All About the John Deere 425 (JD 425) Lawn & Garden Tractor

Updated on April 27, 2020
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A natural John Deere hobbyist, I am learning and researching about the various models and sharing my tractor findings.

John Deere
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Are you tired of using a low-quality, disappointing lawn mower on your lawn or picnic area? If so, the John Deere 425 can probably meet all your expectations and needs.

But let us first have a quick overview of what a lawn tractor does.

5 stars for John Deere 425

A "lawn tractor" is a piece of equipment you can ride on, with revolving blades that cut a grass surface. They provide customers an easier and quicker grass mowing process than conventional lawn mowers.

Lawn tractors are mostly used in a home garden. They trim the grass to an even height which gives a cleaner and fresher ambiance to the garden.

With thousands of lawn tractor brands, choosing the best can be a tough task. But, the John Deere 425 may well be the one that you need!

John Deere 425 Overview

The John Deere 425 has gained a lot of respect by being similar to its predecessor, the John Deere 420. Both have well-conditioned 20-horsepower engines.

Both tractors have the same engines with 20 horsepower. Building and producing the John Deere 420 took the Onan team 8 years (1983-1991) while the Kawasaki team took 9 years (1992-2001) to create the John Deere 425.

A lot of features were added to the John Deere 425 that make mowing more effective and easier.


The engine is 20 HP with 17 liters fuel capacity. The John Deere 425 weighs approximately 400 kilos, heavier than the preceding John Deere 420. The tractor has no gearbox at the end of it. The John Deere 425 and 420 have the same power take-off mechanism and the same hydraulics.


John Deere 425 has a lot of useful attachments.

  • Snow Blower. The snow blower attachment on the JD 425 will remove even a heavy pile of snow. Once it is powered up it can blow up to 10 times better than its competitors. It can blow piled snow off your chimney, roof, garden, and car.

  • Mower Deck. The standard size height of the mower deck is 54 inches, which can be lowered to 48 inches and raised to 60 inches.

  • Brush Cutters. John Deere 425 has brush cutters, which can leave a surface of brush or leaves looking neat.

  • Roller. The roller attachment gives any kind of grass surface a clean finish through its fine and even rollers.

Overall, the John Deere 425 may be less popular than the previous 420 but it boasts a wide variety of attachments along with professional engineering.

The John Deere 425 is the kind of lawn tractor that can last for decades.

Repair and Restoration

If you are planning to repair any damage in your John Deere 425 lawn tractor, you should consult a professional. John Deere has its own repair and consultation team for customers.

Where to Purchase John Deere 425 and its Parts?

Trusted dealers for the John Deere 425 and its parts can be found both online and offline.


A lot of big online stores such as eBay and Craigslist stock the John Deere 425 lawn tractor model. Small online stores such as also have stocks of 425 in their store. Research an online store you haven't used before—its background, license, and feedback—to make sure it's legit.


Many brick-and-mortar hardware stores offer the John Deere 425. Before purchasing a unit, make sure to check the quality, weight, and other aspects that can prove that it’s not fake. Keep an eye on the screws, hydraulics, and the engine of the unit when you start using it.

Where to Find the Parts?

When a part is broken or missing, it can be challenging to find a replacement. Physical and online stores that offer hardware products can be out of stock of the unit’s parts. Really, the only downside regarding this unit is the difficulty of searching for its parts both in online and offline stores. That is why you should buy some spare parts for use in emergencies.

Technical Manual, Part Catalogs, and User’s Manual

If you are looking for the manual and catalogs of a John Deere 425, you can easily download its PDF files online. Visiting the official website of John Deere can guarantee legit users manuals and catalogs.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen


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