The Most Ridiculous Car and Truck Accessories and Ornaments

Updated on January 17, 2019
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I love writing about a wide variety of things, from the fascinating to the absurd.

What Kinds of Weird Accessories Can I Put on My Vehicle?

Car owners get car accessories. Sometimes, they make cars more convenient for the user... other times, they just decorate the vehicle in some way that reflects the owner's personality. However, some accessories seriously go way above and beyond what's normal.

Here are ten... uh... make that eleven that are the most ridiculous of all, listed roughly in the order from ridiculous-but-cute to WTF!?!

Car Lashes on a VW Beetle
Car Lashes on a VW Beetle | Source

Car Lashes

Yes, it's exactly what you think. Fake eyelashes you stick onto your headlights. Really turns your car into a "she." Slap on some "pearly whites" (see next item) and some red "lips" and you've got one pretty car. Never knew your car could be THAT feminine, heh?

Car Teeth
Car Teeth | Source

Car Teeth

The male counterpart of Car Lashes... add some teeth to your lower air intake so your car looks like something that came out of the nasty version of the Disney Cars movie. You can even do the "buckteeth" version... and yes, they have a "vampire" version available, too.

Fake Turbo Whistle

Real turbocharged engines have a release valve (also known as "dump valve" or "blow-off valve") so when the pressure reach a certain point from the turbocharger, there's a distinct ping-whistle-hiss sound.

You can buy sound generators that imitate that sound without the real turbocharger. The simple ones install into the muffler. The more complicated ones hook up to your engine computer.

Virtual Noisemaker easily attaches to make your engine sound bolder, nosier, bigger!
Virtual Noisemaker easily attaches to make your engine sound bolder, nosier, bigger! | Source

Engine Sound Generator

Want something more impressive than just a wee-bit of turbo sound? You can get a sound generator that will make your teeny-weeny I-4 sound like a hulking V-8 engine! Really!

In fact, you can make your dinky sound like something more, from exotic to luxury to just BIG. You can even pick the sound rally cars, formula one racers, and other engine sounds.

Consider putting one of these on your electric car (because those are WAY too quiet).

Fake Hood Pins

Race cars have their hoods secured by simple "hood pins" because the latches and release cable add extra weight. In a real race car, any extraneous weight is removed to improve acceleration and handling.

Fake racers have glue-on versions of hood pins to make them look like racers. When done right, it looks very authentic, but when it's not done quite right... well, they look fake as heck. So please do it properly.

It is an Integra, under all that vinyl
It is an Integra, under all that vinyl | Source

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl is a cheap way to add some flair to the car's exterior, but when there are too many, badly done, or just completely irrelevant, it looks completely out of place and just plain dumb. When there's too much vinyl, the whole result looks ridiculous.


Huge Tires With Almost No Air

What good is a tire without air? But nowadays, you see all these SUVs and raised sedans with like 24 or 26 inch wheels and tires that are maybe 1-2 inches thick. They can't have much air them in at all, and the ride must be horrible.

Frankly, this sort of tires only "look" good, but do NOT go fast. This sort of tire doesn't "flex" in corners, so cornering in this sort of car is horrible and thus, overall, you'll have a much slower car.


Really Ridiculous Wings

A spoiler should serve a purpose, even if it's only for aesthetics. Mounting a GT3-style racing wing on a FAMILY SEDAN is a total mistake. So are the "superbird" wings that arch higher than the roof, making the wing look like a carrying handle. Or putting the wing on the FRONT (yes, it does happen).

Since when does a Ferrari F355 have a "turbo"?
Since when does a Ferrari F355 have a "turbo"? | Source

Fake Decals and Badges

Nothing wrong with making your car look MORE than it really is... as long as the appearance is reasonable. Even my car appears to be a bit more than it really is. However, when the appearance gets too outrageous (such as a "turbo" badge on an exotic car that could NOT possess a turbo, or a Honda made up to look like a BMW) it is just wrong.

A Honda... with TRD sticker?
A Honda... with TRD sticker? | Source

Really, Really Stupid Stickers

The incredibly dumb stickers, such as that sunshield that goes on the top edge of the front windshield, often have the dumbest sayings. Like "Powered by Honda" on a... Honda. Or a Honda with a TRD sun shield (TRD = Toyota racing development).

Please, folks. You want people to see your car and get a "wow" feeling. You don't really want them to see your car and say "duh!" or even worse... "facepalm." (Facepalm: when it's too stupid for words.)


And the Most Ridiculous of All... Truck "Nutz"

Yes, that is a set of... uh... testicles that you hang on a trailer hitch that goes under your rear bumper. Also available in chrome, camo, and multiple colors. You can get lighted and flashing models. They come in variety of sizes, from little 2 inch ones for keychains up to that monster 16 inch model for monster trucks, I guess...

I honestly don't know why ANYBODY would want to hang a set on the back of their truck. Do they lack a pair of their own? Do they masculify (is that even a word?) their vehicle that much? Only guys hang these on their cars.

In 2008, a Virginia legislator got so fed up with those balls he wants them banned.


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    • Julia212 profile image


      8 years ago

      It is true....a picture does say a 100 words! Love the lashes :)

    • jmckinny profile image


      8 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      Some people also go crazy with their exhaust pipes. I've seen pictures of little tuner cars with 8 exhaust pipes coming out the back, or exhaust pipes so big you could stick your head in them. Fun article, voted up

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      those truck nuts are funny i have steel ones i use as a door knocker

    • The RV Guy profile image

      The RV Guy 

      8 years ago from Somewhere In America

      Chrome wheels, stereos and other accessories that cost more than the vehicle is worth always makes me wonder just who the owner is trying to impress...

    • VictorG profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      I once had a car that had a fake decal on it, although the guy that sold it to me did not try to rip me off or anything, I always thought it was funny that it was on there.

      Very interesting list too, never heard of car lashes!!


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