Best Value Inexpensive Motorcycle Jackets for Men Under 200

Updated on November 22, 2016
Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket
Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are not your run-of-the-mill jacket. They provide more than warmth—they are specially designed to provide protection, which means they have safety mechanisms such as spine protectors, reflective materials, and armor on the shoulders, elbows, and back. They are also designed for comfort during long rides, with airtight zippers to keep you insulated from the cold winds and ventilation systems built in to prevent you from perspiring while riding in hot conditions.

So before you buy any motorcycle jacket, in addition to expense and style, you need to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Insulation

Here try out this jacket This is something that I have been using for many years(the link opens in a new window). I bought this jacket both for myself and my son. This jacket has good looks with a premium quality leather. It is definitely one of the best leather motorcycle jackets for men. I can't say that this jacket is cheap but I feel it is worth every penny I paid for it. It is comfortable to wear and also provides good insulation be it any type of weather. Moreover you will end up spending more in case you buy a cheap low quality product that would last only a few months so I would suggest you give this jacket a try. Below are some more quality motorcycle jackets for men that you can consider.

Buying Guide

Here are a few points that you need to consider before choosing the best jacket for you:

  1. Fit is important. Choose a size that exactly fits you. This will ensure that the armored portions protect the parts of your body they are meant to protect, your jacket won't flap in the wind, and that you can sit comfortably in your riding stance.
  2. Speaking of, you should make sure that the jacket fits well both when you're standing and while you're sitting on your bike.
  3. Look for jackets that have closures around the neck, wrists, and waist. These closures will help provide an air-tight seal against the wind while you're riding.
  4. You can also buy spine protectors and armor for your jacket separately.

Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket

Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket
Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket

I must say that the Joe's has never disappointed me. The company makes excellent jackets. This particular one is a multiseason jacket that's part of Joe's proven Atomic line.

The jacket is completely waterproof due to the Rock Tex 600 outer shell that will keep you safe in any sort of weather you may be travelling in. Although it is waterproof, it still has a proper ventilation system to prevent you from perspiring inside that jacket. This jacket has integrated armors that are adjustable to ensure that every piece is properly aligned and positioned. The armor is Certified European (CE), which means it meets European safety standards. And while there is not spine armor, there is a spine pad for added protection, and that pad is removable so you can add armor if you wish.

Of course, at the end of the day, you also have to be wearing the jacket. Luckily, this jacket is not only protective but also good-looking, with bold and clean lines.

Overall, it's an excellent jacket in every sense, be it looks, protection, or price.

Product Specifications

  1. It has a RockTex 600 fully waterproof (100 percent) outer shell.
  2. Armors are C.E. approved.
  3. Elbow and shoulder armors are externally accessible.
  4. The ventilation system is cross linked variable flow ventilation system (with a wind-tunnel cooling mechanism that is patent pending).
  5. It has completely waterproof zippers.
  6. For better adjustment it has a six point sure fit adjustment system.
  7. The spine pad is removable and also has a pocket for a C.E. spine armor (optional).
  8. You can attach jacket to belt with snap loops.
  9. It has reflective stripes.
  10. It has an insulated full sleeve liner (removable).

Razer Armor Jacket

Razer Armor leather motorcycle jacket
Razer Armor leather motorcycle jacket
Back view
Back view

This jacket has a mostly leather outer shell with poly mesh panels on the front and back and down the sleeves. These panels provide for ventilation, making this an excellent summer jacket, and you can use the strap at the waist to adjust the fit.

The armor protects the elbows, shoulder, and back, but unfortunately it is not CE. While one reviewer said it saved his son who took a spill at 70 mph, if safety is your concern, you may want to consider buying CE replacement armor.

Product Specifications

  1. It has removable armor at the elbows, shoulders, and back.
  2. The outer shell of jacket is made up of 1.1 mm-thick leather.
  3. There are poly mesh panels in the front, on the back, and down the sleeves of the jacket.
  4. The jacket has fixed mesh liner.
  5. It has strong sleeve and front zippers made by YKK.
  6. Use the velcro strap for adjustments at waist.
  7. The sleeves have snap up buttons and zippers for better ventilation.
  8. There is reflective piping at both front and back of the jacket.


This jacket is particularly inexpensive. It should cost you $99 from Amazon.

BILT Blaze Mesh Jacket

BILT Blaze Mesh motorcycle jacket in black
BILT Blaze Mesh motorcycle jacket in black
Back view
Back view

If you are looking for a value for your money that still provides protection, this is an option. It is a lightweight, comfortable jacket that's adjustable enough to give a good fit to a wide range of people, even tall and bulky guys. It also comes with a five-year guarantee, which is always a good sign as to a jacket's durability.

The elbow and shoulder armor are CE, and there is memory foam down the back, which provides additional protection although not as much as armor would. The ventilation system is excellent, making the jacket comfortable for every day use.

The jacket looks very good both on and off the bike.

Product Specifications

  1. The jacket is made with tough mesh. It is one of the best mesh motorcycle jackets.
  2. It has durable protection panels (600 denier).
  3. It has subtle reflective piping.
  4. It has impact panels padded with memory foam.
  5. It has a removable back panel with memory foam in it.
  6. It has adjustable Velcro zip tabs.
  7. There is neoprene padding in the touring collar.
  8. There are adjustable Velcro hip tabs.
  9. The front pockets are zippered.
  10. Elbow and shoulder armor is CE Approved.
  11. Comes with a five-year guarantee.


This jacket is inexpensive for a product that comes with a five-year warranty. You can find it on Amazon for $89.

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      Slatin MotoGear 14 months ago

      You have overlooked our line of quality, "under $200" jackets. We are a relatively new brand that has received very positive reviews for these jackets from Cycle World and Motorcyclist Magazine Online. Our SMG-1 retails for $199, a solid Jacket with 3 vents, waterproof, with removable liner and EZ-1 SuperFabric Mesh Jacket, with removable waterproof liner for MSRP $159. Both Jackets have SuperFabric over potential impact areas; 15X more abrasive-resistance than Kevlar and CE-Approved armor. Certainly this was an honest oversight on your part? Visit us at

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      I adore motorcycles and leather jackets, especially sexy biker leather jackets with zippers! And guys wearing such jackets are really hot!