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About the John Deere 345 Tractor

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A review of the John Deere 345 Tractor Mower.

A review of the John Deere 345 Tractor Mower.

Keeping Up With Your Lawn

Keeping a well-trimmed garden is important, especially in the suburbs. Most people try hard to keep up with the maintenance of their lawn, and spend a lot of money and time on it. But keeping it green and beautiful may not be a simple task, as weeds continue to grow and trimming the grass is also strenuous and time-consuming, especially for working people.

That's why it's smart to buy a product equipped with essential features, like the John Deere 345.

John Deere 345 Overview

The John Deere 345, or JD345 for short, is one of the best garden tractors from Deere and Company. Released in 1995, this garden tractor is used by many homeowners with huge yards, as well as commercial properties maintaining golf courses and playing fields.

JD345 can make the job of mowing and trimming easier and can be used in other gardening activities. This is a high-quality garden tractor with lots of essential features. It is integrated with hydraulic lifts and makes use of dual cylinder gasoline engines from Kawasaki. So you are guaranteed of its reliability.

The John Deere 345 model is built on the same frame as the ever-popular and heavy-duty 265 and 245 lawnmowers. On the other hand, the manual fender handle lift integrated with the JD 265 and 245 was replaced by the hydraulic lift. It has a 12-volt battery and works smoothly and quietly.

It has a v-twin style design. It also comes with power steering cruise, which is relatively standard. It has a hook attachment that can be easily detached. It has high-back padded seats that can be tilted forward for security and to easily access the fuel tank. Additional traction can be provided when needed.

John Deere 345 Attachments

Like the other series of John Deere garden tractors, the JD345 is also integrated with various attachments to make lawnmowing and other gardening activities fast and stress-free.

Here are the beneficial and exceptional attachments of JD345.

  • Snow Blower

A snow blower is very important as it helps in eliminating fragments. In fact, it has the ability to eliminate a heavy pile of snow. JD345 snow blower has a heavy capacity of wind inside that if powered, can blow up to 10 times better than leading garden mower available. This helps a lot in blowing the heavy piled snows from your roof, chimney, garden, vehicle, and many other uses.

  • Mower Deck

Another remarkable attachment of JD345 is the mower deck. JD345 mower deck height is 54 inches that can be decreased to 48” and upgraded to 60”, depending on your needs and comfort. This adjustable and convenient mower deck can assure a spot-free mowing of the yard at even height. This has the capability to cut and trim any types of grass as it is integrated with sharp revolving blades inside.

  • Brush Cutters

Like other garden tractors from Deere and Company, JD345 also comes with convenient brush cutters. It can trim and brush the surface, leaving it tidy and spot-free.

  • Roller

The roller is also one important attachments of JD345. This helps in providing the surface with spot-free finish via even and fine rollers. Brush rollers are ideal to use on any surface and any type of grass as well.

Breakdown of Specs and Features of JD345

  • Engines made by Kawasaki
  • Two-cylinder engines and is powered by gas
  • 36ci engine displacement
  • 20 horsepower
  • 3.3 quarts of liquid coolant is needed
  • RPM of the JD345 engine is 3575
  • Equipped with 12 starter volts
  • It has 3.5 gallons of fuel capacity
  • Reap power take-off or PTO is electric
  • Weight: 699 pounds
  • Wheelbase measures 47.9 “
  • Height: 43.6.”
  • 2.1 ft turning radius
  • Smooth ride thanks to its wide tires as well as nice flotation that results in less ground compaction

John Deere 345 is the type of garden tractor that can be used for many years because it's well made and integrated with state-of-the-art features. In fact, it is considered one of the most sought-after garden tractors from Deere and Company.

Repair and Restoration of John Deere 345

Like any other machines available out there, John Deere 345 is also prone to damage, especially if you don't follow proper maintenance. In case your garden tractor malfunctions or suddenly stops working, call your supplier or the company.

Deere and Company offer a warranty on labor so they will handle the repair, provided it is still covered by the warranty. If not, call trusted and reliable technicians who have knowledge and experience repairing John Deere garden tractors, including the model and its components

Deere and Company also have a repair and consultation team to help their clients with problems they encounter with their tractors. The team is always available to give your tips and recommendations about the proper maintenance required by your tractor.

Pros and Cons

Like any garden tractors available in the market, John Deere 345 has its own pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros first:


  • John Deere 345 is equipped with the powerful V-twin engine from the renowned company Kawasaki.
  • Its broad cutting patch decreases the necessary numbers of passes to cut or mow your yard.
  • You can alter the height of the blade anywhere from one to four inches.


  • It is relatively costly for the average homeowner
  • The gas cap gets cross-threaded easily

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