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Editorial Policy

AxleAddict News is edited by an in-house editorial team and is your one-stop-shop for trending stories and breaking news surrounding cars, trucks and automobiles in general. We know you’re just as passionate about automobiles and the auto business as we are, so we aim to bring you all of the latest and greatest stories about cutting edge cars and trucks, automotive business news, personalities, major players in autos, and everything in between.

The editorial team’s goal is to provide content that’s thoroughly accurate, reliable, credible, interesting, and entertaining. Our articles are independently produced and are not sponsored or influenced by brands or advertisers, unless stated otherwise. Each article is reviewed by the editor before publication.

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Editorial Team

Additionally, due to the critical nature of the content, and how inaccurate advice can affect reputations and businesses, authors must provide evidence of expertise and personal experience. The author bio is a great way to add information about yourself that will help your reader trust your content.

To write for AxleAddict, authors must comply with the HubPages editorial policy.

How Do I Demonstrate Credibility?

When evaluating your article, we are looking for you to demonstrate credibility in one (or more) of these three ways:

Professional experience: Are you an automotive professional or business news specialist? We would love to have you educate us about some aspect of your professional experience.

Personal experience: Do you have personal experience with a specific area in the automotive industry? We would love to hear your unique story.

Citing your sources: If you do not have direct personal or professional experience on your topic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t write on these topics—it just means our criteria might be a bit different for you. Clearly, you’ve done your homework to write your article, and we’d like you to share where you found your information.

How Do I Build Reader Trust?

It is important to establish trust right from the start. Here are two easy features that appear at the very beginning of your article that will help you do just that:

Author bio: Nothing builds trust like an author bio. Say something about who you are, what you do—and most importantly—whether you have any personal or professional experience with your topic.

Use your real name: Using your real name (or a pen name), rather than a cute/clever/random moniker, can also help build reader trust. An author named “carguru” doesn’t sound quite as credible as an author with a name that sounds real.

Why Is It Important to Cite My Sources?

  • Citing your sources will significantly boost your article's credibility.
  • It will also give readers a great place to start if they’re interested in learning more.
  • Want to get technical? Here’s a handy guide to APA style for citing sources. (Note: You’re not required to adhere to APA style as long as your source information is clearly and reasonably organized. We provide this link only for interested authors.)

Okay, Tell Me How to Cite My Sources . . .

  • Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! Clearly you did some research to write your article—all you need to do now is create a “sources” section at the end of your article and list the websites, books, etc., you consulted.
  • Are you writing a personal account of an automotive issue? You may wish to provide context with background facts and figures. Create a “sources” section so the reader knows where you got your information.

A Few Additional Tips:

In addition to these requirements, we have listed below some recommendations and tips on how to craft high-quality articles for AxleAddict.

What We Like to See:

Share Your Expertise and Experience: Auto readers like to hear from people who have been there. Whether you’re a professional, a  connoisseur or an automotive business expert, sharing that information in your article or author bio will help readers trust you. If your personal story tells how you dealt with a particular problem or experience other auto enthusiasts have, then it will likely be helpful to others.

Original Photography: Particularly regarding cars and trucks, personal photographs are much better than stock photos when it comes to products you are passionate about.

What To Avoid:

Common Info: Articles that offer information that can easily be found elsewhere, such as a website’s help page or FAQ, won’t be compatible with the site.

Selling Rather Than Informing: Articles that recommend products with no sense of personal experience and only have images from the manufacturer are not likely to be accepted.

Tough Extraction: Instructional articles that are blocks of texts or images with minimal context are difficult to process and are not ideal for readers looking to learn.

Content Restrictions:

AxleAddict is for general automotive and industry information only. Particularly with regard to investing news or stock stories, we do not offer investing advice. Nor do we engage in personal attacks on players in the business community.

Here are some examples of articles on AxleAddict that we would like to showcase. These articles exhibit the type of high-quality work we wish to see on the site:

A quick note: All of the Network Sites are a blending of professional editing and writers like you.

If you are intrigued by our community and would like to write for AxleAddict, we’d love to have you! In order to set up an account to begin writing, please sign up on HubPages. Articles are initially written on our parent platform and then, if they are high enough quality, are moved to one of our network sites like AxleAddict.