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Best Gas 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids?

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.



Getting the best 50cc dirt bike for your child can be a challenging and somewhat overwhelming job due to the many choices to select from in the market.

Plus, there are many factors that you have to consider: the age of your child, the size of the bike, and other essential elements.

In this intuitive 50cc dirt bike buying guide, we will outline the things to consider and review some of the most sought-after dirt bikes available. This buying guide will also give you additional information on maintenance and safety tips and where to buy a 50cc dirt bike for children.

What Is a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes serve a vital purpose in the field of motorcycles. They are an ideal way for children and adults alike to get involved in riding at a reasonably low cost. These bikes are not street-legal and are intended for off-road use only. A 50cc dirt bike is an ideal size for kids, and they're available with either electric or gas-powered engines.

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

As a parent, you are understandably apprehensive about getting your child a dirt bike and about the safety issues associated with the speed it can go. A lot of 50cc dirt bikes from major companies can go between 25 and 40 mph (miles per hour). This might seem seriously fast for a kid aged four to seven years old. You can govern or limit the speed of the dirt bike by setting the throttle limiter and keeping them in second gear.

What to Consider When Buying a 50cc Dirt Bike

Consider the same things when buying a 50cc dirt bike, a 50cc ATV, or for any vehicle for that matter. Even a child aged two years old is able to ride one. But simply because he or she can, doesn’t mean that he or she should. Kids at that age essentially don’t have an idea what they want or don’t want. An excellent solution is to allow them to try a neighbors or friend’s kid dirt bike first and see if they are happy with the experience. Through this way, you can purchase the one suitable for them.

Dirt bike riding is an excellent outdoor activity for kids. Some may fall in love with it the first time they put their foot on the pedal, while some may hate the experience. Some children may enjoy dirt bike riding for a short while, but lose interest after a couple of days.

The best thing you can as a parent is ensure your pick is age-appropriate and customized to your child’s weight and preference. Here are the factors to consider when searching for a dirt bike for your kid.


Your kid needs to have the adequate core body strength to handle the dirt bike you buy for him. To ride a bike, the rider has to be in a standing or upright position, especially if there are bumps. The dirt bike’s balance will depend on your kid’s posture. There’s nothing more critical than posture and upper body strength when doing cool tricks such as those seen in professional motocross racing.

Bending around the corner and hitting bumps can be smoother when the position is stable. If the rider is in a little bit different position, your kid can incur injuries. The location of the throttle and how to hold it, the toughness of the rear and the foot on the peg - all these play a vital role in dirt bike riding.

Style and Color

This factor has more to do with to the interests of your kid than anything else. 50cc dirt bikes come in different forms, shapes, and colors to look stunning and stylish, so your child feels confident while riding it and feels like he looks cool.

A lot of brands have a specific set of colors already decided for them. Yamaha uses blue, Honda red, KTM orange, and Kawasaki green. Depending on the manufacturer, the choice of colors in components may be limited. So, it is best to ask your child which color he prefers early on.

Starter System

Most of the 50cc dirt bikes available out there come with electric start mode, which is an on and off switch. Other dirt bikes, especially more powerful ones, come equipped with a kick start system. Your kid needs to click the kickstarter to get the bike started. Kickstarter bikes more suitable for children of at least 11 to 12 years old. You may need to kick start the bike yourself to show your kid how it is properly executed.


Usually, a parent chooses a dirt bike by knowing the age of their children and the bike that is supposed to be right for which age. This is not wrong, but maybe not ideal for children with much higher or lower weight or height than the average for their age. There’s a possibility that your child may be too tall or too short or too light or too heavy for the bike suggested for him.

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The height of the seat plays a vital aspect of this. A rider has to be able to touch both feet on the ground while starting the dirt bike. If your kid’s height is 162cm, then the perfect seat height for him is 33 to 36 inches. However, if your kid’s height is 157cm, the ideal seat height for him is 31 to 35 inches.


Prices of dirt bikes vary depending on the brand and features. The more features attached to the bike, the more expensive it becomes. Prices vary greatly among brands even for bikes with the same features. For kids, most especially beginners, dirt bikes on the cheaper side are the best start.

It is a smart idea for a parent to set a budget and know exactly how much you’re willing to lay out on a 50cc dirt bike. The purchase price of the dirt bike isn’t the only factor; repairs, maintenance, gear, registration, insurance, and so on also all come at a price.


Some 50cc dirt bikes come with torque that is very high for young kids. Typically, they can be adjusted, but you should check the package to find out if that is possible.

Type of Engine

50cc dirt bike for children either comes with a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine. For kids, a four-stroke engine may be the best choice. The piston moves twice for every rotation of the crankshaft. This makes a smooth acceleration, and your kid doesn’t need to experience an unexpected stop or begin at a bouncy pace. It is easier to control a four-stroke engine and the ride is more pleasant and comfortable.


When choosing a dirt bike, age isn’t the only factor that must be considered; experience is a huge factor. For kids without experience riding a dirt bike, choose one which is integrated with training wheels. If you decide not to use training wheels, there are safety measures such as speed transmission and automatic clutch. If your kid is skilled in riding a dirt bike, it is a smart idea to allow him to ride a dirt bike integrated with the manual clutch as well as gear settings. This helps him in increasing his level of experience and prepares him for a bigger, professional dirt bike.

Top Brands of 50cc Dirt Bikes Available

Here are some of the more notable brands out there that offer quality 50cc dirt bikes.

Honda 50cc Dirt Bike

Honda's 50cc dirt bike is easy to ride and is the ideal introductory bike for kids.

Honda 50cc dirt bike generates a stable powerband, which makes it easy to manipulate with three gears and no clutch contact. Young riders can pop this dirt bike into one gear only and worry about the other vital factors like balance and stopping. The integrated twist throttle has a throttle regulator screw so you are able to manage how much gas your kid can grab. It means more control and less stress for your little one.

Honda's 50cc bike is a small size bike that has 5.8 inches ground clearance. It comes with a 10-inch wheel in both rear and front, so there’s a lot of control and maneuverability for your kid to put his foot down.

Yamaha 50cc Dirt Bike

The Yamaha 50cc dirt bike is another good choice for young riders due to its low ground clearance as well as capability to beat on, again and again without risking the integrity of the bike.

Sitting confidently and putting your kid’s feet down on Yamaha 50cc dirt bike is not an issue. That the bike is just 5.3” from the ground limits the possibility of crashes. The capability to sit flat-footed on it gives your kid confidence and proper control on the dirt bike.

With Yamaha 50cc dirt bike, parents are able to limit the amount of gas delivered to the motor by controlling the integrated throttle limiter screw. For a comfortable ride, pull the screw out a bit more enabling more throttle twist.

KTM 50cc Dirt Bike

KTM's 50cc dirt bike is incredibly fast in spite of its small size. KTM has made a culture of young racers which welcomes them to competitive motocross sport. If your kid is showing an aggressive technique in riding, then the KTM 50cc dirt bike is the best choice.

KTM 50cc dirt bike doesn’t come with gears. Switch this bike on and allow your kid to rip around. This is a different platform. This bike from KTM has a seat height of 27”, ideal for long-legged kids. The KTM50cc sits much higher compared to other brands, which enables better distribution of weight and stiffer suspension.

This 50cc dirt bike from KTM comes with a super lightweight frame, 10” rear and 12” front wheel size, and limited gas tank capacity.

Suzuki 50cc Dirt Bike

One of the best 50cc dirt bikes available out there is from Suzuki. It comes equipped with an electric start system, as kick-starting can be overwhelming to young riders. Clicking a button to get things working means they can devote more energy to riding and less to kicking.

It has a choke knob which is mounted on the middle of the handlebar. The air-cooled 13mm Mikuni carburetor is jetted leanly and requires time to get up to operating temperature. It comes with an automatic clutch, which is a smart way of introducing kids to a transmission. Its 3-speed transmission has ratios ideal for kids. which makes changing gears easier. The motor will not stall, and your kid’s small hand will not get exhausted working a clutch lever.

Suzuki's 50cc dirt bike is considered one of the most expensive units, but it is, equipped with state-of-the-art features to provide loads of excitement and safety measures.

Riding Dirt Bikes Safely

50cc dirt bikes possess some safety issues, most notably for young riders. A kid with a fast bike that can execute many tricks may get sloppy. That doesn’t mean you must stop your kid from enjoying his life. What you must do is arm him with safety measures, so you are assured of safety each time he rides on a dirt bike.

Wear the Helmet Every Time

Make sure to wear a helmet which fits perfectly snugly on his head. If it doesn't fit right, it can fly off during an impact and leave your kid's head exposed. When shopping for a helmet, get one that has the DOT mark on it, which means it has been made in accordance with Department of Transportation standards. If the helmet doesn't include face protection, purchase high-quality goggles to protect your child's eyes.

Dress Properly

Don’t allow your kid to wear skimpy clothes. Make him wear long shirts and pants that cover his limbs. Long sleeves and pant legs provide an additional layer of protection which may prevent some bruises in case of an impact. Clothes should fit tight and snug, because loose-fitting clothes may get stuck in the dirt bike and stop it from running .Make sure to equip him with chest pads, shoulder pads, and knee pads. He must wear closed-toe shoes.


Before each ride, you need to check the dirt bike. Inspect the tires to ensure they are adequately inflated and try the brakes to ensure they are working. Check the whole thing, including the controls, to ensure nothing is broken and everything is working as it should. If any component is broken, immediately take the unit to a repair specialist.

Keep Away from the Road

Mostly, it’s better if your child keeps away from the street. The only time he should be on the street is if she is crossing to get to another track. A dirt bike isn’t intended for highways or roads. A vehicle could get into a collision with a dirt bike at any time because dirt bikes usually lack safety road features like proper lighting and many others.

How to Get Started On a Dirt Bike

The best way to begin using a 50cc dirt bike is to start with a safety course. Take your child to safety course lessons where he will learn how to control the bike, the proper way to steer, and how to pull the brake, as well as other means to maintain the dirt bike. You’ll find many safety courses in the Department of Motor Vehicles or Recreation Department and Parks. Also, you can access the DBS or Dirt Bike School course which is offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

What Is the Ideal Age to Use a 50cc Dirt Bike?

It's necessary to look up the specific law within your state and country. It's also important, you take necessary safety measures and it won’t be an issue at all. A lanyard is a simple fix for the speed issue. You can fasten it to the rear to ensure your kid doesn’t ride at a higher speed. For children of that age, a six-volt bike is the best choice.

They Are For Adults Too

A 50cc dirt bike is not just ideal for kids; adults can also use it, though it depends on many factors, such as the height and weight of the adult rider. If a child is already 16 years old but short, then a 50cc dirt bike is ideal for him. However a taller 16-year-old may find it awkward to use this dirt bike. In this case, you may choose a higher engine capability like a 250cc dirt bike. These are intended for adult riders.

Proper Maintenance

A 50cc dirt bike can be gas or electric powered. An electric-powered dirt bike requires less maintenance but a gas dirt bike needs constant attention. A dirt bike with a two-stroke engine needs lots of attention and needs to be fixed more often than a four-stroke dirt bike. If you don't know how to repair or maintain dirt bikes, calling a mechanic or getting the service of an expert is the right decision.

Are Dirt Bikes Safe to Use?

Dirt bike riding, most especially for kids, can be risky and dangerous. On the other hand, there are a lot of ways to use and enjoy dirt bikes. According to statistics, a few changes in the way you ride can drastically lessen the threat of injury. So can wearing a helmet and dressing properly.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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