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Five Reasons to Buy a Harley-Davidson Street Glide

I absolutely love motorcycles. I have owned 39 of them, and my Harley-Davidson Street Glide is one of my favorites.

Side profile with drivers backrest and passenger backrest

Side profile with drivers backrest and passenger backrest

Riding a Street Glide

I have owned 39 motorcycles over my lifetime. This number includes three Harley-Davidson motorcycles. After researching what the Harley-Davidson Street Glide was about, I realized that although the most popular model Harley sells, the truth is the bike has a lot more going for it than anyone talks about.

Here are the top five reasons people purchase the FLHX Street Glide:

  1. It is a Harley!
  2. You can go touring on it.
  3. Not too heavy for around-town traffic.
  4. Great wind protection.
  5. Cruise control and a stereo.

Ok, so we all know about these five items, but what about the real top five reasons this bike is so popular.

  1. It is a Harley, so what does this mean? It means that you will have thousands of ways to customize the motorcycle. A Harley is a classic modern motorcycle, and part of this cult following is that you can customize it for your style. Like chrome? You can put it on the fenders, handlebars, luggage rack, etc. And the clincher? You can find these on e-bay with many parts second-hand (and cheap)!
  2. The seat height is low, so the bike feels light and maneuverable. Not the lightest bike on the market, but with luggage and a fairing, the bike feels lighter because of the low back end for that low and lean look.
  3. The motorcycle does great out on the highway, with a 6-speed transmission and available electronic cruise control, you can cover the miles. Even if you never go touring, you will find the motorcycle is very comfortable with floorboards and a heel/toe shifter. It tracks the road very true, even in crosswinds, it is one of the most stable motorcycles out on the open road.
  4. It isn't a full touring motorcycle! In other words, you don't have the weight of having a trunk on the bike that is out in the wind and brings the center of gravity up higher. The Street Glide also doesn't have the leg protectors that add weight and don't have the same airflow for keeping you cool on those warm days.
  5. It rattles, pukes, stumbles, and at idle vibrates like the engine is falling apart...but is so smooth and has the right rumble as you go down the road. The most impressive part of the Harley and the Street Glide is the engine has the character of an old school motorcycle, in that it makes mechanical noise. Once underway, it smoothes out to be the modern motorcycle that is pretty much trouble-free with normal maintenance.

The Street Glide is truly a great motorcycle, with the bagger offering practicality as a daily commuter, to the classic look and feel of a real motorcycle. I think one of the best aspects of owning a Harley is the feeling that these bikes give you. The handlebars are made of steel, with the rest of the bike having heavy-duty engineering built for easy maintenance and toughness. This is because the architecture of the engine and frame come from an era of design that required this durability and toughness.

Out on a Sunday drive. A beautiful day just cruising the open highway of South Dakota

Out on a Sunday drive. A beautiful day just cruising the open highway of South Dakota

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