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Kawasaki Rouser 135 LS: A Review

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I love my Kawasaki Rouser 135 LS, it's so much fun to ride around on.

So flashy

So flashy

Motorbikes: The Latest Trend

I bought my unit on June 5, 2012, in cold cash for the amount of Php 69,000. This purchase already included a free helmet, plate holder, TFL insurance, and registration. Exactly one month after my purchase (July 5, 2012), I got my certificate of registration and plate number.

I was lucky to get into the trend during the early stages of the Rouser 135's rise to popularity. With its advent came the apparent transition from small motorcycles like the Honda Dream to big bikes like this one. Considering the production growth of big bikes after the Rouser 135 gained prominence, I can tell the era of lowered and small motorbikes has ended, and the age of big motorcycles has arrived.

What's so great about the Kawasaki Rouser 135?

What's so great about the Kawasaki Rouser 135?

What Kawasaki Rouser 135 Offers

If you are someone looking to buy your first ever motorcycle or considering purchasing a second one, you can't go wrong with the Rouser 135. It has a lot to offer aside from the apparent huge size and strong presence. The following are some of the common benefits of owning this motorcycle:

1. Excellent Gas Mileage

Arguably, this is the main reason why many motorcycle buyers choose the Rouser 135 over other options, including the Honda Motard, Suzuki Raider 150, and Kawasaki Fury, among others. It makes a lot of sense anyway. A fuel-efficient motorcycle can make ownership cheaper in the long term. Most of my friends claim that the Rouser 135 travels around 55 kpl (kilometers per liter) of fuel. On the contrary, the Suzuki Raider 150 gets only about 40 kpl.

2. Formidable Power

No one can deny the power of the Rouser 135, whether the bike is accelerating or beginning to move. It can even reach 60 kilometers per hour from a standstill in only 5.1 seconds. In regards to power and speed, this bike has an engine that compares well with or even exceeds a two-stroke 150-cc engine!

The Rouser 135 LS (Light Sport) is so powerful and fuel-efficient due to the combination of four-valve system and digital twin spark ignition (DTS-i) technology at the heart of the engine. It is, in fact, the world’s first motorcycle to have this combination! The combination ensures an efficient combustion because more volume of air is taken into the engine for optimum mixing with the fuel, guaranteeing low emissions as well.

My Motorcycle on the Day of Purchase

My Motorcycle on the Day of Purchase

3. Affordability

In addition to being fuel efficient, the Rouser 135 is also very affordable. These are the two aspects where this motorcycle really gets the upper hand over the Suzuki Raider 135. Try visiting any motorcycle dealership in your area to see for yourself if this is true.

4. Great Looks

The 135 version of the Kawasaki Rouser stirs the interest of many, particularly the young ones. Some people even say the bike is "pogi" or handsome. When I bought my bike, only a few people saw it on the streets, so it became an object of admiration. People can't help turning their heads when I passed by with my Rousy on the roads of Mindanao State University – General Santos City.

5. Pleasant Riding Experience

Almost everyone who gets the chance to ride my bike says it gives a smooth ride, which sparked my interest when I was first considering buying a motorcycle. The turning point occurred when a friend of mine sent me to my boarding house with his black-midnight Rousy.

Without that experience, I would have gotten the Kawasaki Fury instead. It made me feel like this bike was the "King of the Road," in a manner of speaking, as no one had the nerve to chase after us when we were at full speed. The bike's efficient braking system and excellent suspension ensure every rider a superb riding experience each time.

Some Cool Features and Their Benefits

Here are some of the cool features and benefits of Rouser 135, making it different in a positive light from its competitors. These are some of the trademarks that allow this bike to set the standard in the industry. As you might have noticed, new similar designs have come out one after another after this bike gained prominence in the motorcycle industry.


Digital Console

This digital display delivers accuracy and elegance, letting you check essential parameters without difficulty, such as battery status, fuel, speed, turn signals, neutral indicator, etc.

LED Rear Lamps

This type of tail lamp facilitates longer battery life and less power usage.

Electric Start

It is possible to turn the engine on using the electric start no matter what gear you are in, provided you hold the hand clutch. This added feature ensures your safety when riding in traffic areas, where having to use a kick starter is unsightly and inconvenient.

DC Circuit

This feature makes steady light beam possible regardless of speed.

Five-Spoke Alloy Wheels

This makes cleaning and maintenance easy on rainy days.

14-liter Fuel Tank

This bike is designed for long distance travel, obviating the need for frequent refueling.

Possible Drawbacks and Easy Workaround

Despite the amazing innovations made into the motorcycle, bringing it to immediate prominence and patronage even in the beginning of its introduction into the market, there are some drawbacks that others see as a deterrent factor not to buy it. As for me, I see only three possible downsides to using this motorcycle: weight, height and turning sideways.

1. The Weight Issue

The Rouser 135 stands at 1.215 meters and weighs 122 kilograms. The bike is heavy when starting to move, such as in moderate or heavy traffic, especially when you have two backrides. But when mobile, driving it is very effortless; it is as if you are just holding the handlebars, in a manner of speaking. Common sense then calls for finding routes where you cannot face heavy traffic and carrying just one passenger at your back.

This video explains the bike in more detail.

Word of Caution: Try to avoid falling down with your bike because Rouser 135 is so heavy. You may not be able to erect it on your own. The best advice I can give is to avoid traveling in a bad terrain such as mud, gravel, sand, flooded streets, etc.

If you need to choose between a short route with bad terrain and a slightly longer one that is concrete, I suggest selecting the latter option. Running continuously at full speed is better time-wise and fuel-wise than running with an interruption at low gear.

There are times when you cannot avoid going through a bad terrain. In this case, you need to exercise extreme caution. Make sure you move slowly, preferably at second gear. This is because the tire of Rouser is designed for city-street travel, not for off-road applications.

2. The Height Issue

Concerning the bike’s height drawback, even if you don’t have a sturdy body as I do, it is easy to handle the bike as long as you are tall enough. This is how you are going to find out if your height is good enough for the motorcycle. If you can tiptoe the ground with both feet while sitting on your bike at rest, that is still an ideal situation. You are sure to control your bike easily in no time.

3. Difficulty Turning to the Side

Turning left or right, as well as backing, is somewhat difficult. There were times when I almost lost hold of the motorcycle when turning due to inexperience. To get around this problem, you need to focus on finding the right angle for turning, master how to control the clutch lever, and avoid using the front brake. The most critical element here is learning to control the clutch lever. A little practice is needed to get used to turning sideways.


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