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A Review of the Honda HS928 Track Drive Snow Blower

The Honda HS928 snow blower

The Honda HS928 snow blower

Honda: Easy and Reliable

You've got to love Honda power equipment for its reliability, easy starting, low maintenance, and longevity. I have been a loyal owner of Honda power equipment for 30 years, and I will continue to buy Honda products until the day I can no longer use them.

One of my favorite machines is Honda's track drive snow blower, model #HS928. This snow blower is a beast. I watch my neighbors struggle with huge amounts of snow every winter in the Northeast, and with this machine, I can go bail them out.

While their Ariens and big-box store snow blowers are having a hard time blowing the snow over the mountainous snow banks, I'm sending my snow 30' in the air, totally clearing the snowbank. The only problem this machine caused me was that I had to clean out my neighbor's driveway because I blew all my snow into his driveway from my driveway by accident!

This Honda snow blower is a two-stage snow blower. When you engage the auger, you know you have some serious power in your hands. It almost sounds like a wood chipper, and when the snow starts flying, you'll know what I mean!

Hydrostatic Transmission and Track Drive

The Honda track drive snow blower has a hydrostatic transmission; you don't have to stop and change gears, just push and pull the lever to change directions. The track drive is another unique feature. Craftsman tried to copy the idea but Craftsman's machine doesn't even compare to the Honda snow blower. I have many different levels in my yard and having the track drive allows me to climb stairs with ease. No wheeled snow blower can do that! Thanks to the track drive, in the places I used to have to shovel, I can now use my snow blower.

Honda Power Equipment Has the Easiest Starting Gas Engines

For some reason, Honda has nailed the art of easy-starting gas engines. Every Honda gas-powered tool or machine I own starts extremely easy. My mom is in her '70s and she still starts the Honda snow blower at her house. My son started using my Honda snow blower at age 11, and he could pull-start it himself with no problem. There is something to be said about being able to watch your kid through the window, in the warmth of your house, while he's snow blowing for you; all you need to do is get the hot chocolate ready.

Honda Snow Blowers Are Low Maintenance

The only maintenance I ever do to my arsenal of Honda power equipment is change the oil, check the spark plugs, lube the grease fittings, and clean or replace the air filter. That's it! I have had owned my Honda track drive snow blower since 1994 and it's still running strong; I have never had to bring it to the dealer for a major problem.

Huge lugs on the tracks for climbing anything!

Huge lugs on the tracks for climbing anything!

The Track Drive Is Unstoppable

The tracks on this monster have big cleats molded into the tracks; this makes it easy to climb any set of stairs, even wood. When other snow blowers have to cut a path through the snow, the Honda track drive snow blower can climb on top of the snow like a snowmobile, so if you don't want to waste time cutting a path, just climb on top of the snow and go. I really appreciate this option because when I'm cutting a path for the oil man, I start from the middle of the yard and work my way to the street. I have a large hill in the front yard so I am able to start at the top of the hill and work my way to the street, this allows me to tackle the snow bank from the back side instead of starting in the street.

The video is a little over done but it gives you a good idea on how easy the the Honda snow blower starts and how easy it climbs stairs. I was using new video editing software so I got a little carried away.

Honda Power Equipment Lasts Forever

If you have ever considered buying a Honda track drive snow blower but you didn't know if it was right for you, I would recommend at least checking it out in the store. I have owned my first one since 1994 and it's still going, it's getting a bit rusty, but you can't expect it to last forever without a little body work and some paint. If you're in the market for a used one, I wouldn't hesitate; Honda makes an awesome product. Most problems are caused by owner neglect and abuse, like letting the machine sit for years without changing the fuel or checking the oil.

And if you have 11 minutes, the video below is worth watching.

Don't Be Fooled by Imitators

If you are in the market for a new machine, don't be fooled by other machines that just have a Honda motor. If it's not a Honda machine, the quality and longevity are not what they could be. I have owned Troy-Bilt and other machines that have a Honda motor, but the machine itself fell apart, and you can really feel and hear the difference in quality. Honda power equipment is superior compared to other brands; remember, you also pay for that quality.

My first Honda track drive snow blower cost about $1800, but I'm still using it 17 years later, so you figure it cost me about $105 a year or about $8.82 a month. It saved my back and got me to work on time; pretty cheap if you ask me. Most people spend more than that on Dunkin' Donuts per day.

If this is the first time you are buying a snow blower, buying a Honda is the way to go. Start at the top and never look back with buyer's remorse.

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