkat 4 years ago

      @Arjuncool: thanku arjun for replying.. i ll surely follow your steps as mentioned..

    • $ur 4 years ago

      use byke with speed of between 40 to 50km/hr it will definitely increse the mileage of any byke......& always keep maintanance.

    • john hayls profile image

      john hayls 4 years ago

      I have incrased the speed of bike by using these tips. Now my bike speed has a 50to55km/hr which is very good.

    • Cleo 4 years ago

      Yea, it is a new bike and thanks for the tips

    • karthik 4 years ago

      i follow these steps given above that effect on my bike oh! its wonder before following these steps i have 40 and now i have 33

    • venkat 4 years ago

      @Arjuncool: sir my glamour s delivered and i have completed 375 kms. you told that mileage will be 60. but i m getting only 50kmph. i never drove above 50. please tell me some more tips...

    • milap 4 years ago

      i have hero honda hunk before i week i first 3 days i got 55 km/lit avg . after that i got 50 km/lit , i wasn't go above 40 km/h speed , so plz tell me what can i do to get 60km/lit avg

    • Piyush 4 years ago

      Hi, I am 20yrs old frm Mumbai nd m lookin forward to buy my 1st bike bt m confused between New Karizma R and New Pulsar 180 DTSi..Guys plz recommend me d best overall bike of d two..

    • sajeesh sunny 4 years ago

      i have new honda shine,,,2011 model currently it is giving only 43 kmpl ,,,so any on ehelp me hw can i in crease my milage,,,by time i giving service,,,

    • sujith 4 years ago

      my pulsar 180 engine getting over heat.....why????

    • SUMAN ROY 4 years ago

      hi i have pulser 150 old model(2003 model,round head light),give 35-40mpl,but speed doesn't increase above 50km in the top gear,i change clutch plate,e oil also and in traffic or low rpm my engine will automatic stopped.i spend lot of money for this,please help me.........

    • Huzaifa 4 years ago


      i just got a new honda stunner. At wat rpm should i ride as i feel engine getting strained above 4k rpm on any particular gear. Please suggest and also tell me which would be the best oil for stunner.


    • anil 4 years ago

      will K&N effect milage of my fz....

      if so wll it increase or decreaase???/

    • Nandhakumar 4 years ago

      sir, i bought CB unicorn yesterday... can i use self start at all time? and also plz give me the information about gear change at rlted rpm..

    • ankit 4 years ago

    • honey sablok 4 years ago

      hi sir, i want to buy a bike plz suggest me that new version of tvs sport 100cc is best for me i want much mileage and look and also tell me about pulsar 135cc which is best durable & fuel efficient in both above 2 bikes

    • karan harshavardhan 4 years ago

      I have a pulsar 180 UG4 model.

      It has got its 1st service 1 month back.

      Now i see it reaches ats high speed too late i mean beyond 105 it takes too much time to reach 115 but earlier it did it so fast.

      Why so??...nd it sounds unnaturally at high speeds (phati hui awaz). Also it takes 3rd and 4th gear very low speeds..Tell me what to do??

    • karan harshavardhan 4 years ago

      pls mail me on

      I will always be thankful to you.

    • Charan 4 years ago

      Any bikes increasing milage like carborator near one two adjust screw having another screw that screw do full tight and loose three rounds it will be only in creasing milage

    • Farzana Hashim profile image

      Farzana Hashim 4 years ago


    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Everyone The K&N filter only increases the exhaust sound of your bike,if yourn't doing the upjetting process,which allows more air to go through and so more performance..

      @Everyone If you bike gets too hot,then check the engine oil levels,and don't fit any aftermarket kits that hinders the heat that is dissipated from your bike

      @Everyone If you drive slower,but if you get low mileage,then follow the proper run in tips @

      and never make sudden acceleration and sudden braking and maintain correct air pressure in your tires.

      @Everyone Sorry for not communicating with you uptodate,at present,I'm in a tight schedule in my college life,so pls tolerate with the late responses


      @everyone regarding the best 150cc bike competition.Every bike in the 150cc segment has a specific positives and negatives and if mileage and comfort,smoothness is your main requisites,then go for Dazzler/Unicorn and if you want smoothness in engine+looks/GS150R go for Hunk/CBZ and if you want outright performance,then go for Apache RTR 160 and if you want budget communter with decent performance then go for yamaha SZ..

      Hope i have clarified some of your doubts..:)

      Happy biking..:)



    • Arahvinth 4 years ago

      Thnx.. very useful :)

    • Amit 4 years ago

      I have discover 112 cc bick . I got 85`s amazing.

    • Sanoosh.c 4 years ago

      Sir, i hav a starcity 110cc 2009november model.

      Now i getting an avg. milage of 56km/ltr.

      How much can i expect, by turning& proper driving.(by reading this, thank u)

    • Eddy.teddy 4 years ago

      I have cbr250r it gives millage of 40 km per litre.highway. 30 in city. Os this is ok.

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @naGESH hey it gives 62-65 if you ride it sanely,with little of right wrist work,may be at 40-45km/hr..if ridden normally it gives 50-55km/l

      @Amit Good to know that you're getting good FE after reading this..

      @sanoosh you can expect 65km/l after following this

      @Eddy.teddy hey its a great mileage considering that its a 250cc..You're maintaining your bike well..

    • Abhijit 4 years ago

      Why you are not command Hero Honda Achiever. This bike comes under 150 CC. and giving 55 - 60 Km average. Also having good performance.

    • Abhi 4 years ago

      What is the difference in 10W30 and 20W40 engine oil?

    • Narayan kumar 4 years ago

      Hi i have bought honda cb unicorn 2 months before. my problem is that it have low pick up and mileage is only 35 - 45 in city ride. plz tell me how to increase its mileage as well as pick up. mail me at

    • Kashif 4 years ago

      hi i purchased a discover 150 on feb 2...initially it gave me a milegae of 35 then it increased to around hasn't increased and its two months no...My first servicing is done...also sometimes i get a mileage of around 35 even now....should i complain??....please help

    • aditya kumar 4 years ago

      i have r15 v2 it gives 38-40kmpl on highways is it good.............i think it should give more on highway plz sugest me

    • raju 4 years ago

      hey bike is rx 135..but it gives 55 per ltr.....i have enjoied with my bike...

    • vishal 4 years ago

      I want to buy a new bike and I liked yamaha fazer150 but people says that it gives only mileage of 30-35 km/lt is this true???? What should I do??' plz help

    • nimesh 4 years ago

      Hey I have pulsar says that it will give milage of 68KMPL but I th8ink that its giving milage below

      40kmpl.Even I service my bike trice a year.Any suggestion

    • Suresh G 4 years ago

      I got a CBZ extreme last month, I have got it bike serviced (Ist). I feel I don't get power at fifth gear, I feel as it runs in 4 th, even when I change to 5th gear, When I told service personnel, they said that I would have not changed the gear properly, suggest me a solution.

    • jayz 4 years ago

      I want to buy a new bike and I liked pulsar 220f but people says that it gives only mileage of 30-40 km/lt is this true???? What should I do?

    • sam 4 years ago

      in my point of view unicorn is better in smooth but it is low pickup,cbz(2011)is best in mileage and also in pickup and smoothness,bajaj pulsar is good in mileage but it make noise and vibrate and also it makes some noisy sound after some services

    • sahil 4 years ago

      hi.... i have tvs starcity. 2005 model. i h,ve got 80 to 85kmpl. while riding at a speed of 40to 50 kmpl... mileage is depend upon how u ride.. n maintenance.... change oil at regular intervals of time.. change filter at every 3rd service... top up the oil at every 2000 km.. minmal use of clutch.. and what grade of oil u r using..... acc to me for 110 to 125 cc bikes.. 20w40 is the best recommended grade.. in summers if there is too much hot out there... and for 100 cc bikes 10w30 is the best recommended grade... use gulf oil 10w30 n 20w40.. acc to ur need..... thanks...........?

    • Alok 4 years ago

      Hi... I have a honda twister purchsed 3 months before & been done with one servicing. It gives me mileage of 53km in city. I have heard 62-65km average is quite common on a twister. Wat can be done to attain this? Also the bike rides very smoothly in 4th gear even at the low speed of 20km/hr. is it helpful in increasing mileage?

    • sunny 4 years ago

      my honda stuner is three year old, now mileage is only 40/ltr, plz help me

    • ravi 4 years ago

      which bike is better apache 180 or pulsar180 in terms of mileage and style

    • tarun 4 years ago

      i have 100cc platina & i got 107 km\L milage many times

    • shalok 4 years ago

      sir I have apache rtr 180 it gave me average of 30 km/l but after first service it give me 32 km/l how can I increase my bike average

    • shubham 4 years ago

      Sir I have pulsar 220 it gives me mileage 60 kmpl thans u sir for ur tips

    • sidd 4 years ago

      i have a unicorn bike for last 1yr bt now my unicorn don't goes up from 70km/hr. Can any1 tell how can it be solved?

    • sitharamaraju 4 years ago

      i have yamaha sz ,it is coming only 35 km/litre ,pls tell some key words to increase my mileage ,pls mail me , ,,thnq

    • DHINU 4 years ago

      What is the difference between FZ-S and FZ 16 ?

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Dhinu FZ-16 don't have the visor that the FZ-s has,other than that no difference

      @Sitharamraju are you following the tips mentioned here,also don't accelerate too hard,service regularly and check tire pressures..

      @Kandi Hi kandi,Congrats for you decision of buying R15 v2..Maintain at the speed of 50-60 at the first 1000km to get at least of 45km/l mileage

      @sidd may be your carburetor needs to be checked..Pls visit your local mechanic soon..

      @Shubam Thanks for your compliments,Shubam..:)

      @shalok as you have finished the 1st service now only,wait for sometime,the mileage will gradually increase and reach 38-40km/l

      @tarun gud news that you're getting great mileage from your platina..:)

      @ravi I would suggest you Apache RTR 180 as it has gud performance+style+mileage..

      @Sunny Please do servicing regularly and check your air filter for any dust and tune the carburetor for more mileage

      @Alok me too have the twister and getting mileage of 65-70 in highway and 65 in city.Yeah try to always be in 4th gear to get good mileage but don't let the engine to wobble at much lower speeds in higher gear(eg.20km/hr at 4th gear) and don't accelerate rapidly..

      @Sahil Thanks for your advice, Sahil..That would've helped many people out here..And congrats for the great mileage you're getting with your bike

      @jayz My friends' pulsar 220f gives him 38-40km/l most of the times with good performance.If ridden rash it gives him 35km/l

      @Suresh pls check your gear box and accelerator cable also check your carburetor for proper air+fuel mixture settings..!!

      Happy riding Everyone,



    • sameer 4 years ago

      i have cbz xtrem which gives the mileage 63km/lit so frnds follow the tips maintain bike in condition so you to get high mileage

    • Tagio 4 years ago

      I have bought mahindra duro power scooter in sep'11. The problem is that it is giving mileage of only 28-30 kmpl even after 2nd servicing. Also its front suspension is making noice. I expect mileage atleast 45 kmpl. Plz hlp

    • Preetham 4 years ago

      I'm having CBZ Xtreme ATFT bike.. I purchased it on Apr 2011. At that time i was getting upto 54kmpl. After 6 months it's mileage reduced to 45-48kmpl. But now a days my bike is giving only 27-30kmpl... I have changed engine oil and I don't drive it so fast.. I've checked almost everything.. But the fault remained same... I don't know what I used to do now... Someone please help me... I hope everyone can understand this mileage problem...

    • arshad 4 years ago

      i have a Suzuki GS150r it gives only me ~35km/l.

    • NagiReddy 4 years ago

      Hi ARJUN i appreciate your knowledge share on vehicle service and maintenance(maintaining a web blog). You provided us good tips which i am looking for. I have a small concern on my mileage, I won CBZ Extreme 2010 model, i had the habit of driving fast minimum 60,70& max 80km/hr due to lack of patience because my office distance is so far(25+25km up and down). I am getting a mileage of 45 to 47. I use to service my vehicle periodically from good automobile service. We use

      Gulf 20W50 engine oil. My question to you is what is the Max speed i can ride to achieve 50-52 kmpl. This mileage is ideal or satisfied for me even if i get more mileage. Exactly i mean top speed with 50-52 kmpl. At last i had a small doubt am i expecting more...

      Kindly revert with reply. Thanks in Advance and i wish ALL THE BEST to your FUTURE..

    • premdeboss 4 years ago

      Hi ARJUN i appreciate your knowledge share on vehicle service and maintenance. You provided us good tips which i am looking for. I have a small concern on my mileage, I won Apachi RTR 160 2010 model, i had the habit of driving fast minimum 50-65 due to lack of patience because my office distance is so far(23+23km up and down). I am getting a mileage of 44 to 47. I use to service my vehicle periodically from good automobile service. My question to you is what is the Max speed i can ride to achieve 52-55 kmpl. This mileage is ideal or satisfied for me even if i get more mileage. Exactly i mean top speed with 52-55 kmpl.

    • Ranjith Sigamani 4 years ago


      I bought a Discover 100 on 12-04-2012. The mileage now comes to 58kmpl. I drive in chennai within 40kmph. I mainly bought this vehicle for its mileage (as they claim it gives 80kmpl in city) and worried now. Will the mileage improve after 1st service?

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Sameer Happy that you are getting good mileage..Could you pls explain your riding conditions so that other CBZ owners could get benefited

      @Tagio I think the Duro could give 35-40 max as its a 125cc engine,change your accleration style to get good mileage

      @Preetham I think it may be a spark plug problem or low tyre pressure problem,pls check these two and report your mileage here..

      @arshad mention your driving and maintenance conditions please..

      @NagiReddy Thanks for your compliments and you're already getting a good mileage of 47km/l in highways and to make to 52km/l or more,ride it in 55-60km/h and test the mileage.Gud that you're regular in maintaining your bike..

      @premdeboss Ride constantly at 60km/h and don't allow it to oscillate it often and you can get a steady mileage of 50+km/l and also no sudden accleration at the signals..

      @ARJUN anyone owning/TD the new HUNK,help him...

      @Ranjith yeah its normal for any new bike to give low mileage figures before first service,wait till the first service and let me know the figures after that..

    • Ranjith Sigamani 4 years ago

      Hi Arjun..thanks for your response. Have another query. Is there any real benefit in using high octane petrol like Speed/Xtra premium for an indian 100cc bike?

    • Sarafudheen 4 years ago

      and i touch 100+ speed couple of times...last week i saw your aricle, after that maintained my speed below 60kmph and rpm below it effect my bike`s life?.

    • Mangesh alat 4 years ago

      Hello....i bought a new cb unicorn last week and i am at my best for maintaining it.....i got 46 km/l mileage on the second day of purchase....:) i ride at 3k rpm and gear shifting at 2.5k .......nevar crossed 40km/ my riding OK for 1st 500 km ??? please recommend me best polish for my more question, which oil should i use for oiling my chain ?? and after how much km should i oil it ??? please reply on

    • shubh 4 years ago

      i have a bike cb twister which gives me average of 80 to 85 after 1st service....;)


    • Taran 4 years ago


      I bought a cbr 150r 3days ago nd im getting a mileage of only 28-30km/l nd till now ive drove it not more than 48km/hr and under 4500rpm.Company is claiming an average of 65km/l.

      Wats d average of cbr 150 nd how to increase it?

    • nikhil 4 years ago

      hi, im just 19 and im very confused on what bike i should be buying...

      Should i go for a budget class new bike or a 150cc plus segment used bike?

      The ones on my mind are the yamaha fz (owing to its looks and fazer engine) and the pulsar 200...

      I really wonder what all i should be checking when i buy a second hand bike...

    • Sameer 4 years ago

      Nice article,

      i have 2004 model pulsar 150cc, it used to give me avg about 40-45 in year 2009-2010, i modified bike, reduced weight , installed tubeless tyres although i both of my tyre have round grip, i get an avg now days about 45-50 + depends on trafic, if thers no trfic my milage goes beyond 50. as Arjuncool said, i keep changing bikes oil on monthly basis, now my bike is smooth even after modification. as he says, proper gear shifting and maintaning your bikes gives you good performance


    • Sumeet J 4 years ago



      i want 2 purchase a new bike for me i hve chosn these 3 all latest new models YAHAMA FAZER, HERO CBZ EXTREME & HONDA UNICORN i hve habit of riding 70-80 km speed so chose that bike which have good pickup, v.good milege and high durability.

      Thanx in advnce sir.



    • Sam 4 years ago


      i hve purchd access 125cc on 5-4-2011. At 1st i get 5okm/ltr mildge & good pickup. But nw i get only 35-40km/ltr milege &very poor pickup. i ride 80km bt done periodically service of my access & maimtained good upto till nw.

      Pls reply me A S A S P.

      Thnx in advance

    • prit 4 years ago

      sis, i want to purchese new bike. Sugest me Unicorn or gs150r

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @prit Go for unicorn as it has Reliable engine+honda brand name+best resale value and smooth engine

      @Sam Have u checked the tire pressures,if not check that.Also change oil regularly and also check your sparkplugs.Also don't acclerate suddenly

      @Sumeet J Hi sumeet,based on all your requirements you can go for Unicorn as it gives 50+ mileage,decent pickup and reliable+smooth honda engine..Also you can consider CB dazzler

      @Sameer :):)

      @nikhil As your 19,it would be probably your first bike.Its safer to start with a budget class bike,(according to my view),If you're inclined towards getting a 150cc bike,then go for Yamaha FZ and for guide on getting second hand bike check site

      @Taran Hi Taran,congrats on your new bike.Honda said a mileage of 55km/l and i know people getting 50km/l.Don't worry,wait for the first service and after the service your bikes' mileage would surely increase

      @Shubh :) Glad to help my fellow bikers..!!

      @Mangesh alat Congrats on your new bike and happy that you're maintaining your bike at its best and I recomment Motul oil lube and change oil at 2000km limit after the free services are over until then change during the free services time.

      @Rajesh You have a great bike with great mileage,congrats..Pls post your ride conditions so that others can gain from that..

      @darshan Are you asking the air+fuel mixture? Regarding RPM,maintain at between 4K-4.5K max or below 55km/h up to 1000kms

      @Aditya as you have done your 4th service and as your engine has got smoother your mileage could also increase

    • Ranjith 4 years ago

      Bought discover 100 on 12-Apl-2012. I feel the front wheel has mild jumping problem. When told service center, they say there is nothing wrong in the vehicle and all discover has same feeling. Anyone in this forum has a discover who face the same problem?

    • dhinu 4 years ago

      Mileage of pulsar

    • DHINU 4 years ago

      How to tune the carburettor of bajaj platina ?

    • Piyush, Delhi 4 years ago

      I am having Yamaha fz bike. Can you please tell me after how much maximum kilometer run I should go for the bike service and its oil change. Is it ok If i change my bike's engine oil after 2500 km run and its service too after 2500-3000 km run? Please advice asap. Thanks

    • kuttan 4 years ago

      Power of unicorn

    • shivinder 4 years ago

      sir i hv a cb twister, it gv me 60 milege.

      bt its road grip is vry bad.

      i want to change that tire.

      cn u suggest me which tire i used.

      nd wat abt fat tyres

    • Taran 4 years ago

      Thnx a lot buddy...

    • kevin 4 years ago

      is hero hunk a good bike to buy?

    • sharafu 4 years ago

      hai arjun, i hav a new HH karizma r..i got a mileage of 33kmpl after 1st of my friend say that he got mileage 45kmpl for his karizma r. And he suggest me to keep rpm below 4,000 and keep spped below 60kmph till second service..but i touched 100+ a couple of times after 1st there any problem?..wot i do for getting better milag

    • b venkatesh 4 years ago

      i have kinetic zoom zx . it gives me a mileage of about 20-22. i expect 30. so plz help me soon

    • manoj 4 years ago

      how many kmpl does yamaha fz16 give

    • bheemeswar 4 years ago

      hi sir i bought a bike glamour 125cc after second service also its was giving 50 kmpl what i has to do

    • senthil 4 years ago

      hi, i have szr yamaha and it gives 30 - 35 km/l millage how to increase millage. help me BOSS

    • G1 4 years ago

      Is apache 180 or pulsar 180 good for mileage, quality, maintenance and comfort in touring? Plz suggest me sir...

    • Ram 4 years ago

      Hello Arjun,

      That tip was of good use, and more over I respect you for the fact that still you keep replying to the Queries. That's so kind of you :)

    • saurabh 4 years ago

      i have splendor pro, which gives 40kmpl average, please tell me what should i do for increasing it upto 80 kmpl

    • Prashant 4 years ago

      Dear arjun,

      I had purchased pulsar 150 in oct 2011 after 2nd service its given only 39kmpl it should be a good average or not. what is the actual average after 2nd service of pulsar 150 please help me sir and reply on my email i m waiting for ur reply

    • jishu deb 4 years ago

      i have cbz extreme 150 cc bike i regularly service my bike andreplace mobile regularly on time but milage still is 40-42 citis long 45-47 so how i increase my milage please help me (

    • Abhilash 4 years ago

      I read all the comments i am going to buy new fz or unicorn or pulsar 180 i want travel daily 40 kilometers up & down please suggest a bike with good millage &style

    • EswarRaj 4 years ago

      hi arjun:-)I own a pulsar 180 ug4 for a year ..I am getting mileage of about 35 kmph..wat is the average mileage of a pulsar 180..wat shall I do to increase the mileage bro??? help me out..

    • Amol 4 years ago

      Hey hi... I m abt to buy a new bike and bit confused between cb unicorn and dazzler plz suggest wht is the difference and also let me knw if the average for both the bikes are same or different and also tell me what average both bike gives.. Thanks alot in adv and boss u r rocking.. I am reading all ur tips... :)

    • chhotan giri 4 years ago

      i have pulsar150,ug4. Purchese in dec2011. It's gave mileage70/liter. I am confushed is these good for byke engine? Plz replay me at

    • anshul 4 years ago

      I have honda stunner and its mileage is around 35-40km/ltr please help me...

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @anshul Pls check ur tire pressure and spark plugs and follow the above said tips..!!

      @chhotan giri 70km/l is unbeleivable mileage for a 150cc if its real then its great..

      @Amol First,thanks for the compliments..!! CB unicorn and dazzler have same engines except that dazzler has gear ratios that enable good pickup and good top end whereas unicorn is having a tweaked engine for getting good reliablity..Cb dazzler average:50-55 and cb unicorn:52 to 57..Better,go for dazzler

      @eswar Pulsar 180 should give between 40-44 my suggestion don't rip your bike hard and fill petrol with no additives and follow the above said tips

      @Abilash from this list with good mileage and style its Unicorn..Fz has 44km/l mileage.Better wait for pulsar 200ns

      @jishu deb I can't understand you pls post your query clearly

      @KARAN pulsar 220 is famous for its pickup and performance..If you want mileage then don't accelerate your bike harder and it can give 35-40km/l

      @Prashant Hi prashant after your service the mileage should increase certainly and optimal mileage for pulsar 150 is 45-50

      @saurabh 40km/l is too low for a splendor pro..Pls check your engine for any problems in your nearest service center

      @Prijoy wait for the pulsar 200ns which is better than pulsar 220f in all aspects..Wait for it and you won't regret it

      @BALBIR Don't know hindi..!!

      @M.kaif 40 is fazers optimal mileage due to the large tires..If you want good mileage then go at 60-65km/h constantly

      @Ram Your support helps me grow..:)

    • Santhosh 4 years ago

      I have the new yamaha R15 v2.0 and it gives only 25kmpl in city roads. Tell me this machine's actual mileage .

    • yash 4 years ago

      hey bro i have a hunk of one month i have followed ur all step and my hunk is giving a minimum average of 55 but there is a problem that the engine is over heated only in short distance of travel and it's RPM get higher than the normal RPM ( when i start in first time a day it RPM huge to be 1.5 and after travelling it come on 2.0 ) what should i do reply fast thanxxx......

    • dip 4 years ago

      i am confused between fazer150 and cbz xtreme that which should i buy.i want mileage and also good looking bike.

    • Yogesh Kudale 4 years ago

      I have two bike Bajaj Pulsar 135CC and Bajaj Avenger 220

      Pulsar 135 = 65KM/L

      Avenger 220 = 49KM/L


      1.Bike start after 5-6 hource put your chock.

      2.self start your bike relax for 10 seconds don't give accelatore

      3.Run your bike less than 55 KMPH or less than 4000 RPM

    • premdeboss 4 years ago

      Hi ARJUN i appreciate your knowledge share on vehicle service and maintenance.I won Apachi RTR 160 2010 model,i need to know how to tune my bike to incrase mileage


    • rohit Karkare 4 years ago

      Hi Bro,

      i want to perches a new bike in 150cc segment,my first choice is Yamaha fazar.and second choice is new pulsar 180,my friends told me if you buy fezar then you face the mileage problem,pls tell me what can i do. repiy me asap.

    • fasi 4 years ago

      i have recently purchased a yamaha fzs, known for bad fuel economy so pls can you give me some tips for increasing the mileage

    • varma 4 years ago

      hi.... i have palser 150cc of 2003 modal recently engien bore was done presently i think it is givinging millage of 50KM/L and can u plz tale me the way to increase the millage because know adays the fuel expences are too much and i don't no much about the engiens.

      plz reply me as early as posible

    • Samee 4 years ago

      I bought a Yamaha Fz s bike last December. First sessions during the services during the services, I drived in 40kmph. Normal speed. But after 3rd service, I tried to ride in high speed. So there was a vibrate when the speed is crossing 56 - 57 kmph. Then again it is ok. But when I reach to 70 kmph its again vibrating continuously. Can't ride more speed. I'm suffering with this problem. Please if you have a solution tell me. Thanks!

    • Raju Prasad 4 years ago

      I purchse Yamaha YBR One year Ago While I was in Vadodara.Now I shifted to Maharashtra .I got threee services while In Vadodara.After that Two Services I have missed. And Finally I had one left serice recetly.I am getting avg. of only 40km/Litre.What could be reason for such a low average.

      Kindly mail me your suggestions on


    • Akash 4 years ago

      i have honda stunner 125cc

      from the day i have purchased it

      it is giving 40kmpl averge... even m driving at a speed of 40..

      sum one plse help me .. :(

    • Santhosh 4 years ago

      @Akash.. I think you are not driving at top gears.. Try to control your accelerator with top gears always.. Will result good !

    • suresh 4 years ago

      i have hero honda passion pro it is giving 60kmpl average driving at an speed of 50.. sum one plse help..........

    • Karthik 4 years ago

      Sir i need to buy a bike 150 cc with a good looks ,road grip and average mileage of 50...which bike would u suggest me...except pulsar and apache...because ther s lot of pulsar and apache in road ...more over i don't like engine sound of pulsar and no road grip in apache and it is uncomfortable to sit...

    • Santhosh 4 years ago

      @Karthik.. Wait for upcoming Pulsar 200 SS

    • miteshbhalodiya 4 years ago

      hi,my father always run the bike at higher gear at very low it ok?

      Or than change the gear very earlier before getting the speed...

      Yes ofcource this is for city driving and he drivers very slow..ply put your suggestions

    • Anand 4 years ago

      I am using honda shine. i get the mileage of 74km by following these steps

    • Karthik .m 4 years ago

      My budget is 85k but pulsar 200ss cost above 1lak i need nice road grip and mileage of 48 and above ...can u suggest me in this list 1.hero hunk cb unicorn unicorn dazzler

      4.cbz xtreme

    • Arjun merc 4 years ago

      i have a passion plus..i want to change the doom to fazer's doom....will i get a better pickup......pls get me some ideas......

    • Aman 4 years ago

      Plz tell me d tips for increasing milage in pulsar 135

    • rahman12 4 years ago

      hiii...i hav a hunk 2011 model which is giving a mileage of 30km/hr...plz help me how to increase the mileage..

    • Moni 4 years ago

      suggest me a bike below 85000 i need nice road grip and mileage of 50kmpl...

    • Nripen7 4 years ago

      I want to buy Hero CBZ xtreme 150cc bike but what is the maximum milage of it at all riding condition. Please clarify me.

    • harish 4 years ago

      lets seeeeeeeee

    • Nryan 4 years ago

      i have purchased Honda cbr150 recently and my 1st servicing is due. I did not found a ON/OFF/RESERVE fuel cock in my bike. now, how to calculate mileage without fuel coke.

    • Sriram 4 years ago

      Hello Arjun,

      I am planning to replace my Passion engine(100 CC) with Glamour (125 CC) because .. I do not want to change the bike but i want to remodel it to increase its pick up.

      I am a mechanical engineer, so i have chosen glamour so that the horizontal engine will fit into the gap with minimal adjustments. Jut want to check with you , What are the other possible adjustments which i have to take care of ?? Moreover, Can i gget a new engines from any spare parts shop ??

    • Hemant 4 years ago


      I just bought CB unicorn in may 2012 ,after riding 345 km I done 1st servicing of my bike.After that i went to long drive,nearly 375 km,and drive my unicorm at 80-90 kmph.Does it impact on milage or performance of bike? Many people are saying that I should not drive newly own bike at 80-90 kmph.

      Please advise.

    • sebin 4 years ago

      Hi friends i just bought yamaha sz-r version 2 in may 2012 after riding 400km, but its giving 38-40 kmpl. yamaha dealers told me that it must give 50kmpl. please help me . driving speed 40-60 kmph

    • Sanjay chalotra 4 years ago

      Hi, bro i am buying first bike in my life .my option is pulser 220f can i buy this bike or not

    • Parus dhiman 4 years ago

      Hello..the new cbr 150

      is gud bike...or what its average...can i buy this bike

    • Shahriar 4 years ago

      Hi dude, good to see that u r helping out the bike freaks. As one of the members of them would u suggest, which engine oil brand will be the best one for CBZ atft bike? Pls also specify the grade of the engine oil. Another question, is using iridium plug in my CBZ harmful? Thanks... Shahriar from Bangladesh

    • nishanth 4 years ago

      my yamaha fz 2008 get milage 18 to 20km . How can increase 40kmp?please help me...thank u

    • kavin 4 years ago

      i have 2003 pulsar 180 it gives 30km/ltr.hw can i increase it

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @All Friends,I don't have my own laptop now,so will reply to your comments sooner..!!

    • Karthick 4 years ago

      I got Discover 125 in April 12, have clocked in 380 kms till date. Bike drank 4.5 liters of fuel for first 200kms, and now another 5liters for another 180kms. I am very much worried for poor average. Bike dealer says it is typical for all new bikes before first service. I carefully drive below 40kmph, mostly on 2nd (upto 20kmph), 3rd (20-30kmph), 4th (30-40kmph) and only two times 50kmph(5th).

      Please help in improving fuel eff. i expect atleast 60kmpl for a 125cc mill.

    • surajjj 4 years ago

      Wnt 2 know exct milage of karizma 2004

    • zain 4 years ago

      sir i have cbz extream 2007 model its giving mileage of 45kml and i completed 19000 km on i want mileage of 50 in city. so can u help me in which speed i have to shift the gear.. and at what speed i have shift 5th gear..

    • Karthik 4 years ago

      Friends can u suggest me a 150cc bike with 50kmpl mileage nice road grip....budget is 85k and below...

    • Hotshot Sourav 4 years ago

      Hey,,, i've pulsar 150 i 've to increase its speed more faster and faster. tell me friends what should i do??

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Hotshot Install K&N filter+Upjetting the exhaust.But I suggest you to go at slower speeds in public

      @Karthik Go for CB unicorn 0r CB Dazzler

      @Zain 2nd at 20,3rd at 35,4th 45 and 5th at 45 to 50

      @Surajj karizma gives 40-45km/l

      @karthik yeah what your dealer says is correct,it would improve after the first service and you're doing the correct procedure of maintaining the run-in period tips.

      @Parus Yeah CBR 150R is a great practical mini sports bike and its quoted to deliver mileage of 45-50km/l

      @nishanth don't rip too much,check tire pressure and check above tips

      @amal one time up to 80km/h is ok but don't cross the 50km/h limit often stay below 40

      @Sanjay Hi Sanjay,Pulsar 220 is a great bike,but also check for pulsar 200ns which is Better than the pulsar 220 in all aspects

      @Sebin Is your 1st service over.If not it will improve after that.also follow the run in tips

      @Remaining peope Pls wait I'll get back to your comments sooner..:)

    • dip 4 years ago

      arjun ji i want mileage minimun 40-45 and also a good looking bike.i am confused between yamaha fazer153 and cbz xtreme which should i buy? please suggest me.

    • suresh 4 years ago

      hi MR. ARJUN i own pulsar 150 bought in jan2012 its just giving 38 ..plz helpme .same model other bikes r giving 50/lit ..

    • suresh 4 years ago

      even my bike isn"t smooth as before and sounds rough after every 2 kms ride

    • Amit 4 years ago

      I have purchase twister bike and i want to know that how i should maintain my bike in a good conditions. Please mail me at

    • Ravi thakur 4 years ago

      Hi,i want to buy a p220f. but my frend said it is not gud give mileage of 25 to 30. That is right or not. I am not interest in 200ns. Can 220 give the averege of 40 when i mainten properly.

    • Afzal 4 years ago

      I want buy a bike but which one will give me best mileages? I just want to between two as like as Platin100/125 & Discover 100/125 give me the mileage of both category and suggest me the best!

    • Noni 4 years ago

      I have new discover 100 .it only give 52. How can increase itr average tell me

    • Manav singh khalsa 4 years ago

      I have new r15 but it give only 25 how i am increase it

    • Bhart sharma 4 years ago

      Hi i have new 220.i brouht on 25/6/ can i maintain the bike and what is average of this bike....i want 45kmpl ..i do everything for this average...plzz tell me...

    • Mohit 4 years ago

      Hi.. I am from delhi...i have new pulser220 5 day ago i buy fom showroom .this is very gud bike by.pick the bike only give 17 i am very said by manav singh khalsa can 220 give 45kmpl..i am waiting for the reply. Plz reply fast

    • Taran 4 years ago

      Hey buddy is Honda really launching cbr 125 in India or its just a rumour....

    • \~~~~\ 4 years ago

      .Hi tarun....the cbr 125 launch in india next is mini sports bike for school guys..

    • Bhart shrma 4 years ago

      Hey..sir why don't you reply...can the p220 give 45kmpl

    • Zafar Iqbal 4 years ago

      Hi i have new Karizma R brouht on 20/8/2012. it give me a mileage 24 kmpl. when i fill 10 ltr i give 24 kmpl. one time it give 28 kmpl when i fill 1 ltr petrl. after that fillling 10 ltr it give 24 kmpl. can you tell me what is probs in that . how can i improve my average.

    • Anand Roy 4 years ago

      Hi I Have An Cbz Xtreme New And It Gives Me 25Km/l In 60Km/h. How Can I Get 60 Kmpl.

    • Zafar Iqbal 4 years ago

      Hi i have new Karizma R brouht on 20/8/2011. it give me a mileage 24 kmpl. when i fill 10 ltr i give 24 kmpl. one time it give 28 kmpl when i fill 1 ltr petrl. after that fillling 10 ltr it give 24 kmpl. can you tell me what is probs in that . how can i improve my average.

    • ashish savaliya 4 years ago

      hi i have purchase cbz xtreme in jan.2011 ...its give me only 35/kmpl.....please help me how can i increase ????

    • Maruthamani 4 years ago

      Hi bro,

      i bought cb Unicorn yesterday. Nice bike. Daily 32+32 km travel, 40% city, 60% highway travel, mileage not yet checked, i have a query, i have driven 64 km now, never crossed 50 km, but at 5 th gear @40-50 km speed, often engine goes sudden off. Or some thing like pulling kind of action from engine. Is it nature? Or i am driving this 150 cc mill, with much less 50 km speed so it happens? How to ride, handle and maintain for up to 1000km? Pl advice me. Thanks

    • prashat 4 years ago

      hi i followed ur tips i got 74.70 milege on my passion pro which i just purchesed ad complited only 1203km

    • manish 4 years ago

      I have Old fz red color of bike sometimes bike's engine does the sound like gun fire I would like to know why this is happening on my bike

    • 4 years ago

      Hi bro, still waiting for ur reply...

      Shahriar from Bangladesh

    • Venkat 4 years ago

      I bought yamaha szr before 3 months..... It gives around 33 kmpl only. 100% city ride in madurai ....... Is it good for szr...?

    • Manikandan 4 years ago

      Hi I am having Bajaj Discover 100. It gives only 60 kmpl. please help me to increase the milage.

    • koju 4 years ago

      hi as i know if u chang jet pin *decreasing jet pin ) it will work good and we must clean airfilter time to time and the carboreter must be in good tune *mixture fuel and air )if u keep this 3 things your bike will be given good milage

    • nimish 4 years ago

      hi..!!! i have honda stunner cbf 125cc. and completed 2.5 yrs.i only get avgerage between 45-47. i want above 50 so plz help me out

    • Surya 4 years ago

      My Yamaha crux bike is giving 50 KMPL and due for 1st service with 400 KM.Everyone says that it will give better mileage after 1st service.I like to understand,how the first service will help increase mileage and any special tips for yamaha crux engine for more mileage and maintanence.

    • Anup 4 years ago

      I have a Fazer 153. And i got the millage of 32km/l. I want to increase millage. What can i do?Please tell me.

    • Shani 4 years ago

      I have 2.5 years old Hero Honda Passion Pro. It was working fine. Suddenly from 3-4 day, when I accelerate, engine makes noise accordingly,but doesn't increase speed with accelaration as earlier. I have not done any servicing recently.

    • sumeet Jain 4 years ago

      I want to buy a new bike budget is 90000.. m much confused between new hunk and karizma r

    • Shreetam 4 years ago

      HI Arjun

      I have a Yamaha Fz 16 bike and i am worried about its mileage because its not giving me more than 30kmpl. I recently got it serviced and i mostly ride at a speed of 40-50 kmph . Can my bikes mileage be increased to 35+ kmpl ??

    • parteek 4 years ago

      hlo i m using pulsar 220f and i got the milage of 30 km/l.i want to increase it. pls give me some suggestion.

    • hellos123 4 years ago

      hey .....i have splendor nxg.........i usually get a very less mileage aroung 40 when the speed reaches to 80km/hr or 90km/hr..........why is it giving less mileage on high speed?? at 45km/hr to 60km/hr it gives a good mileage but not at high speed

    • paul-1911 4 years ago

      Dear all uses,

      Bike mileage is depend on various things.

      For newer bikes

      it didn't gives mileage because, Carbon built-up is necessary for getting better mileage. You may have heard about, that bike mileage increases after second service after 1000 km. But no one knows the actual reason. This is happens because carbon builds up on the valves and the piston top, and this helps to have better compression and have better pickup and mileage. New engines don't have carbon in the valves and piston so mechanics used to give rich mixture so that carbon in the petrol can build up more faster and you can have better mileage later.

      Moreover regular maintenance is also necessary for better mileage.

      Read your bike manual book and you will get lots of information there. Change the engine oil at regular interval as specified/recommended on the manual book. Also cleaning air filter, carburettor, re-tuning carburettor, changing the spark plug to the hotter one as recommended on the manual book, valve clearance, timing chain timing, changing clutch plates, cleaning adjusting and lubricating chain sprocket with SAE90, maintained accurate tire pressure, drive accurately, and at last de-carbonizing head at every 10,000-15000 kms gives better mileage.

      Do these things at regular interval and you will certainly get better mileage and maximum performance from your vehicle. Also increases the overall engine life.

      A spark plug can tell you lots of stories of your engine.

      Open it up to inspect, if it is white or light brown then you have correct air fuel ratio (AFR). Those who have low mileage will have black soot out spark plug.

    • sachin 4 years ago

      sir i just want to ask that after how many kilometer passion pro engine get demaged..

    • paul-1911 4 years ago


      Its depend upon how much u well maintained and most probably the work done by your mechanic. But if u maintained properly it can last for 50000 kms and will need a bore were piston being changed.

    • paul-1911 4 years ago

      @ sandy

      It gives the mileage of 35-37 kmpl

    • Abhijeet 4 years ago

      I have a Hero honda CBZ 2003 model. It is giving a mileage of 30 kmpl. Please provide me a way to increase the mileage. I regularly clean the air filter and change the engine oil at every 1200 km.

    • Bharath 4 years ago

      I own a GS150R. It gives me a milegae of 48 KMPL. about to give for the 3rd service. I drive at a speed of 40 - 80 KMPH based on the roads.

    • shubham and yashodeep 4 years ago

      i have a doubt of using clutch,

      plz tell me that while riding using clutch for o small duration of time as in case of stopping the bike the fuel gets more consumed or not,,

    • shubhamagrawal 4 years ago

      dear sir, i had brought my new honda cb unicorn 1.5 months back i had clocked 409 kms ...but my unicorn is only giving me 38kmpl ...done 1 st servicing ..i had also changed engine oil..replaced honda's me .. and which engine oil is good for unicorn... following proper run in period...thanx in advance..

    • Aman 4 years ago

      dear sir,

      i have a unique problem. i have hero honda splender plus 2010 model. i ride daily 3 km only at speed b/w 20-25 kmph and the way from i ride is too much congested so that i use clutch and brake in every minute (3 red light in the way) and last thing i am learner. but maintain service at time.

      my bike mileage is too low (30km/ltr). Is it good for such condition or there something wrong with my bike?

    • ANIRBAN GHOSH 4 years ago

      Yesterday I have purchased GLAMOUR Fi,please give me some tips to maintain its healthyness as well as fuel efficiency.

    • Premdeboss 4 years ago

      Hi ARJUN

      I appreciate your knowledge share on vehicle service and maintenance.

      I own Apachi RTR 160 2010 model.32000 km completed. now i planned to change my both tyres . pls suggest good tyres .

      which gives good grip (like Ceat grip vertigo) , good mileage( currecnt mileage48) & Same Speed (45 to 65km normally)...

      & which one is better 100/90 or 120/80/18( tyre size)


    • Suraj 4 years ago

      I Own Passion ,i want know how often should i change the Disk oil?

    • allen 4 years ago

      i have cbz extreme tell me if there will be any effect in my bike while removing my air filter cap and driving!!!

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @dip Hey if you want good mileage+comfort+looks go for cbz or if you want average mileage+ good handling, go for Fazer..!

      @krishna A unique problem indeed,Hmm..Try to look for any holes in the petrol tank and give to an expert mechanic in your area and keep it in his eyes and ask him to explain the solution..

      @Suresh JUst follow the above tips and then you're riding style decides the mileage..

      @Amit Just follow the above steps and do proper servicing

      @Prabhu Inside city FZ normally gives around 40km/l so your milleage is not bad..Ask ur mechanic to tune carburettor for more mileage..

      @Parus Under 70K means go for CBZ or APACHE RTR 160..

      @Ravi Thakur Your friend might be wrong..Pulsar 220 easily gives above 35km/l if maintained properly...

      @Afzal Best mileage means discover 100cc and mileage +Power means go for discover 125 ST..

      @Manav After first service it'll increase

      @Bhart Sharma Hi Bhart, If you maintain it properly you can get easily 40km/l but 45km/l is quite optimistic but possible in economic riding

      @Mohit follow what i said for Bhart..

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Deven Fz gives 40km/l at the max inside City..Just make sure you don't rip often and fill the tyres to proper pressure and the impact of choking for few mins at start refreshes your engine and its to be done only during cold start

      @Taran Its just a rumour at present..:)

      @Zafar I think your petrol is evoprating..CHeck for possible leaks or vents in your tank and make sure you close the lid properly..and check for proper tyre pressure

      @Anand Roy Tell me about ur bike details in detail

      @Neil Thanks bro..:) Regarding R15 v2.0 U'll get approximately up to 40km/l during first service period..Post first service U'll get near to 45 with proper maintanance and riding conditions..!

      @Paresh SOrry bro I'm not much in to this problem..Pls do as your mechanic tells..

      @maruthamani If there is stalling problem pls take it to your service center and regarding the limits drive at 50-55km/h up to 1000km for good mileage

      @Prashat Good news Prashat..Great mileage for a passion indeed..:)

    • mudabbir007 4 years ago

      I am buying honda shine very soon will it b best for mileage and low maintainence etc and smoothness in driving?most imp for me is the mileage plz roly soon

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 4 years ago from India

      @Premdeboss As you want good grip you can opt for Ceat/ Dunlop..Pirelli are also good ones but a bit pricey..Can cost you above 2K..If money is not a problem, then you can move on to Pirelli, Blind folded..

      @mudabbir007 Yeah Honda Shine is a good option with less maintenance and a decent mileage..But also check out the new discover 125ST..It has a decent economy of 63km/l and also a good performer..If you are confused between the two you can go and have a test drive and choose..But I would go for The discover 125ST...!!!

    • vipinviswan 4 years ago

      i wud lyk 2 buy a bike .i'm interested in pulsar 200ns,karizma zmr,fz.plz suggest a bike

    • paul-1911 4 years ago

      @ vipinviswan

      If u want to keep your bike for a long team say 10+ years then go for karizma and if u have enough money for regular maintenance and would replace it soon as become old then pulsar would be the best choice.

    • sandeep 4 years ago

      hi,im using CBZ extreme 2007 model,it was good got good mileage, but now am not getting mileage n getting black smoke dropped to lesss than 20km/liter,previously it was more than 40km/liter,

      one of mechanich told tht carburator problem,,what is your opinion?can i change my carburator or not?

    • paul-1911 4 years ago

      @ Sandeep

      Black smoke indicates excess fuel is burning therefore u r not getting mileage. and White smoke indicates engine oil burning. Don't change the carburetor. First get your air filter and carburettor cleaned and adjust. And then check your mileage. Also replace damage oil seals on carburettor, specially AFR screw o-ring for sure or buy a carburettor o-ring kit. Also inspect if there is any oil or air leaks right from the air filter to head inlet pipe. Get all these things done in service center. After cleaning air filter and carburettor your smoke should be stopped. If still not stop then change the carburettor.

    • bharani 4 years ago

      i had bought my new two wheeler honda shine . from the instance i had bought it the choke had been on and i did not notice the same . during neutral my bike engine was running with enormous sound. my friend noticed it and had switched it off. iam yet to calculate my first check reg mileage. will it give correct mileage now

    • Shailesh S. Raul 4 years ago

      I had bought a new bike in FEB 2012 Honda CB-Twister.How can i find the mileage & i m following ur steps which is above.That's y i only need a 250 RS petrol for per month . So help me about this model bike if u have sm thing IMP .

      TY H.N.D

    • Mohsin 4 years ago

      Hi Arjun

      I have CBZ extreme and i m using shell advance oil. And avoiding clutch and brake while giving race to bike inspite of that my bike is giving mileage 35kmpl only previously mileage was around 50kmpl. I use to check air pressure everytime. Please help in this situation

    • Prakash 3 years ago

      i have bajaj caliber 111.6 cc bike, its mileage 40k/m. how to increase its mileage?

    • Anush 3 years ago

      i bought new discovery 125st (24/01/2013). I have done my first service (22/02/2013). first i filled 12 liters and it finished after 450km. (today). it is very low mileage. what can i do??

    • Santanu 3 years ago

      I bought glamour pgm fi last month. I get 50 mileage till first service would I get more mileage now at least 60.

    • Akshay 3 years ago

      i have cbr 250 r ...any suggestion how to increase milege of bike?

    • tham 3 years ago

      how much km to use before 1st service in new 100cc bike plzzz help

    • Masthan 3 years ago

      Hi, Arjun,,,Best wishes.

      I purchased Hero Glamour 8 months back. I am aware of user manual, Air pressure in tyres, change of engine oil, air filter maintenance and on time servicing but still I am getting only 45 kmpl mileage. Is there any chance to increase the mileage. I heard that 55 kmpl is the minimum mileage for Glamour. Thank you.

    • prasanna 3 years ago

      i have hero passion pro 2013 model its a good bike and its giving a 60 in city and 65 in highway

    • Prem 3 years ago

      Can i use K&N filters to increase the mileage.

    • vj 3 years ago

      I have ignitor 125cc before 3rd service i got 62 kmp/l after 3rd service i got & i'm getting now only 50kmp/l i did n't know what problem occurs.i did n,t ride above 60kmp/h.whether i want tune the carburetor or other else.

    • Cruiser 3 years ago

      I own a Honda Stunner. Purchased it about 6 months ago. I have been getting mileage varying from 39 to 48. Trust me, I have perfect riding habits. I don't over-accelerate, maintain speed between 30-50 kmph. And talking about accessories, there's only the front crash guard. So no extra weight.

      The engine oil has been changes every two months (after every 500 kms). What could be the cause? It's quite depressing, after paying Rs. 68,000. A 125 cc engine should give more. My friend owns a 3 year older model of the same bike. Delivers him 60kmph + ! Kindly help.

    • Arihant 3 years ago

      Sir..i have hero impulse im getting milage of 25Km/L.

      I ride my bike rudely . B'cos shoroom guys said its off-road bike and theres no effect on this bike.

      I've increased flow of my slowjet by inserting thick wire in it. Hehe ;p

      piz reply...

    • paul-1911 3 years ago


      Man you are killing your engine. Don't listen to show room guys what they say, they don't know anything. Yes Impulse is off road bike, but that doesn't mean to ride rudely. Specially for first 1000 kms. If u have driven rudely for first 1000 kms then your bike block piston is must have worn and it should be smoking. Always read owners manual before riding. It will you lots of information. Its very important don't ignore.

      On the other hand, u did very wrong thing increasing the flow on slow jet. Pickup cant be increase by this way. Infact you have reduced your top-end. And your spark plug is fooling with carbon. And hence you will need early de-carb. If u want to increase acceleration u should have adjust the mixture to richer side. Or change the rear sprocket to 2+ teeth or more to increase acceleration but increasing 1 teeth on back will reduce top end by 2 kph. I would suggest u to change your slow jet its number is #35 and part number is 99103-KRM-035. And for your information your main jet is #135 with 99101-KZJ-1320 part number.

      To ask anything more, drop me an email at

    • Shelax Mac 3 years ago


      I have Honda Unicorn 2007 model. my bike's average to low about 40-45 km/l in city. few month ago it will about 55-58 km/l. i have checked bike to repairer and done engine tuning. still no difference. i heard that if bike speed under 30-35 constant it will increase mileage? is it true?

      my bike completed 79252 kms. please suggest me how to increase mileage to 50 to 55 km/l. thanks.

    • Sachin 3 years ago

      I am using a TVS Victor Gx Model, suddenly it has reduced its mileage from 60 to 30 per km, i am unaware why this sudden drop in mileage.

      Do i need to check the carborater, if the acrborater has a problem can you suggest me a place were it can be repaired. help me in reslolving this.

    • Karthik 3 years ago

      Am using cb unicorn, purchased in 1/4/2013 first I got 34 km milage I told to service center they make my milage into 48-50 .This cause any problem to my bike pleez help me....

    • mukesh 3 years ago

      I have old kawasaki bajaj caliber 2010 model. Now i am facing problem. After 10-12 KM bike is getting off. I use to taje help of choke

    • Sudarshan 3 years ago

      I have a karizma R series. It's a 2008 model and drive 30k on it.

      Earlier it used to give 44, Currntly it came down to 36.

      Also, even for short distance travel engine is getting heated up enormously and I can feel that heat from engine to pillion seat. Even tank is getting heated up.

      Even though u leave ur bike fr 1 hr, the heat is still there.

      Please suggest.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 3 years ago from India

      @all Sorry for the late arrival, Was so busy last month..Will reply for your queries within today or tomorrow :)

      Happy biking :)

    • Prasad 3 years ago

      Hi, I bought Discover 100 cc bike, second hand. the previous owner told it was giving 45 kmpl. After i bought it i did general service and started riding but i found out that it was giving more milage. when i checked the milage it is giving me 142 kmpl. I have since checked the milage four times thinking it is impossible and all four times i got the milage above 140 kmpl and the mechenic himself does not know how? and he says that there was something at production of the bike engine which is giving so much milage. is it possible like that.....

    • sundar 3 years ago

      i have a new hondaunicorn bike..... at wat speed should i ride for first 500kms...

      can i ride at 60km/hr?

    • Pradeep 3 years ago

      I have cbz xtreme 2010 model. it was giving a mileage of 48 - 50 kmpl at 60-70 kmph speed. 10 days ago I changed rear tyre, since then it is now giving 40- 44 kmpl at at regular speed of 60 - 70 kmph at highway.

    • Pradeep 3 years ago

      Is it possible that the probable cause is new tyre for less mileage?

    • Shailesh28 3 years ago

      I've bought pulsar 200NS and i wanna know that what's the exact rpm range and speed should i maintain for the best mileage on this dike specially.

      As u know it's got 6 gear,so what's the highest rpm should i attain for this bike because some people say that change the gear when u feel your engine wants to...and as i feel on comfirt riding with lesser vibrations by adopting...

      Gear Km/h

      1th 12

      2th 20

      3th 31

      4th 39 with 3500 rpm

      so is that ok or i should attain more or less for better performance in respect of mileage...please tell me.

    • Amogh Pendharkar 3 years ago

      iam planning to buy Pulsar 135 and company recommended mileage is 60-65 kmpl. Should i go for it or change the option???????

    • flemin 3 years ago

      i had my new pulsar 150cc 2013 model, am only getting 35-40 mileage. no harsh expecting a mileage of 50. plzzzzz help me....

    • sushant 3 years ago

      i have ride my HONDAAVIATOR with put on choke.

      is it create problem or any bad effect to engine?

    • Chandru MCS 3 years ago

      Hi I bought fazer in 2011. 2 yrs no prob by getting good mileage. Suddenly mileage gone down within month and now i am getting 25/litre.

      I gave for service also but no use.

      Any help would be appreciated.

    • Ram Chandra 3 years ago

      Hi. I have a FZ 16 which only gives around 18-20 km/pl. what should i do for better fuel efficiency apart from the basic riding skills uve already mentioned. will changing the carburetor help? its been suggested to me by a mechanic but im skeptic. need help. thanks.

    • ambuj shukla 3 years ago


      i brought 2nd hand discover 135 (Digital meter), and its not giving me good av.(nearly 40-45kmpl) , and very bad pickup in bike and top speed is also low. plzz tell me how to increase its performance. and its recommended engine oil. at below emailid

    • sahil singhal 3 years ago

      i have pulsar 200 ns ,.... it gives mileage of 30-33 km/L .... what should i do for better fuel efficiency ....

    • Vivek kahire 3 years ago

      hi sir, i have purchased 2nd hand FZ16, which is giving average of 25km/ltr, i am following all ur tips. but if i changed the rear tyre to 120 instead of 140 will the mileage increased? how much it will b? plz help

    • sridhar 3 years ago

      Hi Arjun,

      I have planned to buy honda shine. Iam expecting a mileage of 65 km/lit.

      Will it get this mileage. waiting for your comments

    • SUJEET KUMAR GODSE 3 years ago

      i have bajaj platina 125cc if i pour 100rs petrol then it is giving about 60 kmpl so please suggest me some tips

    • Deepak 3 years ago

      I have yamaha sz RR bike. kindly suggest me to incease the mileage. Now I am getting 45 km/L. but the bike is good looking.

      With Regards,


    • Arjun Joshi 3 years ago

      i have pulsar 180,

      today when my friend rode my bike, he gave high rpm while starting and then while riding he used the clutch while accelerating couple of times, later he was riding at high gears but very low rpm.

      all this was fr just 2 kms. would that harm my bike?

      please recommend

    • debarshi 3 years ago

      can an oil. cooler be fitted in a honda unicorn

    • Tarle subba 3 years ago

      Those who want more mileage at low cost with there 150 cc bikes just sell there bikes and use public tranportation like bus,trains.

    • keshav 3 years ago

      sir in suzuki gs150R how to shift to power mode to economy mode

    • Cedar Crest profile image

      Cedar Crest 3 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

    • abhinav 3 years ago

      is it advisable to ride a new bike in hills????at correct speed??/

    • santhosh kumar 3 years ago

      i have star city bike. even giving the bike for regular service as reccommeded. i cant able to get a good mile from by bike. can you give a tips for this same

    • Akshay 3 years ago

      i brought hero xtreme before a month

      it is givng me 46 kmpl

      kms are 278

      i ride at around 40-55 km/hr

      confused about the rpm

      tell me at wat rpm i should ride my bik

      n at wat rpm i should chang gear

      n is that milage is good at the startng day???? or i should improve my driving style????

      plz give me tips

    • sakthi balaji 3 years ago

      i have hero honda bike . i cant able to good mileage plz give me tips

    • azfar 3 years ago

      I have bought a Honda CBR150R 7 months ago and have done 3 service.but my bike is giving 27-28 kmpl. And it also makes lot of sound at higher rpm .and also please tell me what is correct speed rpm ratio to change gears.

    • ravi 3 years ago

      sir,what is the best mileage pulsar 220f and 200ns can give in city...?

    • prashanth 3 years ago

      I have bought a hero ignitor 1 months ago .i getting 40 kml

    • anandh 3 years ago

      why my dio scooter 110cc is vibration above 40km speed

    • Surendra 3 years ago

      i have pulsar 150 2012 model it gave me average 40 km/ ltr. can i increase average 45-50 km/ltr. and its sound is very rubbish pls suggest me solution for sound and average. my id is

    • Amit Kumar 3 years ago

      I have just purchased the New Avenger 220c, but i am confused about the myths the peoples talking about that i must ride it not more that 40km otherwise it will be bad for me and also for my bike. can you please tell me exactly that in what speed should i ride the bike and upto how many kilometers. my email id is coolboy_amit25 thanks a lot.

    • fahad 3 years ago

      i am having 2011 passion pro , my bike is delivering a mileage of 40-45 kmpl . my average speed limit is 50-60 , the bike is good at pick up ,and it has been 12000km . i am not satisfied with that mileage , pls give me tips for increasing the mileage .

    • sk mansoor 3 years ago

      hi iam having apache rtr160 it gives onlly 45km\ltr please suggest me some tips to increse mileage

    • anant 3 years ago

      i hav a honda stunner model 2009.its mileage is nt appreciable..its around 40 kmpl.suggest me a good engine oil and exact duration in kilometers to change oil.

    • bhargava 3 years ago

      I have got hero xtreme 2 weeks ago tell me at what speed should I maintain to increase milage .I usually maintain at 35 to 40

    • Dev 3 years ago

      Hi Arjun. I am gonna buy a new bike. Thinking of mileage and looks, i have shortlisted Bajaj Discover 125 ST (expecting 55+ kmpl in city) and Yamaha FZ16 (expecting 45 kmpl in city). The place i am staying is mix of plain and Hilly area. Please suggest me a bike w.r.t Mileage, Looks and Maintenance (including parts rates and availability) from the above and any other bike as per your expertise.

    • puneet 3 years ago

      hi have cd deluxe i purchased that 1year .6months before. til that6 time nw its giving 45 to 50 only wen i go gyarage all technicians will do oil changin carborator cleaning wall setting finaly adjusting milage setting in carboratoer rhats it .bt aftenly its not giving milage what can i do. if i want to change bike bt its new one i will be loss more so what can do

    • sai subrahmanyam 3 years ago

      I have FZ S 2010 model

      and i am suffering with 20-25 kmpl

      what can i do to increase mailage???

      Plz Give me best suggetion

    • sam 3 years ago

      i have rx135 ..and please tell me how to increase average of bike becoz it give very less avg

    • vinod 3 years ago

      hi i purchase yamaha YBR 110 CC bike but after 5th service mileage of bike decrease to 55Km/L. I try to adjust carburetor but by these it decrease to 45-50Km/L. wit these is i show bike in service center bu t it but they are unable to increase mileage of my bike Please guide me with Actual Photos.

      E-mail :-

    • gowtham 3 years ago

      i bought a pulsar 150 just 1 week ago its milage was 40 so any tips for me increase the milage

    • Dev 3 years ago

      @ sai subrahmanyam..... Hi, Did you tried Arun's Tips for increasing the bike mileage.. written at the beginning?

      Let us know your experience.

    • virendra sahu 3 years ago

      I have pulsar 180 but i"m confused in its milage.. pls suggest me how can checked its milage..?

    • Dhilip 3 years ago

      I have purchase new hero xtreme bike 2 nd service millage for 50. Now I change air filter for K&N but currently get in 30kml how to increase my millage

    • ishan mehta 3 years ago

      I just purchased a CBR 150r , wht is the best average that i can expect from it ?

      company told me 50, but I don't think so that it would give 50.

    • r sahil 3 years ago

      @ arjun, hunk, good bike but at higher rpms over 90+, joins the party, the bike is too unstble due to its curve weight,, so my verdict.... no, n @ ishan... the best milage is around 40 to 45 for cbr 150, at 50 to 60 kmpl, but cbr 150 at 45 kmpl, think about it,, so forget about mileage n enjoy face the music...

    • ishan mehta 3 years ago

      thanks sahil for replying, will try to maintain good average , one of my friend is getting a mileage of 50 .

    • r sahil 3 years ago

      ok gud, all the best, need help. always there for you..

    • sahil 3 years ago

      I purchased a bajaj discover 100 cc bike .the problem is that it give only 37 km\pr litr. plz suggest me how can i solve this problem.i checked the bike to machanic .he checked the petrol screw in bike .but this can not solve the problem...

    • faiaal 3 years ago

      Ride bicycle guys or go walking

      Don't cry for milage

    • shah 3 years ago

      i have activa 2009 model ,it is getting repaired two times engine problem, please help me in is ready for third time engine repair.whether it should be repaired or sold.please give me a answer.

    • Abhishek Ghosh 3 years ago

      i have a YAMAHA R15 V2 it gives me 25kmpl ..

      how can i increase this milage?? ..i am getting sick of it!

    • sai ....kumar 3 years ago

      Avenger.....can give more then 40milg pre lit .......plzzz hlp I am confuse to buy it or not.....

    • anirudh 3 years ago

      When do i change gears on my Honda CBR 150R for maximum performance? Please reply in terms of RPM and Speed.


    • tomson 3 years ago

      i have owned a pulsar 135 , i got mileage 50 km#ltr how to get the mileage of 65 ltr its auto accelerating after the startup please gave me solution

    • r sahil 3 years ago

      @anirudh the first gear is meant only to move ur bike from its steady position , then after it gain momentum shift to 2nd gear, at 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm 3rd gear then at 4000 rpm 4th after accelerating to 40 to 60 kmpl shift it to 5th gear, n enjoyur ride

    • sree 3 years ago

      hi i own pulsar 220 everything is good with that but i experience very hard gears i cant change the gears smoothly so how should i fix this problkem

    • RETHEESH.J 3 years ago

      I have hero honda passion pro bike, and i am getting 40 to 45 mileage only when i travelling with my friend.

      Please give me some tips to improve the mileage.

    • ravindraparcha 3 years ago

      Good evening Sir,

      This is Ravindra, I am the owner of yamaha FZS. I am getting average of38km/liter. I would like to improve mileage. I have followed most of the above mentioned tips. Do I need to care some more point? Please advise me

    • hassan sayyed profile image

      hassan sayyed 3 years ago

      hi Arjuncool...


      thank you for creating such a helpful post here...i just found this website n there is a lot of helpful information.. i appreciate ur efforts brother :)

      i had a question too

      plz help me out

      actually am not at all experienced in bikes n mileage related problems

      i just bot a bajaj avenger 180cc 2006 model self start

      n its my very first bike

      after buying this bike i did a full servicing including engine oil n everything required (but he couldn't change the air filter as the box was jammed)

      my tires r good n Alhamdulillah bike runs very smoothly

      but am getting a very poor mileage of (17 km per liter) i just checked for the first time

      what should i do to increase my mileage?

      plz help me out brother

      will be most appreciated

      jazakallah khair

    • Ashwin 3 years ago

      I have a 110cc Honda cb twister, all of a sudden each day when I start the engine in the morning to just throttle it gives out dark smoke, while running i'm not sure if smoke comes and next my spark plug was filled with black coating . The Mechanic simply keeps charging me alot and a day after the service I changed the spark plug. Even my engine seems to be blocking a lot. Finding it hard to get a good pick up. And above all my mileage has dropped from 60-70kmpl to 30-40kmpl And now the mechanic says I have problem in my Bore andd it has to worked on and costs 6grand. What do I do. Thanks in advance

    • ritesh 3 years ago

      i have hero pleasure, it gives me a mileage of 35kmpl but it should giving me a mileage of 40-45 kmpl. how do i increse my mileage? according to me...i drive very efficiently

    • Philip 3 years ago

      My pulsar 150 2012 model gives only 40kmpl..can u pls help me out!

    • Gopal 3 years ago

      you can also try GIRIRAJ H2O Kit by using this product you get 20% to 30% more mileage. For more details you can also visit web page of GIRIRAJ.

    • ritesh 3 years ago

      i have a hero pleasure, when daily for first time i start it and throttle for sometime it doesn't go forward, and suddenly it goes forward.

    • Sikhom 2 years ago

      im a student n im planning to take a pulsar 220 but my friendz said itz mileage is poor. gives about 25kmpl in city..some friendz suggested karizma zmr(which is quite costly)...i need a bike having a mileage around 38-45 in city and having awsme lookz , performance and the main fact -less maintnnce for long term use..plz sggst me, dose who hav xperiencd the pros and cons of the bikes..sggst me in my email herez my e-mail

    • sarath 2 years ago

      i want to purchase a new bike can u plz suggest me which bike is better for me in below 150cc bike

    • sarath 2 years ago

      i want to purchase a new bike can u plz suggest me which bike is better for me in below 150cc bike my email id is

    • MOHAMED 2 years ago

      how to increase the pick up in hero passion pro (purchased before 3 mnths, kms running: 1700)

    • Sathi 2 years ago

      Hi Sir , i am using Honda Stunner , its giving decent mileage 55-58 in Bangalore city , but the Pick up is very low ,i drived my friend's Stunner its having awesome pickup but he say's no mileage .please suggest .

    • Run in period 2 years ago

      Hi I have just purchased a new Pulsar 180 ug4 and this is just brand new done 400 km. My question is that for a new bike is it good to ride at 5 gear at a speed of 40? As I don't ride beyond that and also leaving the bike with choke everyday for 15 sec.

    • ashish vhatkar 2 years ago

      I have cbz xtreme 2011 and get mileage of 65 kmpl. Its affordable bike.

    • prashant 2 years ago

      Hi Arjun

      I own a hero extreme bike which i have purchased Oct 2013. Initially my bike gave me superb average of 54-55 kmpl till second servicing but after that it average started to reduce and now i am getting somewhat near 42-44 kmpl. I have maintained Shell petrol throughout please guide me so that i could increase the mileage. Also I would like to mention that I drive at speed of max 60.

    • Urvaksh 2 years ago

      Sir i have pulsar 220F new buyed yesterday. Plz tell me how to increase mileage and at what speed or RPM i should change gear.

    • chandru 2 years ago

      i have SZ-RR 2014 model after 1 st service i am getting 40 kmpl in bangalore traffic.

      My office road is always have huge traffic most of the time i will be 2nd or 3rd gear. i am getting 40 kmpl

      If i go somewhere out say majestic i am getting 46 kmpl

      i am getting decent milage or still milage can increase

    • chandru 2 years ago

      i have SZ-RR 2014 model after 1 st service i am getting 40 kmpl in bangalore traffic.

      My office road is always having huge traffic most of the time i will be in 2nd or 3rd gear. i am getting 40 kmpl

      If i go somewhere out say majestic i am getting 46 kmpl

      i am getting decent milage or still milage can increase

    • Cyan Suman 2 years ago

      I want to upgrade my HH Hunk with a bigger Drive sprocket... Will 38T sprocket fit in Hunk??? And will that affect the mileage???

    • nikhil 2 years ago

      I am planning to buy a 150cc bike.I have to ride in city approx. 5Kms daily.I can hardly use 5th gears.should I go for Honda cb unicorn or some other bike.please help.I have hard earned money and can't afford bad investment.

    • arun lama 2 years ago

      I have purchase new bajaj pulsar 135 on date 25/12/10 and i got the good mileage. Mileage after 3 years i got 50 km/ltr mileage in bhopal road.If any question u ask me in my

    • Amal 2 years ago

      Hello Arjun,

      I had bought Hero Xtreme DDS 4months back. It has completed 1st service and has run about 1800kms still the mileage is fluctuating between 66(highway mileage) and 25km/litre(city)...(Most of the time it gives only 35-40)

      Is there any way that I can make this at least 45??

      I shift all the gears at 4000-5000rpm

      Pls suggest proper rpms for gearshift too...

    • abhijeet 2 years ago

      My bike dream yuga is giving an average mileage of 40kmpl how to increase the mileage above 50

    • Anand 2 years ago

      tell tips to increase mileage of 65km/ltr for honda unicorn 2014 model

    • Anand Kumar 2 years ago

      tell tips to increase mileage of 65km/ltr for honda unicorn 2014 model and mail me

    • john peter 2 years ago

      hey...i want to buy karizma r ..but i am afraid of mileage ..ican buy it r i should switch over to other bikes ...pls tel me

    • Surojit 2 years ago

      Sir i buyed a Hero glamour 4 weeks ago..Its is giving 32 km milage..I think that it is very less so what should i do now??!!

      Suggest me plz

    • pranjit 2 years ago

      i have an avenger 220 it gives 35- 39 milage . how to incressse it.

    • chethan 2 years ago

      Good tips boss

    • rupesh I 2 years ago

      I have purchased tvs apache rtr 160 new model yesterday, all my friend have suggested me to maintain speed of 30-35kmph for first 2000kms to obtain better mileage later ... is it fine to do so... can u pls advice me how shall I maintain my bike mileage in its early days as this is my 1st bike and I dnt knw much abt bikes.... pls advice...

      My mail id is

      Thank u....

    • Naman 2 years ago k&n filters will be helpful for increase mileage??

    • waseem........ 2 years ago

      Hello dear bro....

      Regarding mileage increase for yamaha rx 100....

      Thanks in advance...

    • ratnakar 23 months ago

      ride the bike in economical speed as per given in the speedometer.

    • saurabh 23 months ago

      i have pulsar 150 cc 2007 model earler its give 50 kmpl now it gives only 30 kmpl . it is kept in my house from four year . no body drive it from 4 year . now i m using it give only 39 kmpl . can u help me to increase milage

    • 23 months ago

      I have hero glamour 5400km. I mean getting low milage of 30-40km/l. earlier I use to get 58km/l. l.. please give me some advice and solutions

    • Raj 22 months ago

      I m going to buy ktm duke 200. I love dis bike but my frnds said it will nt give me mileage over 25 but i want 40-50. What should i do? Suggest me some tips to get more mileage.

    • lycan 22 months ago

      How do i change my bikes sound without using proton or power filter without effecting my bike

    • mohan 21 months ago

      I bought a mahindra centuro 6months ago but till now it hasn't given mileage more than 30 . What should I do to increase mileage

    • shantanu 21 months ago

      Hi sir,

      I hv bought a pulsar 150, 2005 model.

      Its engine has been overhauled from service centre but m getting fuel economy of 25 kmpl only.

      One mechanic suggested me to get the carburator changed.

      Please suggest me the reason for so less fuel economy n also advice solution for this.

      My driving habbits are quite similar to as suggested by you.


    • Arun Jaypal 20 months ago

      Unicorn and Hunk among these which one is the best.

      Saurabhav and Shantanu please share your problems on pulsar mechanics Facebook page soon you will get replied.

    • Prakash 20 months ago

      When I ride in highway if I use clutch to free the engine from higher ground to lower ground (When going through a flyover), then can this technique save fuel a little bit?

    • Kaushik 20 months ago

      Maximum (in town & Highway) How much mileage I can get from Suzuki Gixxer 155cc

    • ujwal 18 months ago

      I m having gixxer ....its giving very low milage .....abt 35km/l .....any tip 2 increase it??????

    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 18 months ago from India

      Hi ujwal has your gixxer completed its first service?

    • shanky 18 months ago

      what is mileage of pulsar sweet 180 before 1st service

    • boben 18 months ago

      Hi arjun my rc 200 give only 30 mileage

      Please give me some suggestions to improve mileage

    • Manvendra 17 months ago

      how can i set the ideal race by the setting

    • biswa 16 months ago

      Sir i am confusing between to buy hero hunk or a discover 125M.

    • vicky 16 months ago

      @arjuncool I have apache rtr180 I gave my bike a lot maintainance change my oil every 2000kms but lastly I used valvoline oil and still ran only 1400 kms till now and now my bike is giving me milage of 22 help me plz advice me best oil for making my milage upto atlest 35+

    • SIVA 16 months ago

      I have Yamaha sz_r. It gives only 30 to 35 km per liter. Please help me to improve milage more than 45 - 50 km

    • KD 15 months ago

      Yesterday only i bought my pulser 150 AS and i want to know how to change the gear and get the better mileage

    • harry 15 months ago


      I have purchased hero karizma r version 2.0. After 1 month my bike average is 25kmpl.please tell me how to increased the average and how to shift the gears in how much rpm.please

    • Krishna 15 months ago

      I purchase new star city plus, but it give starting problem at all time when I try to start it, and acceleration is also not work suddenly when riding.

      plz help me

    • Prashanth 15 months ago

      hi, my bike sz r is given 35-40 kmpl .how to increes my mileage..

    • shashank naik 14 months ago

      Sir, I have pulsar 150 cc 2006 model, recently changed both tyres and also silencer (dolki) to get good mileage but still i get only 20 km/litre. will you please guide to recognize me the fault after servicing.

    • kashif 14 months ago

      i have hero honda splendor of 2003 model, it gives only 30kmpl plz give suggestion to inrease the mileage

    • Madhusudhan 14 months ago

      Hi Arjun sir.... i am planning to buy new bike i need good looking n good mileage around 40-45 i like yamaha "R15s" my height 5.4 is it ok for me n daily rides (not for long distance below 40klm), i am living in village n my near city distance is 8klm only n in the city there is no signals that's small city is it ok for me... r15s.

    • Vivek 13 months ago

      How to increase the power of first hero honda passion

    • suresh 13 months ago

      Sir how to increase the mileage of 2002 model hero honda passion i got only 35KM/l

    • Md Abdullah 12 months ago

      Sir. I purchased bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi on December 2015. Salesman told me before service it will give around 30 kmpl mileage. And I was getting around 34Kmpl. So my question is that ..when my bike mileage will improve?. Will it improve afrer service... or service doesn't matter. What is the top mileages of my bike im both way cities and in highway. And how to increase mileages. Iam riding bike at 50-60kmph on 4th gear. What speed o i have to follow to shift every gear. Please help me.

    • mdabd4 11 months ago

      Sir. I purchased bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi on December 2015. Salesman told me before service it will give around 30 kmpl mileage. And I was getting around 34Kmpl. So my question is that ..when my bike mileage will improve?. Will it improve afrer service... or service doesn't matter. What is the top mileages of my bike im both way cities and in highway. And how to increase mileages. Iam riding bike at 50-60kmph on 4th gear. What speed do i have to follow to shift every gear. Please help me what engine oil would be best for my bike.

    • Anil 11 months ago

      My pulsar 150 in the morning cold start the rpm was 4200 in the speed of 50kmph but after that the whole day it was 4000 in the same speed 50kmph ,what is the reason for this....

    • sarath 10 months ago


      I take second hand bike 2014 model discover 100m .2days before I check mileage just60km only n.h road .fill tyer air ,change oil,speed 40 to 50 maximum low gear change but then also 60mileage claim 84km mileage.pls help me .used Kerala road 8281451039

    • sachin 10 months ago

      I have a Rtr 160 2012 mod bike I wanna increase its mileage how speed could go to get a good mileage pls help ,which air is good nitrogen or the normal for Gud milege

    • Manjunath manju 9 months ago

      Sir, I have 180cc Pulsar, before 1st Service I was getting 45Kmpl and after 1st and 2nd services now my bike gives 40Kmpl but I follow all the tips and good maintenance.. and I rides on average speed of 50 to 60.. So I want to increase my bike mileage.. So can you suggest me an better idea.... waiting for your reply...

    • Manjunath manju 9 months ago

      Sir, I have 180cc Pulsar, before 1st service I was getting 45Kmpl. but now after 1st and 2nd services my bike gives 40Kmpl..As thos I follow all the tips and maintenance.. and I ride my bike at a speed of 50 to 60 at required RPM and gear shifting. So now I want to increase my bike mileage, can you suggest me better idea... waiting for your reply.

    • dhaval 9 months ago

      hi arjun sir,

      i purchased hero splendor pro this month only April 2016 for my daily commuting purpose. and i heard that splendor pro 100cc bike is giving good mileage as per user review but in my bike splendor pro is giving me only 50km/ltr. so when my mileage will increase even dealer told me that splendor pro will give you 60km mileage but still i am getting 50km/ltr.

    • Jai Shankar 9 months ago

      I have yamaha szr bike, at the early days my bike used to give 35-40 ml, after a few changes it started giving 97 on highways and 74 in traffic

    • rakshith 9 months ago

      hello sir.

      i bought pulsar 180 one month back and am getting only 33 kmpl...plz giv suggestion

    • Ulaganathan 8 months ago

      i have used hero honda glamour how to mileage increase 9952520455 or

    • Vallabh... 8 months ago

      Sir, can you please tell me the fuel economy of BAJAJ PULSAR RS200?

      I am going to buy it so i need to know the fuel economy...

      And shall I buy it or not?

    • Aman 8 months ago

      Hi! I own a centuro is serviced 2 times but it still stops coz of engine shutdowns when decreasing speed alittle bit and on brakers. Please help. Also how can i increase it's power.

    • naveen pulsar 8 months ago

      I hav taken a old model pulsar 150 i liked that byke but while starting my byke petrol smell is coming for what purpose that petrol smell wil com

    • Shivraj Kamatgi 8 months ago

      I purchased a Honda Hornet 160R 2 months back. I did ride below 40km/hr before the first servicing. But after that I have noticed a sudden drop in the mileage. What should I do????

    • prabu 7 months ago

      Hi I am having fz16 it gives milage between 27to31 ..I bought it 1mnth before .how can I improve the milage is there any chance to prblm in bike are riding style help me pls

    • ajay 7 months ago

      Which average pulsar 220F???

    • Ramshid ali 7 months ago

      I am using Honda unicon 150 at 2 years.... I have in several problems pls help me


      1)milage shot

      2)shich off in riding time

      I clean the carborator and change the plug but not solve that problems what i do?pls help me..

      My ph:9544334756

    • sanay 6 months ago

      my bike is apache 150 and it is giving up millaege of 28 only and give one suggestion to give 60 of millaege

    • mano 6 months ago

      sir i had bought cb twister bike... moreover i will ride it in 75-80 km speed.. how much milege will it give?

    • Yaseen 6 months ago

      How to increase milage of honda stunner cbf ....? Can u help me

    • Bala chennai 6 months ago

      My Honda unicorn 160 bike getting over heat. This is only 10 kmrs. how to reduce this heat problem? Bike 2015 model(1 year 7 months only).

      Plz answer anyone?

    • Pmaha 5 months ago

      First of all, I appreciate your effort to answer those long lasting questions!

      I own CB unicorn 150(2 yrs old) done 50,000 km till now.

      Honda recommends 10W30, so was looking for MOTUL 3100/5100 10W30 SS or similar but couldn't find one with this grade locally. So shifted to ELF MOTO4 ROAD 10W40 SS oil.

      I would like to know which oil suits best for my bike:

      1) FS or SS / which grade 10W30 or 10W40?

      2) Any brand you recommend? Shell AX7, Servo, ELF, MOTUL.

      3) What is oil change interval?

      I am getting 66-67 kmpl highway+city now. I want to retain same mileage with more smoothness, engine life.

    • akash 5 months ago

      i have new gixxer sf. just 2 mnths old/ i feel the acceleration is not as good as it was previously. one service has been done. 2600 kms run/ I tried to get a mileage of 45 kmpl at a avg speed 45-50 km/hr. Company claims a mileage of 50-55 kmpl . Tell me the ideal speed and rpm for gear shifting as well.

    • saif 5 months ago

      I have fazer 153cc militry green

      I want increase my top speed

      So what can i do

    • @Soumya 5 months ago

      Dear sir. I have purchased hero super splendor in October 2015.i regularly service my bike on time. But I am getting millage only 42 km/l in city and 50km/l in highway. I complained regularly in the service centre but no change happain. How should I increase the millage of my bike?????!

      Sir I have to drive 80-90 kms regularly because I am a medical representative. So is super splendor is the perfect choice for my profession or should I go for another one???????~~

    • amith sohn s.s 5 months ago

      I have a 2005 model crux. I got between 45 and 50 still i am getting a millage of less than 42kmpl. Help!!!!!

    • Dilan 5 months ago

      Indian bikes have a lot of technical errors. Discover 135 was the best bike, but they dont product that bike.

    • Akhil 5 months ago

      I got a dio the technicians told that do not go above 40km/hr until first service .. my question is this. after 750 km can I go in any speed above 40??

    • DINESH SHARMA 4 months ago

      my new hero splendor plus is giving 53 km/l. is it ok. ist service has been done byy service centre

    • Ishan Ray 4 months ago

      Can anyone tell me the millage of honda CB hornet? I am planning to buy it but my friend getting millage 38 kmpl only. so I am confused.

    • Albert Cs 4 months ago

      I have have an yamaha szr. Now it is 4 years old performing good...but it's mileage is only up to 30 km......what should I do. ....Please find me a solution. .............

    • Divyanshu 4 months ago

      sir i have owned hero glamour fi about 6 Month ago and it giving 75 To 80 In in only rider in city and in market I got About 67 To 75 Is it good Today my bike run about 21000 Kms but my problem is that i am confused in choosing engione oil first i used vedol 10w30 company specis 2nd i used Vedol 20w40 and castrol 20w 40 But know i am using Elf moto4 rodastar synthetic 10w40 Is it good for my bike from those three plz reply

    • senthil 4 months ago

      hi..i have owned tvs phoenix new 2015 model...mileage is around 50km how to increase mileage plz reply friend..

    • Vivek Sharma 4 months ago

      Can u please suggest the gear vs speed ration for hero igniter 125 CC

    • ravi kaushal 4 months ago

      my bike top speed is not more then 100 why..

      bike fz 16

      please help should i increase my speed...

    • Mani singh 4 months ago

      i have pulsar 135 and i have problem with its RPM, sometimes it goes on increasing without accelerating it.

    • ravi prakash dahiya 4 months ago

      i have pulsar 150 and my prbl to mileage on my bike around 33 km pr latter plz solve my problem and bajaj change ring vol on engine but average is not be increasing plz help me ....?

    • ravi prakash dahiya 4 months ago

      i have pulsar 150 and my prbl to mileage on my bike around 33 km pr latter plz solve my problem and bajaj change ring vol on engine but average is not be increasing plz help me ....?

    • shreyas 3 months ago

      Hey arjun I have r15 v2 which is 2 month old

      I am planning install K&N filter.. Some say we will get increase in mileage and reviews tell they decrease the mileage! Wch one is true?

      And in case if I install how to maintain ggood mileage around 45km/l like before

    • gautam 3 months ago

      hello arjun.

      I have bajaj pulsar 180. I ride smoothly in town and don't accelerate it too was giving 50 -55 km/litre

      but ,Now a day my bike is giving 25 km/litre having been correct tyre pressure.I serviced it last month at the authorised service centre.My bike is one-year-old.

      Is there any carburetor problem?

    • Tosif Abbasi 3 months ago


      I have TVS star city plus 110 CC. I have bought this bike 2 months back.

      I am getting 37/Ltr mileage.

      I am really worried about the same.

      Have my 1st Service. but its same.

      Kindly pls suggest me best answer.

    • Romio Paul 3 months ago

      I have KTM Duke 200, does it require that the bike should ride at a speed of 40 to 45 kmph? If I ride it at AVG 30 speed does it affects its radiator??? Plz answer.

    • anil 3 months ago

      My pulsar 220 giving 25-30 milege.....i.want to more milege plz help me

    • Rohan 2 months ago

      I have GS150r bike and it gives me the mileage of 30km/lt ..please tell me how i increase the mileage

    • Prax 2 months ago

      If you have a 1000cc or 600cc bike how to increase the mileage....

    • Raju 2 months ago

      I have using Honda shine 2012 model vehicle milease up to 47km/liter, how to increase milease please reply to answer

    • manish 2 months ago

      I use suzuki gs 150 r bike it gives only 30kmpl mileage. Please give me a solution to increase mileage.

    • ANKIT RANGA 2 months ago


    • PREMANAND.R 2 months ago


      Anyone kindly give me the good ideas or suggestion i have pulsar 150 cc 2008 model its giving only around 35 kms only. So, please share me the valuable feedbacks to increase the mileage???

    • Premanand 2 months ago

      Kindly share me the valuable feedback or suggestion to increase the mileage of my bike pulsar 150 cc 2008 model

    • Premanand 2 months ago

      Kindly share me the valuable feedback or suggestion to increase the mileage of my bike pulsar 150 cc 2008 model

    • Premanand 2 months ago

      Kindly share me the feedback or suggestion to increase my bike mileage pulsar 150 cc 2008 model

    • Daniel Selvin profile image

      Daniel Selvin 7 weeks ago

      I bought 110cc Honda Livo two Months giving only 45-50 mileage....service honda peoples saying after 3000kms only bike will gives good mileage....i cannt to understand why the mileage Bike giving worst Milage.. ..any of u having Honda Livo

    • sanjeev subba,siliguri 5 weeks ago

      thank you for sujjesstion

    • DIPANKAR NANDI 5 weeks ago


    • paul 4 weeks ago

      I am having passion pro 2013 model but its giving only 38 km milage but the carpurator and air filters are gd

    • Naren 3 weeks ago

      i am using suzuki gixxer 155 bike. before 3rd service am getting 45+ /litr mileage in city.

      after 3rd service am getting only 30-34 /litr in city.

      am complaint to nearest suzuki showroom. He is telling clean your bike carburetor in showroom. am handover the bike to showroom. after am getting bike i check two times, bike giving only 28-30/litr.

      what i will do? why these kind of problem facing in my bike?

      please clear my problem

    • sai 5 days ago

      Hi I m using Karizma r 2013 model..i m getting mielage of 33kmpl overall highway and city if we drive normally ..and if we drive rashly it giving mielage of 22-24kmpl overall..when we are driving normally when the bike is around 50-60 when we put topgear the bike is getting very much chain sound and so chain spocket getting damaged v.soon and if we don't put top gear at 55 speed in 4th gear only it crossing 4rpm and getting vibration and mielage getting has total of 10rpm at 55speed I m not able to go at 4th or 5th gear..if we put 5th gear rpm again reducing to 3rpm with big chain please help me to increase my bike mielage

    • Dhirendra 2 days ago

      Sir I have TVs sports , my bike vibrates to much after 55km/hr.

      My machine change the Clutch plates but problem still same. So tell me what to do.

    • prasanth 2 days ago

      Hi sir,i am having tvs sport which is 99.9cc cvti engine which is 2009 make.It was bought by my father.At the new my father told me that it. Will give mileage up to 95to96 at the present of company service.3year back i started to use it.then even now the engine is good working but i am a rash drive i got it max speed of 105 to 108 in that rage.after that my silencer got damaged automatically then it will slot and lives fire flame when i suddenly drop the rpm by down gears and brakes..some time it will shot i bought rc390(ktm) .i am suffering from mileage issue.than i wield the silence but till now i get the shot of fire in gives milage of 25 to 30 km milage.please help me . I need to make it as back.pls suggest me any idea sir

      Thanking you

    • prasanth 2 days ago

      Hi sir,i am having tvs sport which is 99.9cc cvti engine which is 2009 make.It was bought by my father.At the new my father told me that it. Will give mileage up to 95to96 at the present of company service.3year back i started to use it.then even now the engine is good working but i am a rash drive i got it max speed of 105 to 108 in that rage.after that my silencer got damaged automatically then it will slot and lives fire flame when i suddenly drop the rpm by down gears and brakes..some time it will shot i bought rc390(ktm) .i am suffering from mileage issue.than i wield the silence but till now i get the shot of fire in gives milage of 25 to 30 km milage.please help me . I need to make it as back.pls suggest me any idea sir

      Thanking you

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