3 Reasons Why You Should Buy the 2012 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

Updated on February 10, 2015

2012 Thunderbird 350

The Thunderbird 350 that was launched in August of 2012 was the best Indian-made cruiser bike on the road at that time and it arguably still is today. Along with awesome angel eyes and a projector lamp that was new to the Royal Enfield family, this bike also came with a teardrop-shaped 20 liter fuel tank, front and back disc brakes which increased braking power and gave extraordinary handling, a thicker and stronger fork, a good-looking analog and digital meters with backlit display. In addition, it was much more comfortable for the rider overall. The front footrests, along with the brakes and gear lever, have been shifted a little bit forward. The front rider's seat height has been reduced a bit and the split seats make it easy to use as a stunning single-seater cruiser bike.

1. The Stunning Looks of the 2012

  • The front and rear lamps: The addition of projector lamp and angel eyes brought a completely new face to the Indian cruiser bikes. From afar, it has a very masculine and stylish look. The tail lamp consists of five vertically placed LED bulbs and the combination of the front and tail lamp gives it an extraordinary look.
  • Teardrop-shaped fuel tank: Unlike the fuel tank of the previous edition, the 2012 edition came with a teardrop shape and the placement of the fuel tank lid cover was shifted to the top right corner so that even when the bike is kept in its side stand, the tank can be filled completely. Its 3D texture is quite elegant.
  • Paint: The first thing you notice is engine colour which is black with a touch of chrome to it. This Thunderbird 350 comes in Flicker Black, Twilight Black, and Stone Matte colours.
  • Seats: The split seats and the reduced height of the rider seat provides a great improvement in comfort, looks, and options for double or single-seating. The size of the backrest has also been reduced.

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2. Unmatchable Riding Comfort

  • New suspension: The telescopic 41 mm front fork with 130mm travel and twin gas-charged shock absorbers with 5-step adjustable preload and 80 mm travel provides more comfort and strength.
  • New seating: Front rider seat height has been lowered, providing much more comfort for the driver, especially for long distance travels. The split seats give better comfort for both riders. As usual, this model also has a back rest, providing comfort for the passenger.
  • Forward shifted front footrest: The front footrest has been shifted forward, improving the sitting posture and making the ride more comfortable for long trips.
  • Improved braking: The new version of the Thunderbird 350 has rear disc breaks which improve the breaking and handling, allowing the driver to feel more confident in the machine.

3. Engine Performance and Mileage

The RE Thunderbird 350 has the same engine as that of the RE Classic 350. The 346cc UCE twin spark air-cooled engine provides 19.8 bhp power at 5250 rpm and 28 nm of torque at 4000 rpm. This engine has a 5 speed manual gear box and a carburetor instead of fuel injection.

Engine Specifications for 2012 Thunderbird 350

Single cylinder, 4 stroke, twinspark, air cooled
Type Displacement
Bore X Stroke
70 mm X 90 mm
Compression Ratio
Maximum Power
19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
Maximum Torque
28Nm @ 4000 rpm
Ignition System
Transistorized Coil Ignition (TCI)
Wet, multi-plate
5 Speed Constant Mesh
Wet sump
Engine Oil
15 W 50 API, SL Grade JASO MA
Fuel Supply
Air Cleaner
Paper Element
Engine Start


With these specifications, look, and comfort, the 2012 model is a good option for those who love long distance rides as well as short trips. The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is worth its price that is 136000 Indian rupees (Kochi on-road price).


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    • profile image

      sumit anand 21 months ago

      i own this bike....i must admit when i ride on it the feeling is pure awsome,dont worry abt the mileage,it range from 30-40, which is very decent for such enegine. Though there are some minor issues but it is not going to hamper the ride quality. Like the fuel level indicator is ambigous but one should not worry abt this as one should topup as soon as fuel reaches reserve. Change your tyres with tubeless one as it has disc brakes so few will be ready to repair the puncture.With the tubelesss tyre one can repair puncture himself. Get ur bird serviced regularly and enjoy the ride.

    • profile image

      Harry 2 years ago

      I have been riding my TB350 since last 10 months and i have already completed 17000 kms on it. It gave an average of 40-42 kmpl. Before buying the bike, i too have read a lot of negative comments about this bike and i was in doubt if i should buy it or not. But there is no such thing. M really enjoying this bike n happy with my decision.Just treat your bike well and it will never let you down.

    • profile image

      Dhiraj Rai sikkim 3 years ago

      i own this bike..superb bike ..handling comfort digital analog combo instrument panel projector headlamp led tail light big front teleacopic suspensions rear disc brake....so many features..i really wonder what would have its price ifbits not made in india....the price would have been definitely more than 6/7 lacks for sure .....

    • profile image

      haston menezes 3 years ago

      I have booked tb 350 twinspark engine wat is d exact average of it

    • profile image

      Manjunath 3 years ago

      I booked thunderbird 350 cc i don't know what is diffrence between thunderbird & classic

    • profile image

      Dhruva 3 years ago

      Facing the same prob,if ur rifding 60 -80 it gives about 40 kmpl but getting between 25-30 otherwise,really let down...

    • profile image

      Ankit 3 years ago

      Booked TB350, i have always been fascinated by bikes however my parents were always against buying bike. Thus, have been drving cars. Now, with gods grace i hav booked it since it was my dream to buy a TB.

      I just googled about tb350 n found many issues with it. The common problem i got to read was oil leakage in first day itself just below engine. Cluth problems etc . This has really made me sad n i m just relating myself into shoes of people facing the problems with a day old new tb. I hav really worked hard to pursue n buy my dream of buying Tb350.

      My only query remains- wat is the maintenance cost of it? I don't care about FE, i just don't want the bike to face any problems in sych early stage.

      Plz help

      Happy New Year to All


      Plz if you could mail ur feedback, shall b of great help.



    • profile image

      Akshay Kale 3 years ago

      @Nikhil is absolutely correct.. 25-27 in city and 33-35 on highways!

    • profile image

      Nikhil zanzane 3 years ago

      It's original mileage is 27 Kmpl On Ciry Roads & 34 on The Highway Guyz ....

    • profile image

      Vivek Suhasaria 3 years ago

      Hi, My name is Vivek and i am from Thane near Mumbai.

      And i have recently booked Thunderbird 350...I am confused kver its mailege as different people have different view's and different experience, can anyone say what's tge mileage of 350 thunder ird??

    • profile image

      Prashant 3 years ago

      I have just bought TB350 stone Matt Dark Black color. It has new logo on fuelTank and it's looks fabulous, it has great riding comfort and unmatched handling. About mileage if you needs good mileage buy an 100CC bike not d "Royal Enfield". Think big to buy Royal Things :-) around 40 is fare enough. Buy thunderbird Matt color it's nice and now available in 350 too.

    • profile image

      Mr.Anonymous 3 years ago

      Thunderbird 350 Marine is a greatchoice but some say mileage is about 40-50km and few says 60km ,So wats the real mileage

    • profile image

      sachin bhati 3 years ago

      I want to buy thunderbird 350. But I m confused. Between thunderbird and Electra. Plz tell me. Which. One is good. And which bike have good mileage , performance, and low maintenance. Plz. Tell me. My cont num is.

      7827780078. I m. Frm. Greater noida

    • profile image

      Rahul trivedi 3 years ago

      I want to buy thunder bird 350 cc but i m so confused in average of it can anyone tell me what is the exat average of it. I also want to know if i want to manage the average between 35 to 40 . Plz discribe me abot this in detail.

    • profile image

      satish kumar 4 years ago

      My bike thunderbird twilight 350cc gives mileage less than 30 km.can any one tell me vat should I do to improve bike mileage.

    • profile image

      prateek 4 years ago

      if both have same engines, yo do they have different mileage??

    • profile image

      Buddy 4 years ago

      All new Tb now at pearl blue color

    • profile image

      stephen saldanha 4 years ago

      I have thunderbird 350 and it is very good but for un is in goa the service is very bad as i'v done two first but I'm not happy about the way they go about with the kids doing the work there .

    • profile image

      Gurdeep Singh 4 years ago

      I would suggest that colour of this bike should be pearl blue just like Samsung s3.

      It would look amazing

    • profile image

      Vallabh, Pune 4 years ago

      I am using new TB 350 and total average given to me as per following driving condition:

      1. Total Average in kms 44 plus on highway.

      2. Driving Speed Minimum 60 kms up to 80 kms per hour

      3. Fuel Refilling only on Shell Petrol Pump.

    • profile image

      Saurabh 4 years ago

      Thunderbird 350cc (previous UCE model) gives FE 35kmpl/ltr in city and 40kmpl highways.

    • profile image

      Digvijay 4 years ago

      That's true as mr.vijay said, stone black is not available in thunderbird 350cc. Is it now? If yes please let me know.


    • profile image

      shankar 4 years ago

      seating is reduced than before ,then how do u say its comfortable

    • profile image

      Swen Fernandes 4 years ago

      What's the average of it????

    • profile image

      ashwin 4 years ago

      no details of what company disc brakes the electricals i guess that needs to be told

    • profile image

      vijay 4 years ago

      not available in stone black!!


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