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Must-Have Accessories for Electric Scooters

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Electric scooters are becoming popular these days. They are easy to use and efficient for everyday transportation. They allow you to avoid traffic and the need to find and pay for a parking space.

How to Make Your Electric Scooter Faster

Electric scooters are not as fast as riding a car or even a motorcycle. But you can do things to make your electric scooter faster. It's best to also check your area's speed limitations to ensure that you will not end up getting in trouble.

Remove the speed limiter. Most electric scooters have speed limiters. You have to remove it to make your electric scooter faster. That way, it can reach its maximum speed.

Upgrade the motor and battery. If you have an older electric scooter model, you may want to upgrade the motor as well as the battery. A more powerful motor gives a scooter a higher maximum speed. Batteries help maintain top speed for longer periods.

Improve aerodynamics. Take off unnecessary accessories that slow down your electric scooter. The scooter bag, for example, can reduce the maximum speed of your electric scooter. The less weight the scooter has to carry, the faster it can go.


Accessories You Can Add for Safety, Speed, Security, and Convenience

1. Helmet

For safety, before you even think about modifying your scooter to make it faster, you should buy a decent helmet. It will protect your skull and brain from road accidents especially if you exceed 40 MPH. It's a must that you wear one every time you ride.

There's no specific helmet required for electric scooters. You can go for an e-bike or motorcycle helmet to protect your head at all times.

2. Additional Battery

If you want to make your electric scooter faster, you can get an additional battery. A second batter won't increase your scooter's maximum speed, but it can help you to reach your destination faster since there's a second power source. A second battery can help you to travel longer at top speed.

3. Scooter Bag

Some people use a saddlebag or scooter bag to keep their things while riding. It can be useful, but it can decrease your electric scooter's speed. If you want to make ithe scooter go faster, it's best if you take out the saddlebag and just carry a backpack. That way, you can make sure that the weight of your bag will be evenly distributed.

4. Lock

Electric scooters are very portable and can be easily targeted and stolen. Like a bicycle, you have to leave it outside if you have to go into a store or other establishment. Therefore, it's necessary to have a lock that will protect it, especially if you have enhanced its value by making it faster.

There are several options for locking your scooter:

  • Cable Lock. A cable lock is an affordable but good option. It is normally used for bicycles but it will work with electric scooters as well. You can wrap the cable around the scooter since it's flexible enough. However, although a cable can delay a thief, there is nothing keeping a thief from cutting it if he really wants to steal the scooter. If you have this type of lock, make sure that you will not leave your electric scooter unattended for a long time.
  • U-Lock. This is also known as a D-lock and it's the most secure lock to use for your electric scooter. It's made of hardened steel to make sure that even a pro thief will be unable to just cut it to steal your electric scooter. Although it's very secure, it's not as portable compared to other locks. Look for a U-lock with a Secure Gold rating so you can make sure that it's better than other types of locks around.
  • Chain Lock. The chain lock is another type of lock that can be used for electric scooters. It's better than the cable lock since it has chain links instead of wires; it will take a bolt cutter or hacksaw if a thief wants to steal your electric scooter. It's more affordable than a U-lock. If you want to invest in a high-end chain lock, it will have better quality with a Secure Gold standard.

5. Front Light

Having a front light is necessary if you want to ride your electric scooter during nighttime. It's also an excellent idea to add more appropriate front lighting. Most electric scooters may not have adequate front lighting so it's not a bad idea to have more. It's especially important if you want to ride your scooter at high speed.

6. Rear Light/Reflector

The rear light or reflector is another important part of your electric scooter. It will provide a better visual for other riders and it can help to avoid accidents.

Having a reflector will help you when you have to ride during the early mornings and even at night. Again, it's especially important if you want to ride your scooter at high speed.

7. Phone Mount

Having a phone mount can be very useful while riding your electric scooter. It can be a good way to be aware if someone is calling you. But make sure to stop if you have to take that call. It's best to have a phone mount if you also want to listen to your favorite music using your smartphone. It's a cool accessory to have for your scooter. Just make sure to use extra precautions before using your phone on the road.

8. Underglow

To add more safety to your electric scooter, it's best to also have an underglow. It can help you to be more visible to other vehicles from the road and help avoid accidentswhen riding in the dark. Besides, underglow can make your electric scooter aesthetic. It will add more appeal to your ride.

9. Gloves

Gloves are necessary gear when riding. They help protect you from cold weather and ensure that you will have a better grip on the handlebars (and don't accidentally let go). The gloves are lightweight and they can help you to be more comfortable.

10. Tire Sealant

Using tire sealant can both prevent and fix flat tires. Sealant i also known as electric scooter slime. By adding it to the tires, you don't have to worry too much about having a flat tire while riding your electric scooter.

It's a mixture of bright colors glued with binders and synthetic fibers. As the tires spin around, the tire sealant will cover their insides. Even if you hit a sharp object, the sealant can cure and seal the tire hole.

Speed Versus Accessories

You can modify your scooter to achieve a higher speed. Keep in mind when installing accessories that they may limit your speed. Enjoy your scooter riding experience.

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